How I Kinda Survived in the Wild

I just went camping with my girlfriends! Never did that before (I was never an outdoorsy girl), but it was magical. We were camping in a small clearing, about half an hour away from the parking lot, and my best friend Sam (who organized this trip) told us all to skip breakfast, since she was going to cook a really nice meal for us.

A 45-minute walk later, we were sitting down in the camp and basically let Sam do everything. She raised the tents, and got the cookware. I’ve never seen a gas stove like that one (I later learned that this was what the serious outdoors people call a camping kitchen stove), I was really expecting some barbecue or marshmallows over a campfire. What we got was a big pot and a portion of delicious mac n cheese in small stainless bowls, and we ate with camping sporks!

We started talking and it turns out that Sam is really experienced with camping and loves nature, which I never found out before. Turns out her father was an outdoor man and a hunter, and they’ve been going for hikes for years. Let me tell you one thing, there’s no better coffee than one made by that camp stove. I had a fantastic time with my friends, talking about if we liked nature (we all love nature) and if we’ve been hiking or camping or anything. (more…)

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How To Hand Paint African-Inspired Wooden Bangles

I can’t seem to resist geometric patterns lately, I’ve become a pro in mixing and matching them on my outfits. So I’ve decided to give making my own jewelry a try too. Hand painting bangles was something I always wanted to do, but never come around to it. These are so quick and easy to make, if you are crafty you can literally make couple to go with your outfit, just before you get out! They do need some time to dry, though.

Computer Arts Magazine has been a longtime favorite of mine I have some 6-year-old issues on the bookshelf that still inspire me today, I find it to be a constant source of design inspiration. I subscribed to the Computer Arts Collection, each issue covers in-depth the six core topics of design- Graphic design, Typography, Illustration, Branding, Photography and Advertising.

Volume 2 part 1- Graphic Design has arrived and I haven’t put it down, jam-packed with substance and style, an invaluable source of inspiration for me. I’m looking forward to the typography and photography issues too hoping to learn something new that I can maybe use here on the blog.

Today I decided to just sit and relax with the kids and get crafty, I rummaged through my costume-jewelry basket remembering I had some unpainted wooden bangles in the mix and got to jazzing them up. (more…)

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