The weather is quickly heating up here so it’s best that I think about cool comfy clothes, I wanted an all-in-one to slip into that would take me from day to night and still hold up it’s end of the bargain that being, Summer cool chic. I was telling the ladies on Sew Weekly that this jumpsuit had to possess certain qualities in order for me to wear it, them being: (1) a perfect fit around the ankles, I wanted the leg of the pant to sit on my wedges the way they appear in the uber cool magazines, no ankle freezers and when I wear my sandals I wanted the leg to slouch and bunch around my foot, I know this sounds strange it’s just what I like in a pant (2) The crotch had to be cut lower because I like that whole baggy, effortless look in a pant. Are ya digging me? of course you are.

How about the print on this fabric? I know right! I was a little iffy myself when I found it in the bargain bin at Spotlight it screamed ‘jumpsuit’. I was a tad worried about the pattern going across my body, you know the whole illusion thing with stripes? but once I tried it on it turned out to be a perfect union. Phew!! and the pockets? well how can you not have pockets in a jumpsuit they just give it that extra casual flare don’t you think?

I’m really happy with the outcome, I self drafted these babies, they’re basically large pants with added fabric for the bodice the seam runs up through the centre front and back slightly tapered in at the top to avoid too much fabric bunch. Elastic top and waist with a tie to hold it all up not that it would fall down but I like the tie because it evens everything out proportionally, well that’s the way I see it anyway.

So there you go!! this weeks challenge was all about UFO’s not the extraterrestrial kind either ‘Unfinished Objects’ I don’t allow UFO’s in my sewing kingdom they’re too haunting to have sitting about starring at me whispering f i n i s h  m e , it’s bad enough having three books on the go.

These photos were taken in my local park just five minutes from our home where we like to have little family picnics and feed the ducks under the weeping willows. This here is the amphitheater where I attempted to sing Portisheads Wandering Star, I was under the illusion I was on key and sounded white hot like I do in the shower! but Steve (hubby) said I should just stick to my sewing and them are some wise words my friends, wise words indeedy.

Till next week you spunky thing you…

Happy Sewing, happy days.