Winter is a season of awesome accessories: scarves, hats, gloves an all things knit. My all-time favorite fall/winter accessory are leg warmers. There is just something about the knitwear, the layering and feeling cozy and warm that makes the perfect combo for cold weather. They are just like the sweaters for your calves!

Leg warmers are a retro trend that is officially coming back to style.  A fashion symbol in the 80s that became wildly popular thanks to movies like Flashdance  and Jane Fonda’s Workout videos, they were kinda shunned from the mainstream fashion for a long time, and were mostly reserved for dancers and eighties inspired costumes. I think I will go as far to say that leg warmers really never went out of style, and besides they do have an actual purpose of keeping your legs warm.

But wait, can you actually WEAR leg warmers if you are not a jazz ballet dancer or a 12 year old? Sure!

Is there a fashionable way to rock a pair of leg warmers?

First, start off with the rich, deep color. Stay away from neon and crazy patterns and choose a nice toned down color that complements your outfit. Pair them with black leggings to keep your look clean, consistent and fashionable.

Wearing leg warmers over pants

Wearing leg warmers over pants can be really tricky. One thing you need to make sure is that pans fit you nicely so is not to add bulk to the bottom of your leg. Depending on the length the leg warmer can be stretched either all the way up to the knee or bunched down around the calf.

I love wearing leg warmers with jeans. They work best with skinny or straight leg jeans (the type of jeans you tuck into your boots.)

Which shoes to wear with leg warmers?

Leg warmers with boots

Leg warmers go great with boots, and they are more versatile than boot cuffs. You can wear them with all kinds of boots, from elegant suede ankle boots to Uggs. I like wearing them with leggings, coming out of my boots for some added contrast

Wear them with sneakers

Both sneakers and leg warmers are fun and comfy, so it’s a match made in heaven. Combine a pair of colorful leg warmers with plain white sneakers and you are ready to go about your day in comfort and style.

Wear them with flats

Flats are an excellent shoe choice for legwarmers. A pair of beautiful flats goes amazing with leg warmers over leggings or skinny jeans. You will look super cute, and with black leggings you might even pull this look for a dressier occasion. When wearing your leg warmers with flats, your leg warmers should hit at the base of the ankle.


  • With pumps and short skirt (Not sexy.)
  • With flip-flops (It just makes no sense.)
  • With shorts (Is it hot? Is it cold? Make up your mind!)

Leg Warmers’ Little Sister – Boot Cuffs

If you are not feeling the funky leg warmers look, there is a way to add a little bit of color or knitwear to your legs if you are wearing boots. They are called boot cuffs or boot toppers.

If you want the look of a sock peeking out above your boots, without the bulk, this is the right accessory for you. Boot cuffs come in a range of colors and materials from knitted to lace and everything in between.