If you’ve decided to step up your sewing game and dive into the enchanting world of embroidery, you might be in a pursuit of the right embroidery machine. Choosing the best machine is a bit like choosing your favorite fabric: there are lots to consider, and what’s right for one person might not be right for another. But there’s one brand that, in my humble opinion, stitches above the rest: Brother – a name that resonates with trust, quality, and, of course, fantastic sewing and embroidery machines.

brother pe800 machine

I currently own the Brother PE800, and I swear by it when it comes to all kinds of embroidery project, but before that I was working for a long time on the Brother PE550D, and I still thing that it is one of the best embroidery machines for beginners ever.

A brief history of the Brother machine company

Did you know that Brother’s journey started in Nagoya, Japan, way back in 1908? That’s over a century of sewing expertise – older than your great grandma’s vintage quilt!

Back then, they were just a humble repair shop for sewing machines. But like a carefully crafted quilt, they’ve pieced together success, stitch by stitch, to become one of the world’s leading brands in sewing and embroidery technology. It’s like they’re the Elvis of the sewing world!

What kind of embroidery machine do you need?

Brother, being the powerhouse of a brand that they are, have something for everyone. So, whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toes into the embroidery pool or an experienced pro looking for a powerhouse, Brother has got you covered.

Home Embroidery Machines

Designed with the hobbyist and home-based business owner in mind, these machines, like the PE535, are user-friendly, compact, and full of fun features. They often come with a variety of built-in designs and fonts, allowing for endless creativity while fitting snugly in your home workspace. It’s like having a personal, mini embroidery studio right in your living room!

SE600 PE535 PE550D
brother se600 home embroidery machine brother pe535 home embroidery brother disney embroidery machine
  • Sewing & Embroidery
  • 3.2” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 4” x 4” Hoop
  • 103 Built-in Stitches & 80 Designs
  • Max Stitch Speed: 710
  • Max Embroidery Speed: 400
  • Embroidery Only
  • 3.2” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 4” x 4” Hoop
  • 125 Built-In Designs & 9 Fonts
  • Max Embroidery Speed: 400
  • Embroidery Only
  • 3.2” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 4” x 4” Hoop
  • 125 Built-In Designs, including 45 Disney & 9 Fonts
  • Max Embroidery Speed: 400

Embroidery Only Machines

For those who’ve chosen to dedicate themselves to the art of embroidery, Brother offers the Embroidery Only Machines. They focus solely on embroidery, often providing larger embroidery fields for those intricate, sprawling designs you’ve been dreaming of. These machines are all about precision, intricate detailing, and giving your work that professional touch. It’s like moving from sketching doodles to crafting masterpieces.

PE800 PE770 PE900
pe700 embroidery machine brother pe900
  • Embroidery Only
  • 3.2” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 5” x 7” Hoop
  • 138 Built-in Designs & 11 Fonts
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Embroidery Only
  • 3.2” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 5” x 7” Hoop
  • 136 Designs, 6 Fonts & 120 Frames
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Embroidery Only
  • 3.7” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 5” x 7” Hoop
  • 193 Built-In Designs & 13 Fonts
  • WLAN Connectivity
  • Artspira App Support

Sewing Embroidery Machines

Imagine having the ability to switch from stitching up a storm to embroidering an exquisite design at the drop of a hat. Meet the virtuosos of versatility, the Sewing Embroidery Machines, or the SE series. They’re the best of both worlds, offering a wide variety of sewing stitches along with beautiful embroidery designs. For those who like to mix up their projects and need a machine as versatile as their skillset, this is the perfect match. It’s akin to having a fully equipped sewing and embroidery toolbox at your fingertips.

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines

Multi-Needle Machines machines, are the heavy-duty, high-performance members of the Brother family, designed for professional and commercial use. With the ability to handle multiple threads simultaneously, they drastically speed up the embroidery process and make creating intricate, multi-colored designs a breeze. If you’re looking to take your embroidery game to the professional level, these machines are your top-tier pick. It’s like having a whole embroidery team at your service.

Why Choose a Brother Embroidery Machine?

Big question, right? But the answer is as simple as threading a needle (with a needle threader, of course). Brother is like that reliable friend who always has your back, knows when to give advice, and when to just hand over the chocolate. Here’s why:

Quality and Durability

Brother is a name that rings synonymously with quality. You know, like how ‘Kazz’ is synonymous with ‘fabulous’? These machines are built to last, and they don’t skimp on performance. Like a well-tailored suit, they fit you perfectly and stand the test of time.

Variety and Options: It’s Like an Embroidery Buffet

One size doesn’t fit all, and Brother gets that. They offer a wide range of models for every skill level and budget. Are you a newbie looking for a simple, user-friendly machine? Brother’s got you. An experienced tailor needing advanced features? Brother’s got you too. It’s like they’ve read Goldilocks – they’ve got something that’s just right for everyone.

User-Friendliness, Even for Beginners

Ever tried to decipher a sewing machine manual that might as well be in ancient Greek? Yeah, me too. But with Brother, you can toss those hieroglyphics aside. Their machines come with intuitive controls, clear instructions, and even LCD screens on some models. It’s like having a friendly guide right there with you. Plus, many models come with built-in embroidery designs and fonts, making it a breeze to get started.

Superior Support and Brand Reputation

We all know that feeling of despair when a beloved machine starts acting up. Brother to the rescue! Their customer service is top-notch, and they offer extensive online resources and tutorials. Plus, their machines come with a warranty, so you can embroider with peace of mind.

Innovation and Technology: the Future of Embroidery

Brother isn’t about to let the grass grow under their feet. They’re constantly innovating, bringing you the latest technology to make your embroidery projects a joy, not a chore. Some machines even offer USB compatibility, allowing you to import designs from the web. It’s like being handed a magic wand – the only limit is your imagination.

Which are the best Brother Embroidery Machines?

I’m guessing by now, you have a pretty good sense of what you’re looking for in an embroidery machine. Brother certainly doesn’t skimp on variety, and there’s an option to suit every need. Now, let me share some of my personal favorites:

1. Brother PE550D – Best for Beginners

This is an embroidery-only machine with a full-color LCD touchscreen measuring 3.2 inches. It includes 125 built-in embroidery designs, 45 of which are Disney and Pixar characters. It can stitch at a speed of 400 stitches per minute and offers an embroidery space of 4 inches by 4 inches. It’s an affordable machine suited for small embroidery projects​.

brother pe550d beginner embroidery machine

The Brother PE550D is the perfect beginner-friendly embroidery machine. Imagine a patient teacher combined with a treasure trove of designs, and that’s the PE550D. With its user-friendly LCD touchscreen, 125 built-in designs (including 45 fun Disney ones), and nine fonts, creativity is at your fingertips. Plus, a USB port lets you import endless designs from the web. It’s like an unlimited buffet of creativity! And let’s not forget the 4″ x 4″ embroidery field with grid sheet and alignment tools, making your projects easy and fun. It’s an exciting, accessible gateway into the world of embroidery.

2. Brother PE800 – Best Mid-Range

Are you ready to level up your embroidery game? Then meet the Brother PE800. This machine is like your favorite pair of jeans – reliable, comfortable, and always a perfect fit. It’s an embroidery-only machine with a whopping 138 built-in designs, 11 lettering fonts, and a large embroidery area. Plus, it has a USB port so you can import designs.

brother pe800 embroidery machine

As I said, this is my favorite embroidery machine so far, because it is powerful, versatile, but doesn’t have those bells, whistles and apps that drive the price up. I am sure there are people that love all things techy, but I am just an old-school kind of gal.

3. Brother SE1900 – Best Embroidery Sewing Machine

Ever wished for a sewing machine that could do it all? Meet the Brother SE1900. It’s like a multitasking maestro in the land of stitches and seams. This combination sewing and embroidery machine is a force to be reckoned with. It’s as if Brother decided to throw a sewing party and invited every feature imaginable!

The SE1900 doesn’t just walk the walk; it talks the talk with 138 built-in embroidery designs, 11 embroidery fonts, and 240 built-in sewing stitches. And don’t forget the impressive 5″ x 7″ embroidery field. It’s like having an open canvas where your creative dreams can run wild.

brother se1900

And did I mention the user-friendly LCD display? It allows you to edit and preview your designs before stitching. It’s like having a crystal ball in your sewing room! Perfect for those ready to explore the realms of both sewing and embroidery, the SE1900 is your trusty all-in-one companion. It’s like having a whole sewing studio condensed into one sleek machine!

4. Brother PE535 – Best Budget Option

The Brother PE535 is a budget-friendly embroidery machine that punches way above its weight. Despite being kind to your wallet, this machine comes packed with 80 built-in designs, nine monogramming fonts, and a USB port to expand your design library. It’s like a bargain bin filled with designer fabrics!

brother pe535 machine

Plus, Brother’s user-friendly design shines through in the easy-to-use LCD touchscreen and the handy 4″ x 4″ embroidery field with an alignment tool and grid sheet. It’s like having a quilting bee guide you through your project. Ideal for beginners, the PE535 is a perfect entry point into the world of embroidery. It’s affordable without skimping on features, making it a perfect blend of value and versatility. So, for those eager to start their embroidery journey without causing a dent in the bank account, the PE535 is a real gem in the Brother lineup.

5. The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E – High-end Option

When it comes to premium features and superior performance, the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E takes the cake. Imagine a high-tech, feature-packed powerhouse, that’s the NQ1700E. It boasts a sizeable 6″ x 10″ embroidery field, giving you ample space to let your creativity roam free, like a wild unicorn in a meadow of silk threads.

Brother Inno-vis NQ1700E

The NQ1700E is a semi-professional embroidery machine with its 200 built-in designs, 11 lettering fonts, and a USB port for design import. It’s like a creative Pandora’s box just waiting to be opened. And let’s not forget about the color LCD touch screen that allows you to preview and edit your designs with ease. It’s like having a personal design assistant at your fingertips. Perfect for the more experienced stitcher or someone ready to take their embroidery to the next level, the NQ1700E is your ticket to a deluxe embroidery experience. It’s like cruising in a sewing luxury liner – once you’re onboard, you won’t want to disembark!

How to pick the right Brother Embroidery machine for you: Pro Tips

Choosing an embroidery machine is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s more like a custom-fit, tailored dress – it’s got to suit you and only you. Here are a few tips to guide you on your path to find your dream machine.

Seek Comfort and Ease

First off, you want to find a machine that you’d feel comfortable working with. It’s like finding the perfect sewing chair – it needs to be supportive, comfortable, and make you want to spend hours in its company. Ask yourself, “Do I feel at ease navigating the features? Is the machine user-friendly enough for my liking?” Remember, the ideal machine should feel like a helpful sewing buddy, not a complicated puzzle.

brother embroidery machines

Know Your Must-Haves

Much like knowing your essential sewing tools, it’s crucial to identify which features are important to you. Are you giddy about a large number of built-in designs, or is a bigger embroidery field your heart’s desire? Maybe you can’t live without a USB port to import designs, or perhaps an automatic thread cutter is your non-negotiable. Knowing your must-haves is like having a pattern for your perfect machine – it’s an essential guide.

Mind Your Budget

Embroidery machines are a bit like fabric stores – they can range from budget-friendly to high-end luxury. Decide how much you’re willing to invest in a machine. Remember, an economical machine, like the Brother PE535, can still offer a plethora of features. It’s like finding quality fabric at a discount – it’s possible and totally worth it!

Consider Your Skill Level

Lastly, keep in mind your current skill level. Are you a newbie stitcher or a seasoned pro? Choose a machine that complements your skills, much like picking a project that’s suitable for your level. There’s a Brother machine for every level, from the beginner-friendly PE550D to the premium Innov-is NQ1700E.

Brother Embroidery Machines FAQs

Q: Can Brother embroidery machines sew as well?

A: Some models, like the Brother SE1900, SE600 and SE2000, are combination sewing and embroidery machines. They’re like a sewing two-for-one!

Q: What is the difference between Brother SE and PE?

The key difference lies in their functionality. The PE series machines are dedicated embroidery machines, like a single-minded specialist. On the other hand, the SE series machines are combination machines, capable of both sewing and embroidery. They’re like the multitasking maestros of the sewing world. Both series are fantastic, but which one is right for you depends on whether you want to focus solely on embroidery (PE) or desire the flexibility to sew and embroider (SE).

Q: Which Brother machine has the biggest embroidery field?

A: The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E has a generous 6″ x 10″ embroidery field. It’s like having a king-size bed for your designs!

Q: Which Brother embroidery machine has WIFI?

Brother offers several machines with wireless connectivity options, which allows you to connect the machine to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and download embroidery designs directly from the internet.

Some Brother machines, such as certain models in the Innov-ís line, are known for this feature. The Innov-ís line often includes high-end machines that are packed with features, including wireless connectivity. Wireless capabilities are also featured in SE1900, PE900, and PE545. There are probably more, but these are the ones that I could confirm.

Q: Do Brother embroidery machines come with built-in designs?

A: Yes, they do! The number of designs depends on the model, ranging from 80 to 200 built-in designs. It’s like your machine comes pre-packed with a design library!