Walking Foot for Sewing and Quilting

In sewing, and especially quilting circles, a walking foot is like a Holy Grail for sewing through multiple layers of fabric, and even batting and backing. It’s a great timesaver, and can really help you achieve better results with less effort.


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Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

Quilting is a great way to show off your creative side and make something beautiful out of scraps of fabric. However, a regular sewing machine can be limiting when you’re trying to quilt a large project. That’s why you need a large throat sewing machine. (more…)

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Suede vs Velvet vs Velour

Velvet, suede, and velour are all types of nap fabric. Nap means that the fibers stand up from the fabric, giving it a fuzzy surface. Put simply, the nap is the texture of the fabric and describes which way the fibers align. If you run your hand across the fabric with a nap, the fibers will feel smooth. If you run your hand against the nap, the fibers will feel rough. (more…)

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Unique Sewing and Quilting Gifts

If you know a sewer or quilter, then you know that they can be pretty particular about their craft. From the type of fabrics they use to the type of sewing machines they prefer, sewers and quilters often have a very specific taste. This can make shopping for them a bit challenging, but it also means that when you do find the perfect gift, they will really appreciate it. Here are unique gifts for sewers and quilters that are sure to please even the pickiest of crafters: (more…)

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Sewing Tables for Small Spaces

Having a dedicated place where you can sew is important, even if it’s a little nook. But if you’re working in a small space, finding the right sewing table for small spaces, one that’s both functional and stylish, can be a challenge.

The good news is that there are plenty of great small sewing tables and cabinets out there that are perfect for tight spaces. To help you find the perfect one for your needs, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite options below. (more…)

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Grecian Inspired Beige Dress

Beige!? Now that’s a color I’d never dream I’d see myself wearing again! But, I thought I’d give this shade just one more chance to redeem itself before I gave up on it altogether; the jury is out my friends… I LOVE it!! Oh yes I do! The combination of the fabrics texture and the cut is a winner in my opinion. This wool blend jersey knit is the most gorgeous feeling fabric I’ve worn and it was the only color available so I had to “make it work”

The corset belt I made last year takes the dress to a whole new level, and I’m all for experimenting new levels, the perfect color to complement the beige don’t you think? The dress I’ve self drafted using a little bit of math especially when it came to the plunging neckline. The right sleeve is intentionally longer than the left due to the placement of the neckline. The right side of the dress has been cut straight whereas the left side comes in on an angle from the sleeve down to the hem. Hope that makes sense.

This fabric required reinforcing on all seams to prevent it from doing that wavy wobble business that these light weight jerseys are so prone to, placing cotton tape on all seams certainly solved that problem. The neck line rolled over on itself which hid the raw edge nicely, whether this is a bad thing in sewing land or not I’m not too bothered, it looks neat and tidy to my eye. The sleeve edges I serged in a matching color thread and turned over with a straight stitch pressing down with the iron on a piece of white cotton so I didn’t scold the fabric, I did the same with the hem. The rope ties were made by twisting each individual strip then twisting them around one another tying off at the ends to stop them from unraveling, these were then sewn into the shoulder seam. The extra wide leather women belts make this silhouette a little more flattering. (more…)

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The Wandering Star Jumpsuit

The weather is quickly heating up here so it’s best that I think about cool comfy clothes, I wanted an all-in-one to slip into that would take me from day to night and still hold up it’s end of the bargain that being, Summer cool chic. I was telling the ladies on Sew Weekly that this jumpsuit had to possess certain qualities in order for me to wear it, them being: (1) a perfect fit around the ankles, I wanted the leg of the pant to sit on my wedges the way they appear in the uber cool magazines, no ankle freezers and when I wear my sandals I wanted the leg to slouch and bunch around my foot, I know this sounds strange it’s just what I like in a pant (2) The crotch had to be cut lower because I like that whole baggy, effortless look in a pant. Are ya digging me? of course you are. (more…)

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