How to Build a Successful Fashion E-Commerce Business

When starting an online clothing company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the opportunities you have, and how to use them in the best way possible to achieve your business goals. The key in is planning and knowing exactly what your next step is going to be. Without a well-thought-out online store, you won’t have the ability to sell your products effectively to your target audience.

Step 1: Planning

Whether you like it or not, a solid business plan is the first step in succeeding in e-commerce and creating a strong fashion brand. If you do not need to pitch for funding or a loan, you’ll be fine with a lean plan that you’ll be using as a guide to keep you on track.

Don’t worry, if you ever need to present your plan to outsiders to get funding, no sweat. A lean plan can easily be converted into a full-length, formal business plan.

Step 2: Decide on the platform for your boutique

There are tons of options to start an online boutique. You can take advantage of the great organic traffic on one of the established global commerce platforms, such as Etsy. If you would like to have a little more control over your website, layout and the general shopping experience you should use an e-commerce platform to build your website, such as Magento. Magento is a full-featured, robust e-commerce solution that has unmatched scalability and flexibility. To use the full potential of this platform it is a good idea to hire a developer to do all the Magento customization tasks for you. (more…)

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Grecian Inspired Beige Dress

Beige!? Now that’s a color I’d never dream I’d see myself wearing again! But, I thought I’d give this shade just one more chance to redeem itself before I gave up on it altogether; the jury is out my friends… I LOVE it!! Oh yes I do! The combination of the fabrics texture and the cut is a winner in my opinion. This wool blend jersey knit is the most gorgeous feeling fabric I’ve worn and it was the only color available so I had to “make it work”

The corset belt I made last year takes the dress to a whole new level, and I’m all for experimenting new levels, the perfect color to complement the beige don’t you think? The dress I’ve self drafted using a little bit of math especially when it came to the plunging neckline. The right sleeve is intentionally longer than the left due to the placement of the neckline. The right side of the dress has been cut straight whereas the left side comes in on an angle from the sleeve down to the hem. Hope that makes sense.

This fabric required reinforcing on all seams to prevent it from doing that wavy wobble business that these light weight jerseys are so prone to, placing cotton tape on all seams certainly solved that problem. The neck line rolled over on itself which hid the raw edge nicely, whether this is a bad thing in sewing land or not I’m not too bothered, it looks neat and tidy to my eye. The sleeve edges I serged in a matching color thread and turned over with a straight stitch pressing down with the iron on a piece of white cotton so I didn’t scold the fabric, I did the same with the hem. The rope ties were made by twisting each individual strip then twisting them around one another tying off at the ends to stop them from unraveling, these were then sewn into the shoulder seam. The extra wide leather women belts make this silhouette a little more flattering. (more…)

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Mixing and matching prints like a fashion pro

Ok, you’ve seen it, we’ve seen it, the whole world has seen it! It’s time to admit: people are mixing and matching prints on a global scale. And we are not talking only about fancy fashion bloggers! Real women are proudly wearing spots with stripes, more than one animal print in a single outfit, and even mixing one floral pattern with another floral pattern, with no regard for the ancient golden rules of the wardrobe. And they are looking awesome!

So, it’s time to join this colorful bunch, throw away everything that your momma taught you about dressing up, and wear whatever the hell you want. Let’s mash up!


Getting the print size right is essential for making your clash outfit work. Choose a big print to make a statement and mix it up with something more detailed and contrasting. The big prints are flattering and depending on what you combine it with, it always looks different.

Color co-ordinate

Let color be your guide. If you’re new not sure about contrasting, a safe place to start is with a theme. Start by wearing patterns from the same color palette, and in no time you will get to wearing neon with leopard print.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to wear everything and once and make it hard for people to look at you. Start by putting together monochromatic prints with polka dots, for example. The more graphic the patterns the easier they are to combine.

Break it up with solids

Try not to stack prints on top of each other. It is a good idea to break it up with one-tone skirt or a chic belt. If you incorporate some simple pieces into your outfit, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Stripes are neutral… seriously.

Stripes are a safe zone, they go with anything. So fill your wardrobe with thin striped shirts, t-shirts, vests and skirts. So you can go wild on everything else.

Play with textures

Texture counts as a print. So if mixing chiffon with silk makes you feel sexy, go for it!


Clashing prints is not limited to your clothes, you can mix and match accessorizes as well. Shoes, scarves… possibilities are endless. Oh, and no more plain black handbags for life!

Structure is everything

There has to be a method behind all this madness. Don’t let prints overwhelm your figure. Choose structured, tailored shapes and put together an outfit that you can wear with confidence, not the one that is wearing you.

Ignore all the rules and wear whatever you want!

If we are really talking about clashing prints, then there should be no rules! Nobody can tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear if it makes you look good. You can take all of your favorite pieces and wear it all at the same time. For example, I like to wear an oversized shirt dress combined with wide trousers. I don’t care about the rules how to wear a shirt dress!

“Oh, are you really going out like that?” Yes, I am. Just watch me!

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How To Hand Paint African-Inspired Wooden Bangles

I can’t seem to resist geometric patterns lately, I’ve become a pro in mixing and matching them on my outfits. So I’ve decided to give making my own jewelry a try too. Hand painting bangles was something I always wanted to do, but never come around to it. These are so quick and easy to make, if you are crafty you can literally make couple to go with your outfit, just before you get out! They do need some time to dry, though.

Computer Arts Magazine has been a longtime favorite of mine I have some 6-year-old issues on the bookshelf that still inspire me today, I find it to be a constant source of design inspiration. I subscribed to the Computer Arts Collection, each issue covers in-depth the six core topics of design- Graphic design, Typography, Illustration, Branding, Photography and Advertising.

Volume 2 part 1- Graphic Design has arrived and I haven’t put it down, jam-packed with substance and style, an invaluable source of inspiration for me. I’m looking forward to the typography and photography issues too hoping to learn something new that I can maybe use here on the blog.

Today I decided to just sit and relax with the kids and get crafty, I rummaged through my costume-jewelry basket remembering I had some unpainted wooden bangles in the mix and got to jazzing them up. (more…)

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Street Fashion Style for the Winter: Rock that Cape Coat

Sophisticated, aristocratic and with a bit mysterious: the cape is a garment known since the ancient times that originally comes sleeveless and hooded. This coat, worn by nobles since the Middle Ages and corresponding with the feudal order, is the star of the winter season and has become one of the must-have items.

Outerwear is back in fashion with a contemporary twist: the length shortens, sleeves are added, and it comes in a variety of fabrics: wool, cloth, rabbit, angora, waterproofed materials etc. Great alternative to parkas and coats, the cape is suitable to be worn all day with different combinations: pants, mini dresses and jeans. This is a great way to play with classic style and wear one of the many varieties because this season designers had fun transforming women into ladies. Here are some suggestions on how to wear the cape. (more…)

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The Wandering Star Jumpsuit

The weather is quickly heating up here so it’s best that I think about cool comfy clothes, I wanted an all-in-one to slip into that would take me from day to night and still hold up it’s end of the bargain that being, Summer cool chic. I was telling the ladies on Sew Weekly that this jumpsuit had to possess certain qualities in order for me to wear it, them being: (1) a perfect fit around the ankles, I wanted the leg of the pant to sit on my wedges the way they appear in the uber cool magazines, no ankle freezers and when I wear my sandals I wanted the leg to slouch and bunch around my foot, I know this sounds strange it’s just what I like in a pant (2) The crotch had to be cut lower because I like that whole baggy, effortless look in a pant. Are ya digging me? of course you are. (more…)

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