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I’m not sure if you remember—my ragamuffin sewing series? Here, here and here. I thought I’d add to it this week, it’s nothing complicated, no fancy technique or anything, just your basic dirndl skirt made up from some thrifted plaids and and a new shirt-dress which I’ve copied from the photo below. You may need to squint to see what I’m talking about, see the middle picture or maybe the first picture? It’s actually a shirt where the collar travels across the body—well that’s what I can make out anyway. So, yeah I made that happen from a suitable knit I found on sale.

Vivienne Westwood- Punkature 1983

Vivienne Westwood Punkature Collection

The collar and placket are interfaced and the rest is serged it’s nothing la-dee-dah just something I can throw on and wear with this skirt or even these brown shorts which I’ve made from the same collection completing a particular look I’m after. The weather is heating up and I don’t like it, because I’m not prepared for Summer AND we’re coming into magpie season and I’m literally shit-scared to run my normal route without being attacked, flipping-out waving my arms about trying to punch the bird in the beak. They’re so scary and savage, I’ll need to run with a helmet on, ew! but still they swoop from behind and peck at you with their razor sharp beaks it’s terrifying anyways, that’s for me to sort out…

Kazzthespazz | Ragamuffin

This skirt has exposed seams designed to fray and the pockets have been sewn on designed to fray too, it’s a washing machines dream come true. The waist band is off-cuts from this skirt and I’ve placed a leather strap that travels across the body to hold the skirt up, she sits on my hip, a kind of slouchy look…

Kazzthespazz | Ragamuffin

I’ve placed a leather square on the bottom of the skirt a minor detail so it looks consistent with this top. I like that.

Kazzthespazz | Ragamuffin

Kinda bummed this photo is blurry but you get the idea. Everything is handmade, hat, bra, dress shirt, belt, arm warmers, knickers and skirt. Love it!

Kazzthespazz | Ragamuffin


…and to make sure I can get more from this top, I made it at a length that can be worn as a dress. Shirt dress. Versatility, but not in a ’4way’ kinda dress Yuck!

Kazzthespazz | Ragamuffin

My hats are having a lovely time on Etsy. I’ve made a whole bunch of hessian newsboy hats in different colours for my shop, I need to edit the photos and I’m hoping to get them up on the blog and in the shop by next week. I’ve been busy sewing other things like this bra and knicker set for my mum which she loved, a pair of plus-four golf pants for my hubby (no photo yet) and an outfit I made from a photo I found on Instagram of Linda Evangelist dressed in grunge which kinda blew my mind.


grunge dress

It’s the only photo I had taken that I liked, the dresses silhouette is similar and the plaid lines match up she’s just sitting wonky, the buttonholes are a little large so the buttons swim around a bit causing movement with the plaid lines anyways. I love it. All self drafted, works for me.

The Sew Weekly Reunion looks like it went down a treat, so many great makes unfortunately, I just couldn’t make it happen, I’m just not in the zone at the moment. I have a couple of shop orders to complete and my hubbies golf pants went down a treat and I may have some potential orders AND the best news ever, I have a new sewing machine, she’s a beauty too a straight stitch industrial. My dad picked her up for me (I LOVE MY DAD) and, she drives faster than your rich Uncles European car. So chuffed.



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