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Hello, it’s been a while, long enough for me to sit back and reflect and decide that I will be taking an indefinite blog hiatus. Not from sewing, never sewing, I’ve been sewing all my life, that will never stop, just the documenting will stop. I’m really quite pleased with my sewing/blog accomplishments over the years and have made some fantastic online friends, it has been an absolute treat however, I feel it’s time for me to move my colourful-self on.

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You see this is how I operate; I set my mind on a goal and once I think I’ve achieved it, I then move onto something else. This has been the process all through my life. When I was in high school there was this girl who could run faster than the speed of light, nobody could beat her, she always finished miles ahead of everyone else and collected all the trophies, ribbons and medals. She was very inspiring to me, so much so that I made it a personal goal to try my best to out-run her. I got myself up out of bed extra early most mornings and trained with the sports teacher telling him of my secret goal and he was like hell yeah let’s do it and he pushed me to the point of throwing up. The big day finally arrived, we were all lined up at the starting line for the 400m track event- BANG! went the gun she took off like lightning and I remained focused, three people behind her until the 250m mark I picked up my pace and by the time we hit 100m I was well in front of her, running my arse off looking over my shoulder making sure she wasn’t anywhere near me. I finished 10m in front and broke the record. Goal accomplished. I then went into hospital with severe ingrown toe-nails and never returned back to serious track events. Next…

Kazzthespazz.com | Colour

…I was in a woodwork class at school daydreaming away when I caught sight of my future brother-in-law who looked just like a rock star with his long curly hair and skinny long legs he was crossing the school yard with his electric guitar slung over his back walking toward the music block. From that moment I had an epiphany I wanted to play bass guitar in a band, and that I did. I saved all my money and bought myself a guitar and amp and played in a number of bands right up until I was seven months pregnant with my daughter. I became a kick-ass bass player, playing live shows and at one point even singing backup vocals *coughs* these were bands you would never have heard of, we were just kids having fun on the live pub circuit. Anyways, I felt I had reached my peak with the last band I was in before we disbanded and I went off to give birth to my beautiful daughter, my husband played drums in more important bands and something had to give now that we had a small human to take care of. For me it really was the best way to spend my teens, 20′s and into early 30′s, playing in bands and going to shows. I was happy with all that I had accomplished and felt it time to move onto my next venture. Next…

Kazzthespazz.com | Colour

…I got heavily into gardening and witchcraft (the good kind) learning all about the benefits of herbs and plants, I summoned the gods for good vibes throwing a spell here and there, twirling round in velvet dresses and robes talking to crystals, reading, reading, reading, drinking mead and attending pagan rituals, nothing too serious all done in good jest. My god, my garden was so lush back then, now that I no longer have an interest my garden is indeed in need of a good spell or perhaps just a good watering. Ha!

Then came the blogging and once I found my niche I was head down bum up 100%. I feel like I have accomplished all I can here too, where now? I have no idea. I’ll see where life takes me. I’ll still show what I’m working on via Twitter and Instagram, Flickr but for now, I’m on an indefinite blog hiatus.

Many, many thanks to all my lovely and loyal readers, for all your lovely and encouraging comments, I hope I have entertained and inspired you in some way. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, it’s just time for me to move on.


Kazz ooxx




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  • (Mouth agape) I want to scream “NOooooo” and “Can’t wait to see what you do next” all at the same time. YOU are SUCH an inspiration!!! I know whatever you do next will be awesome so I look forward to your tweets and instagram pics : )

  • Thanks for being so inspiring– just by doing what you do!

  • ll squelch the urge to scream, “Wait, What???!?!” I take the baton & start running. Oh holy hell I cannot even out into words how much I have loved your posts…….

  • I’m so sad reading this but I can understand it is time to move on. I’ll miss reading your blog. Your creativity really has been an inspiration and I enjoyed reading about exhibits that I could only dream would come to the prairies. Thanks for the great reads. Hope your next journey is just as colourful.

  • You will be missed!

  • But … but … but!!! I can’t live with out my Kazz fix!!!!

    I have loved everything you’ve done and the incredible way you put your blog posts together and I am GRIEVING that I won’t be able to see it on a regular basis, but I’m really happy for you that you’ve had a great time blogging and that you’re investing your creative energy into something new. You definitely deserve a break!

    All the best and I’ll be following you on instagram!

  • All the best, Kazz – I’ve had such a blast following along and enjoying your output and style. Thanks for sharing :)

  • I’ve always been such a fan of your blog, your posts of course your sewing projects – thank you for sharing! I’m glad I still get to see your makes & wonderful music taste on instagram :) x

  • I’m very sad to hear about that, but incredibly curious about what will be next for you!

  • i’m going to miss all that color, my dear kazz.. but i understand you, my nature is quite similar to yours, i do something and once it reaches the climax i must move to the next thing.. wish you all the best in your new adventures.. thanks for sharing all the colorful makes over the years, you’ve been such an inspiration!

  • Thanks for all you have shared over the last few years. I’ve loved reading your posts and you never fail to inspire! You’ll be missed, but I hope you will enjoy all your future challenges.

  • Kazz, you are such an amazing, inspiring lady! It’s been great following your blog & I’m sad that you won’t be blogging anymore but wish you all the best in whatever you turn your hand to next! xx

  • well, i mean, you amazing woman, how can one argue with such a convincing argument. one can only gnash one’s teeth and stomp one’s feet.

    i do still hope we’ll set fire to a bar somewhere, someday.

  • Anne:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can’t! Well, yes you obviously can, I just mean: You can’t!
    Ehm, all the best anyways!

  • All the best to you!! You have been an inspiration to me. You were one of the first sewing blogs I started reading. I thought man this chick is cool as shit. Maybe in time you will decide to join the blogging world again?..but until then if then I wish you the best. You are an amazing chick!!

  • As much as I am BUMMED to see you sign off here, I gotta say – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts (even if I am like the worst at commenting these days :( still trying to find my balance) and this one was no exception. What a beautiful and colorful life you’ve lived :) I admire your gumption and how you always get what you set out to do! I think you’re an amazing inspiration and I’ll miss see ya round the blogs (maybe you can sneaky back from time to time?:)). All the best, Kazz!

  • Claire:

    Oh nooooooo, I am so sad. You will be greatly missed. But I wish you all the best in your future projects. Good luck x

  • Happy Trails to you until we meet again,
    Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then.

  • Kazz, you are all kinds of epic and fierce and your rad garments and stories will be missed!!!
    May your next adventures be exciting, awesome and accompanied by a fierce soundtrack.
    Rock on, lady! xx

  • Kazz:

    Thank you guys, you’re all so wonderful and super supportive. I really appreciate your lovely comments. You’ve all made me cry a little, ruined my makeup :) xxoo

  • Well, Kazz, I’m so glad I got to follow your adventures in real-time! I hope those that come by and see your work are as inspired as I am. Best of luck on your next goal! Cheers!!

  • I’m tempted to pout a bit as I’ll sorely miss your blog, but I’m excited for whatever your next chapter is! Cheers to you, miss!

  • Well you’re certainly leaving a lasting legacy! I’ll be keeping up with your next adventures elsewhere on the web :)

  • Rose in SV:

    Kazz, I’ll miss you! I wish you luck with your future endeavors. I know that you will succeed. I’ll miss seeing you bright colors combined with fun patterns.

    Rose in SV

  • Fiona:

    Wow, good for you… not so good for us :(

    I’ve been reading your blog, and looking forward to it every week. YOU are amazing and I would have loved to have met you if I’d been in your neck of the woods. Whatever it is that you do next, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

    From one disappointed reader (follower) to one heck of a woman, thanks and here’s to what’s ahead x

  • GREAT POST BABE! And wish you well for sure!

    Please let’s look at 2014 and perhaps catch up! Maybe we can hatch some plans together! (Or can you lend me some spells for my garden?)


  • Awwww. A sad day for me, I LOVE seeing what new outfit you have created. Your creativity is endless and you don’t take your wardrobe too seriously, which I love. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours, but you better still post your gorgeous makes on twitter and instagram so I can see them and be inspired!!

  • I’ll miss you Kazz. Enjoy the next chapter. I hope you will check in from time to time and let us all know what you are up to. It’s bound to be phenomenal.

  • Oh NO! I’m so sorry to see you go from here! thanks for all the awesome inspiration and best of luck with the next life challenge. Sure to be a piece of cake for a dedicated creative such as yourself :)

  • Awww lady! So sad to see you go! Your posts have always been such a fun riot of colour and crazy and inspiration, always a joy to read and check out your creativity. :-)

    But hey, I totally understand. And now that I have recently joined this Instagram thing (finally, haha! Bit late to the party there, oh well) I’m gonna track you down and stalk you on that. ;-)

    Big hugs and best wishes for your next adventure!

  • Houseofpinheiro:

    You are a inspiration my friend. I will miss your amazing clothes.

  • Nancy from Canada:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Your creativity and sewing skills are incredible! Thank you for sharing both with your readers. :)

  • Erika:

    Oh Kazz, you are SUCH an inspiration. Please leave your blog up so we can at least look at the pictures. No one does it quite like you.


  • Debbie:

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you’ve provided over the last few years, I will surely miss your colour explosions! Wishing you all the very best for whatever is to come next – enjoy the journey!

  • Amy:

    Hi Kazz, today I realized that your blog was no longer in my feed and I missed being inspired by your beautiful posts. Obviously I am a bit late to your sign off. This is really a lovely and fitting end to a blog. I completely understand your nature. I used to worry that I was not good at finishing things, would get so intense about projects and goals and bring them to an creative climax then get bored. My in-need-of-water garden can relate–it was also a huge passion of mine. You’ll be missed but thank you for inspiring us!

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