PinUp Style

When I think of PinUp style, the artwork of Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren come to mind. The whoops-a-daisy expressions and a sneaky peek of a garter belt here and there. This weeks dress was sewn from Butterick Retro 4512, It’s made from black cotton which has a weave pattern throughout, who know’s what the correct name for it is. I happily scored at least 4 metres of the stuff from the op shop for a couple of dollars along with these turquoise coloured retro buttons for 10c. Bargain.

PinUp Style

I really like this shade of blue so I accented the bow sewing it to the underside of each piece, the bodice is lined in the same black fabric which makes the dress rather heavy, which I like, it feels solid and sturdy on. I made my own piping which travels around the neck line and around the top half of the bodice, I think a thin blue belt in the same shade would of completed the look perfectly. Cheesy Pinup face? this is the best I can muster ha ha. This is really not my thing but I did have fun putting this post together and I do love this dress. The perfect dress for a summer night with a cocktail I think. I hope I have done the PinUp style some justice, some peeps are very passionate about this look. Nailing the hair, make-up, the whole look right down to the correct shoes. Not one element out of place. What clever and passionate ladies hey!?

PinUp Style

How’s this for a cheesy pose?

Pinup BackPinUp Style

Breezy back detail, I am a beacon of shining white, like a lighthouse guiding the boats in at night.

PinUp Style Kazzthespazz.comheaderPinUp Style

I like the front, the halter neck, bow and buttons it’s all gone together rather well. Now where’s that cocktail?

Happy Sewing!


17 Responses to “The Whoops A Daisy PinUp Dress”

  • Wow, Kazz another technical master piece – great job. You rock the backless look! Trish

  • Kat:

    Gorgeous! Love how well the details match those super shoes of yours

  • Rachel pinheiro:

    ‘Fiu fiu’, I love you always true to your style. Great interpretation….

  • Debi:

    This may be my favourite thing that you’ve created! I’m just gaga over big bows and I adore how you piped it with blue that matches the buttons and your shoes! Fabulous! Lovely job, my dear!

  • Rosy:

    Love, love, love it!!!! I love your momentum and freshness to get all those poses, you are so cool and fun …. the dress is gorgeous and I recreate it in my mind in a thousand different color schemes, but yours is definitely the best. Love your job, dear friend!

  • Wow I really love the dress, Kazz! The turquoise looks so beautiful against the black and the bow is sensational, not to mention those to-die-for shoes haha. Another fantastic creation xx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Karen, you would look sensational in this dress. If you ever want to make one just holla for the pattern xx

  • Kazz:

    Aw Rosy you are a doll, you should see the photos I don’t put up ha ha they’re terrible, they would put a virus on your computer. Thanks for popping in Rosy xx

  • Kazz:

    I suspected Debi you would like this dress, it’s lovely and floaty, well the bottom half is anyway he he thanks Debi.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Rachel, I wouldn’t say this was my style but I will certainly give this dress another spin, thanks for commenting Rachel :P

  • Kazz:

    Sometimes it’s easier to start with the shoes first Kat, build it from the ground up, glad you like it too.

  • Kazz:

    My back is a beacon of shining white Trish, ha ha glad you like it too. It’s a fairly easy pattern, a great Summer dress I think.

  • ally:

    I love how piping gives an outfit that little pop… a technique i havent tried yet. I do how this dress falls, quite slimming, i often find these style of dresses just make one look really big in the hips…. and the bows are too cute.. say ‘cheese’

  • paulie:

    Hey girl you rock, do ya like horses?
    giddy up….

  • Kazz:

    @Ally, Once you pipe you tend to pipe a lot, he he, I do agree with the hip thing that’s why I chose this pattern over a 50′s dress, it doesn’t have gathering around the hips. This style looks great on others but on me, not so. Besides the look has been done to death and back. Perfect dress for this challenge I think. xx

  • Kazz:

    Ha Ha Paulie, Love horses! I’ll be around soon to show Sam how to ride them :P

  • Meg:

    Is there such a thing as the most perfect color combination? Because I think you totally hit that nail on the head! The details are divine – I absolutely adore your ensemble!

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