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Yay! I’m a feature over at The Sew Weekly this week, you can read my more detailed post about this dress here. | Buttons Challenge

Last year I thrifted some wonderful silk sari fabric for $2.99 and wondered how I could get the most use out of the pattern that runs throughout. I wanted to make an all in one outfit with shirring and the whole bit but the fabric just didn’t have the length to play with so this pretty dress is what came of this gorgeous fabric, rather subdue for me (hence the title) as I agree with most of the comments on SW. Not having a certain genre to abide to is rather freeing for me I can dress according to my mood and to the fabric and design I choose. Why pigeon-hole yourself when fashion is so panoptic, spread those fashion wings I say. | Buttons Challenge

The challenge is simple, buttons; make something that has buttons, fancy or simple. You know I love a button or two right?  Originally I was making this dress from Vogue Pattern 1245 but that all went out the window when I opened the skirt section and it revealed a circular hem. I couldn’t use it because of the print on the sari fabric so my hap hazard self-drafting skills came in handy. | Buttons Challenge

Steve (hubby) and I have been watching photography tutorials on how to get the most out of our camera, lighting, positioning backgrounds etc. I think for his first time behind the camera he has done a magnificent job. Thank you babe. | Buttons Challenge

I don’t often wear this style of dress, I don’t think they suit my body shape but I’ll wear this one over and over especially whilst bike riding, I think the fabric has a lot to do with how she sits and moves I guess it’s not too heavy around the waist line either which I like and best of all I didn’t need to hem her, I really don’t mind a short cut when it comes to sewing. | Buttons Challenge | Buttons Challenge

I am off to start on my next garment for next week. See you then, happy sewing peeps.

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