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This is my ‘I don’t have time this week to get everything done’ face so you’re going to have to come grocery shopping with me while I tell you about this weeks sewing challenge which is based on the Academy Awards. Oscar nominated films, winning films, whatever takes your fancy. This is my modern take on Woody Allens, Annie Hall. I’m rather fond of Woody Allens work, Annie Hall, Manhattan and his most recent Midnight in Paris are among my favs. | Annie Hall

I love pineapple so into the trolley she goes, beige and I really don’t mesh, although I am happy with these photos and my modern spin on Diane Keatons classic androgynous style, the beige and this style of pant are just  so b l a h to me, these pants remind me of those high waisted mum pants which are designed for comfort only, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a high-waisted pant it’s just the cut of these particular pants, they’re just not right which is funny considering the pattern is from the Burda Young range. I chose broadcloth, a relatively inexpensive fabric, perfect for something I will never wear again unless I’m invited to a Woody Allen themed party which again is highly unlikely. | Annie Hall

The rest of this ensemble comes from previously sewn challenges, The double collared avant garde inspired button up comes from last years re-fashioned challenge and the velveteen button-up fitted waistcoat I made eons ago and chose to wear it whilst on my African vibe. The tie was a five minute job. The pants do something terrible to my backside, from behind it gives you the illusion of a much bigger booty, bootifiedx100. A truly terrible pattern. I’ve even taken the liberty of writing on the pattern sleeve the words S H I T! don’t go there girlfriend. I’ve since learnt that this pattern has been dubbed the carrot shaped pant. How appropriate! where are the peas? The comments over on Sew Weekly were positive everyone appreciated my spin on Diane Keatons classic look. Phew! job well done then. | Annie Hall

I was alerting the ladies also of my terribly speedy metabolism and the need for all this loo roll. I’ll do anything to hide these pants, can you tell? | Annie Hall

I’m really trying my hardest to make these things work, there really isn’t much more I can do from here apart from grabbing my sons favourite fish bites and proceed to the check out, the quicker the better. | Annie Hall

I think it’s time to call the fashion police, alert them of my terrible downfall into the hideous world of beige and high, pleated mums pants. I’ll need counselling. May the force of my sewing machine save me from myself.

This post was proudly brought to you by The Clash and the appropriately named song ‘Lost in the Supermarket’.

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10 Responses to “The Lost In The Supermarket Pants.”

  • sylvi pell:

    Loved it… no so love with the pants either though…:) but you still looked Fabbo.. xxxx<3 well done me darlin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • sylvi pell:

    ooops too late too correct my spelling mistake… But meant NOT so in love with the pants :) Love the tops though xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Karen:

    You look lovely and I think it is a very chic and inspired take on Annie Hall. The pants, well, they look fine frm the front and they go with the look you’re wanting to re-create. But as for bothering with them again, I doubt it. It will look great with some stove-pipe pants if you decide to wear it again.

  • Esz:

    You’re a braver woman than I! Going out to in PUBLIC to take pics of something you dont like ;-P
    You still work it totally ace though – I think that top covers all the parts you dont want to see :-D Good job on making them – even if they are never worn again!

  • Well the pants aren’t you, I can see that, but the ensemble is eye-catching and the supermarket props are fun. Love your shirt! I think you managed to suggest the inspiration outfit while still staying true to your own amazing style.

  • ally:

    honey you do what you can with what you got.. the fact u made anything, got out and did a photo shoot and blogged it as well is worth a high highwaisted pants, but they seem to work best on the neverhadababynonmummatypetummy …

  • Great outfit despite your reservations…although we didn’t get the ‘booty- shot’….

  • Kazz:

    Thanks so much for popping lovely peeps and taking the time to comment xxoo Don! FAT chance. ha!

  • misse.bell:

    I love them! Diane Keaton would snatch those babies up in a flash! I’d be happy to be seen grocery shopping looking like you, sweety.

  • Kazz:

    @missebell Not from behind you wouldn’t LOL total barge-arse pants blah! thanks for popping in sweetie m w a h

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