Pink! I don’t mind the colour pink how do you feel about pink? It’s okay I guess, it’s how you wear it really. I’m not at all fussed, whatever floats your boat I say, I chose to only use a smidgeon of pink for this weeks challenge because I had stacks of this $5 maroon gaberdine left in my stash and about half a metre of pink floral from last weeks challenge. I wanted to sew this McCall’s pattern I scored from Etsy. On opening the instructions the paper was so damn fragile it was disintegrating before my eyes, I had to be so careful handling it, she’s 53 years old.

The pattern was relatively easy I decided to change how I would step into it by sewing close the front placket inserting fake buttonholes and sewing the buttons on top of them so it appeared to look correct. I inserted a side zip. Why?? because I always have to sew up buttoned up shirts because they almost always gape open showing off a little side boob, not at all a good look for me. So I used my no-side-boob method with this dress. I think it works best for me.



The streets around our place were desolate due to the AFL Grand Final (football), all you could hear were spontaneous roaring cheers from within houses followed by the clanking of bottles and laughter, my daughter and I took the opportunity to venture out in between sporadic rainfall intervals to snap some photos of our pink creations.


Lil E has been indulging in a little bit of sewing too and on her ‘To Do’ list these school holidays she wanted to sew one of the skirts from this — very Harajuku looking Simplicity Pattern I picked up for her. She did a fabulous job too, guess what? she has the sewing bug, Yay!! she know’s nobody else will have this skirt and knowing that gets her excited about sewing! and the ‘I made it! tagline gets her excited too. Hoorah! I say. I want to teach her everything and when my son grasps some patience I want to show him too he has a great eye for style for a little fellow he just has to get over the stigma that only girls sew.

Between the pair of us I think many trips to the fabric and Op shop will be made, god help the boys in our house they’re always caught leaving the house with bits of thread hanging from them. OoOps!

How do I feel about gabardine? I like the fabric it was somewhat easy to work with, it puckered in places but I blame myself for not changing the needle to suit… L A Z Y. I love this dress. I think I’ll wear her till the seams burst which maybe by tonight after I woof down my green curried vegetable feast followed by a healthy serving of apple and blackberry pie drowned in custard. Yum!


So what about you? would you wear all pink like I did previously? or just a Little Bit of Pink?

Next weeks challenge is Spanish Harlem??!! I’ll be sitting this one out, I have no interest whatsoever and want to use my time wisely to sew a lovely dress in this wonderful black and white curtain fabric I spied. I’ll be posting it here so pop in if you’re not busy or add me to your feed to stay updated either way I’d love to hear what you think?

Happy days, Happy sewing.


17 Responses to “The ‘Just a Little Bit of Pink’ Dress”

  • Esz:

    Awesome dress – and it goes really nicely with your shoes. Tell me, have you heard of a brand called Miss L Fire? I’m currently very obsessed with their outrageous, bright and HIGH wedges. As well as all their other lovely styles.

    You’re hat is very cool too – vintage or handmade? And it’s really awesome your kids are getting into the sewing. Having something completely unique will make them stand out for all the right reasons. :-D

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Esz I sure have heard of Miss L fire, I haven’t bought any shoes from them I’m always admiring the different styles on Solestruck. I like Irregular Choice and Chinese Laundry too. Too much choice. My hat is vintage, I think it goes well with the dress. Unique is what we’re striving for :P Thanks Esz

  • kazz, every time i see something of yours i think THAT’S MY FAVORITE THING SHE’D EVER DONE and then i think that can’t possibly be true, there’s just too much awesomeness to choose a favorite. but wow does this one rock.

    the damn spanish harlem thing is totally my fault. it had to do with the big NY meetup yesterday. we lamented at our (mexican)lunch at the vagueness of it all…

  • Kazz:

    Aw thanks Oona he he I love this dress too.
    Ha Ha Spanish Harlem? I had a total brain freeze, I was wandering about looking for fabric and in the end gave up. Ha Ha can’t wait to see what everyone does. I just don’t think I’d wear it again. The NY meet up would of been great. Lucky you xxoo

  • sylvi pell:

    Love it Kazza….. you never cease to amaze……. your just too dam clever :) and now our Li’l Miss Edie has the bug.. super duper… I can just picture Stevie & Jazpa walking out with thread danglin .. that made me smile… :) looking forward to many more creations for you & Li’l Miss Edie… enjoy yr wkend all of you.. Love you ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A little bit of pink is perfect and YAY to to Lil E for the creation and maybe the boys will have to make bowties ala someone’s Husbie!

    Now that Oona’s fessed up about the Spanish Harlem (and I’ve finished mine already) I would have perhaps googled New York a little more… I have NO idea if I’ve hit the mark with my dress, but it looks very much OLE! Especially with my headband thing I got from Spotlight!


  • That is so great that your daughter is sewing too. She’s adorable in a very funky way. I like her boots! I’m definitely a little bit of pink sort of person. I really like your dress, the tab detail is too neat and heart buttons? Love it.

  • I think you’ve done a lovely job with just a touch of pink. I’m not sure that the dress would even have worked in pink but if there was a way, you would be the one to do it. I’m so happy Lil E has discovered the joys of sewing, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to do and I so hope that Sabrina is going to love it as much as I do. Her Harajuku inspired skirt is gorgeous and she’s taking after you in the styling department – a great look she has put together! Well done, Ladies!

  • Kat:

    Oh my, I hear you with the Spanish Harlem challenge! So glad it got posted early and a couple of girls in the sewing circle know what it’s about – it had me stumped. :-/

    This dress is utterly gorgeous! Love love love! (I also love love love that pattern – if you ever want to do a pattern swap let me know! I’ll happily send it back to ya afterwards and you can have any of my patterns for loan in exchange. Wishful thinking? Maybe…. ;-)

  • beautiful work. i love your style and your bow hat.

  • Debi:

    OMG. I LOVE this dress! I adore these two colours together…so nice! I also need to sew up button plackets–good idea to insert the side zip–I know I will be using that trick in the future!!!

  • Kazz:

    Veronica Darling, Bow Ties are a must especially after seeing what a fab job husbie does on them. I bet he has an extensive collection now. I can’t wait to see your creation this week, very excited OLE. xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Lisette, I’m excited for my daughter, I think she has a natural talent for it and she has a head full of ideas too! A great start I think.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks so much Karen, Sabrina and Lil E have a great start to a sewing future with teachers like us :P xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Kat, I’m looking forward to seeing what the ladies do in the SW Community.

    That pattern wouldn’t last it is so fragile so I probably wouldn’t swap, I can offer to make a copy!

  • Kazz:

    I knew you’d love this dress Debi it’s right up your ally. Yep the No-Side-Boob method works a treat.

  • I love your dress! That pattern is ah-ma-zing! And you did it justice. I love working with and wearing gabardine, to me it feels substantial but still nice and drapey. Love the contrast yoke! And how cool that your daughter has succumbed to the sewing bug. You guys will have a lot of fun with that. Her skirt is very cute, and she did a nice job sewing it up and styling it! I wish I had gotten into sewing earlier- imagine how good she’ll be when she’s our age if she sticks to it.

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