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This week I brought a coat back from the dead, I’ve called it the ‘Fashion’ jacket after Bowies appropriately titled song. This thing has been staring at me for months hanging there on the wardrobe door amongst the bags and jackets, I could see potential in this scrofulous $5 blah- do you like that word? I found it in my thesaurus, I like it, I’m going to use it more often, you know, expand my vocabulary a bit but without the risk of sounding like a twat!. Anyway I felt the coat needed to be saved and had every intention to refashion it into todays post but could never find the time . This weeks sewing theme is refashioning. Perfect! time to get busy. | ReFashioned

I have no idea what that fabric is, some sort of weave, is it boucle? *shrugs* anyways, a while ago I bought this rad refashioning book called Junky Stylin it’s filled with lots of funky upcycling ideas, some good some not. This coat refashion is the best thing out. Here is a quick overview of the instructions: Firstly, I had turned the coat upside down, removed the sleeves at the seams including the lining, clipped off the corner edge of each shoulder seam, turned the sleeves upside down, and sewed them back on the wrong way. Are you lost? | Refashioned

So yes! the collar is now at my waist, the front bodice is then crossed over one another where a large button and matching buttonhole has been fixed to keep it sitting pretty. The back bottom half of the coat is now the collar, so to control some of that bulk I folded it down into three pleats and sewed it into place. I then cut the belt in half and sewed this along the two draped edges at the front, this part was interesting, it took a bit of fiddling to get things to sit right and it turns out I can wear this coat, jacket, bolero even, three different ways which is rather versatile I think. I love how the jacket sits, I think it has that whole japanese designer Yoji Yamamoto or Comme des Garcons look, you know! like an exercise in suffering, is that a hat or coat? kinda thing, anyway ….huge fan. | ReFashioned

I love to see a confused onlookers face studying what the hell is going on with my outfit. If I see someone wearing something structurally mind blowing I just want to mow them down rip their clothes off and suss out how it was constructed. I’ll often take a very expensive structurally awesome item into a change room just to study and take photos of how it was constructed sometimes it’s the most simplest thing that I wished I’d thought of.

Kazzthespazz | ReFashioned

Well I’m chuffed with this one, not to everyones taste which is good. I’ll definitely look twice at those poorly neglected coats/jackets just hanging about in the thrift stores screaming pick me pick me I just know there is potential. Do you want to see something funny? You see I actually did two refashions for this post but the second turned out so bad I could see it ending up on Regretsy- where DIY meets WTF. This is a total WTF. Click here then here and then come back and tell me I’m not wrong. | ReFashioned

Happy sewing you gorgeous thing you and thank you for popping in and taking the time to look around and comment, your words are very encouraging and very much appreciated, sometimes I can’t always get around to your blog home to comment because time is of the essence, you know, work, side projects, graphic design work, hubby cuddles, homework with the kiddies, sewing lessons with my daughter, hanging out with my son talking and playing Star Wars, (he thinks I make the worst Sith Lord ha!)  so please don’t think I’m a snob I’m just prioritising really.  Anyway, I cant wait to show you next weeks handmade garment I just put the finishing touches to her, c h u f f e d! so pop me into your reader and wait for the number to alert you of my next post or add me on Facebook,Twitter or Google+? where I also share a link. We’re out and about today so hopefully the rain holds off so I can get some decent ‘out and about’ photos for next weeks art challenge. Happy happy sewing.

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14 Responses to “The Fashion Jacket”

  • Esz:

    Rad jacket!! You wear those crazy angles and weird construction element things so well. And I have super hair envy – I wish my hair was thick enough for a blunt bob like yours but it’s just supremely BLAH if it’s not a bit chopped up.
    Anyways – another fabulous effort overall – I love seeing what you come up with :-D

  • jill:

    Wow! Looks amazing. I probably would have thought of just shortening the original jacket, never turning it upside down! Oh, and I’m familiar with Regretsy, not sure your “pants” would qualify, but too funny anyway :-)

  • AWESOME. Not just the jacket, although that’s amazing, the styling too.

  • Excellent! That is a great ‘Junky” restyling pulled off perfectly. There is a video somewhere of this project for the more confused.

  • Donna:

    Kazz – you are a total inspiration! I always look forward to your next post – love it all! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Meg:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your brilliance blows me away, and the structure of your jacket is simply FABULOUS.

  • ally:

    AAAHHhh i always think of you when I see Yohji Yamamotos work… mighty fine job, when you do work like this i really think it is ‘you’ that much more.. not that you arent usually ‘you’ but you know what i mean about ‘you’ dont you?

    Oh and the pants… too funny!! mind you i didnt mind how the waist band sits as a collar, but (no pun intended) the back looks like some strange piggy backing exercise gone wrong. too funnee

  • misse.bell:

    You refashioned the hell outa that once s- c- r- o- f- u- l- o- u- s coat! Totally rockin! You look fabulous in it too! Pulling some hot shapes there, sweetie ;)

  • Anastasia:

    I hope that when I’m good enough at sewing you cld take a look at my dresses because all the advice I get right now is mostly ” you are such a hooligan”):
    this jacket is one of my favorites by the waaay
    Thank you kazzy<3

  • Kazz:

    Aw you are so lovely Anastasia, please let me know where I can find you. What’s your blog address?

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally, I do love all that Japanese stuff, yep I do know what you mean :P , it’s just too complicated and sewing weekly with a fulltime job and family really doesn’t allow for complexed items of awesomeness.Holiday time? bring it on.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you so much Meg, love love love you popping in and saying so xxoo

  • Anastasia:

    I will soooo create a blog soon (: thank you very much for your reply
    As soon as I finish all my unfinished projects I will create a one and totally post the link to it everywhere on your blog(:

    you are like

    Keep up the great work!

  • I love the jacket. And I really love why you’ve called it the Fashion jacket…. ooobop! Fashion!! (ooo what a giveaway!)x

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