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Red! this week is all about red and its relation to Valentines Day. We’ve never been big on Valentines Day hubby and I, however this year we decided to go out to dinner to a lovely little spot in St Kilda where I ate my weight in vegetarian Cous Cous balls covered in sesame seeds and sipped on pear ciders till the sun went down with a lovely bouquet of red roses to admire. Aw, he is such a romantic.

Kazzthespazz Red1

This little dress—believe it or not, is made from canvas, and I just love how it conforms, the fabrics texture— I find, is very flattering hiding any lumps and bumps. This dress feels expensive on I guess canvas is not really an ideal fabric to sew clothes from but I spied potential in the print and thought why the heck not! and just went with it. I’m rather chuffed with the fit, she looks dead sturdy on. Anything that wants to help hold me in,  and up, and looking fab at 40 is fine by me, hell I’ll wear canvas for the rest of my days haha. | Valentine 5

Before we went to lunch we popped over to Hosier Lane to take this weeks Sew Weekly photos, geez taking photos out in the public is so scary especially in a crowded place like this, I find that if I don’t make eye contact with anyone—especially with the lady there on the right haha I can get through the process much quicker. Yikes. I did relax after some people complimented me on my look and then asked for a photo of myself and then a photo of me with my family who were also dressed up, something we all enjoy doing every time we step out the front door and Melbourne is very supportive in that aspect, anything goes really, she welcomes it with open arms.

Kazzthespazz | Valentine 2

This Butterick dress pattern 4389 is another one of my favourite go-to patterns, I always use the bodice and modify the bottoms into straight skirts circle skirts or pants, versatility is key, I wrote about all the finer details and construction over on my Spotlight Sew Weekly post.

Kazzthespazz | Valentine3

We spied a couple of wedding parties snapping away that day, if you squint you can see the bride just up there to the right. I can’t believe the hide of the ticket inspector booking a wedding party at Federation Square, seriously, couldn’t he just turn a blind eye? The mind boggles. | Valentine 4

I had a decent workout walking up and down Hosier Lane as you can see I’m sticking to the path in these shoes. It’s the safest option.  Looking at all the new artwork sprawled over the walls really is inspirational and the most colourful Concrete Jungle…a real Special place.

Happy Sewing Peeps. Till next week…

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20 Responses to “The Concrete Jungle Dress”

  • sylvi pell:

    Well done AGAIN Kazza… love the dress. so Happy & Proud of you me darlin.. keep up the good work .. enjoy your wkend ALL of you xxxxxxxx

  • Karen:

    I’d never have thought canvas would present so well in a dress. I can see it’s sturdy like you say but it doesn’t look like a cardboard dress by any means, it just holds a lovely form. Kudos to you for daring to give it a try because the result is wonderful. By the way, today I found last weeks exotic location from the jumpsuit photoshoot (the door and mosiac faces) and this weeks looked familiar around the corner from the Forum (though you did say where it was). I think I find your locations as fascinating as your outfit LOL. I live here but I’ve never seen it look so beautiful as through the eyes of someone new (well, not that new, it’s been a couple of years haha).

  • As ever, you inspire me! It’s not just the dress (although it is great) it’s the styling and the attitude too. Thanks!

  • You look absolutely beautiful. Yes, being photographed in public can be a very odd experience. I’ve had people stop to watch me pull my tripod out and erect it. I mean, is that honestly that interesting!

  • Kazz:

    Thank you so much Karen, it’s daunting, I don’t know if I could pull a tripod out and do photos in public you are very brave haha! People will stop and look at anything however they were probably admiring your awesome coat you made :P

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Catherine your comments are very flattering you make me blush hehe

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Karen, if you know of any cool locations around our parts let me know xx

  • Kazz:

    Thank you mummy number two haha xxoo

  • Yep, that’s a brave dress for a brave VERY public space! You guys are becoming winners! I really like the fabric! Superb!


  • Oh wow.
    Wow wow.
    wow wow wow.

    Love everything about this look. Love the back drop too.
    You totally own Hosier Lane.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Veronica, brave indeed haha Winners are grinners hehe xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Wow! thank you Julia that’s super nice of you to pop in and say so :P

  • I realised I hadn’t commented on this dress yet, and I had to tell you how much I like it. That pleated detail is stunning. Oh, and I want to raid your shoe closet so badly.

  • Hi, just popping in again to say I’m passing the Leibster Blog award on to you (if you’re into that sort of thing). Thanks for sharing all your amazing creations.

  • Ye gads woman, how have I not found your blog before? That is an absolutely astounding creation. And beautifully styled! Good on you!

  • You are therapy Kazz! I love how you are constantly bringing something new to the table. This is amazing and you look fabulous… as always!

  • Hi Kazz. Me again. Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. … and to have another drool over your shoes! x

  • ally:

    im loving your canvas number…. I think she is up there with my kazz favs, I think a strapless number is so flattering on you, and I love your shash you have added geniUS.. and when all else fails I guess we could pin u up on the wall? or turn you into a bag? … oh and I am loving your plaid turban.. how awesome is that? Ms Westwood would be most impressed.

  • misse.bell:

    Red hot dress! Lovely cut, beautiful shape on you sweety. And red really suits you! Is it really canvas?

  • Kazz:

    Thank you sweetie, Canvas? yes, but not in a cardboard kinda way :P xxoo

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