If you are a regular reader here then you know I like to join in on all the sewing fun over at Sew Weekly. I really look forward to reading what the next challenge is and Mena usually announces this on a Monday. Because I work a full time job I find it hard to get to the fabric shop until late Thursday that’s if I don’t have the appropriate fabric and notions in my stash so that leaves me to: sew on Friday night, take photos on Saturday and sit down with a red wine and put together the post all of which I enjoy immensely as you probably have gathered by now. Have a peek at the SW archive, rather inspiring don’t you think? So the challenge is to find inspiration from a garment one of the clever gals have made and give it a whirl yourself. As soon as I read this I knew just what I was going to sew and I had thrifted fabric in my stash so there were no trips to Spotlight needed which meant I could get to work on my dress earlier in the week and leave the weekend free for birthday celebrations of the teenage kind.



I am channelling Veronica Darlings Bye Bye Summertime Dress from the Colette Pattern range  The Roobis. Isn’t Veronica Darlings dress adorable? I think it is. The fabric is divine and the cut and photos are just perfect. Veronica Darling is the queen of thrift and sews the majority of her creations from second hand fabrics, bed sheets, curtains, table cloths you name it she’s sewn it. Nifty hey? So I took to my—slowly growing opp shop stash, $3.99 Piqué, approx 2metres (I think it’s a tablecloth) and broadcloth for the lining. You know what? I don’t have this Colette pattern, I recently bought the Parfait and I’m eagerly awaiting her arrival. So I studied the line drawing up there and took to taking my measurements and then proceeded to cut out pieces to best match the pattern above, yes of course I thought I was going to stuff it.


*EDIT: the wonderful Trish has told me the fabric is seersucker. I seer suck at recognising fabric arrr thanks Trish.


Once I did a quick fitting I was relieved to see I was doing okay. Phew! The difference between this dress and the pattern, visually, are the two seams at the back of the skirt which I omitted, the zip in the back as opposed to the side, the back scoop is higher as is the front neckline scoop— (I’m not fond of low rounded scooped necklines, I have broad shoulders and the lower the scoop the wider they appear, I look blah in singlet tops). The pocket shape is different and the little detail on the neckline isn’t there. I also had to place darts either side of the zipper at the neckline to stop the dress from gaping but unfortunately took to adding them after the lining was put in so you can see them facing the wrong way from the lining when the dress is on the hanger. I’m totally okay with that though.


I think she turned out pretty okay, I’m rather happy with it. I particularly like the pockets.

crafty stuffs

Because I saved $$ on fabric this week why not jazz up this dress with some handmade accessories, I dug out the paint and started painting these fab $2 wooden bangles and papier-mâché balls to match the colour palette of the dress. Once the varnish was applied it took the colours of the paint to a whole new level. I’m really impressed with how they turned out. My outfit was complete. You can never have too many bangles darlings NEVER!


We spent the day at Luna Park so I took to some of the wonderful coloured back drops like you do. Perfect back drop for this dress, I even had some lovely comments. Yay!

5It was pretty fresh outside so I quickly put my cardigan back on once these shots were taken, bloody freezing it was. Do you like the word cardigan? What about trousers? aw what about S L A C K S ?


You know what? I decided these teenage girls didn’t need this Autumn-Covered-Women following them around so I laid down some motherly rules and took to burying my head deep within the pages of this book while the girls had fun. Will you look at the shine on those bangles??!!. très chic  Love them!

Au Revoir you lovely person you. See you next week. Happy Sewing.


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  • sylvi pell:

    Wonderful yet AGAIN Kazza… hope Edie & ALL had a Great B’day@ Luna Park.. Keep on with the GREAT work darlin.. Luv yu ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Esz:

    That bag is so cute!! And I love how you made accessories to match. You are totally inspirational :-) And thanks for the awesome blog love :-D

  • Trish Blair:

    What a great look Kazz! I dig your crazy 70′s print, but I hate to break it to you, pretty sure that fabric is a seersucker, pique was a bit high end for tablecloths back in the day. Whatever, it looks amazing and those bangles, I must admit I had twinge of envy, they so look like Bakelite!!! Congrats!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Trish, I am glad you’ve pointed that out as I’m hopeless at recognising what’s what, I’m s l o w l y learning. Love the bangles too, without the bakelite price tag he he thanks again Trish.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks heaps Esz.

  • Keiren:

    I was thinking, Wow she must have lots of bangles to have them so closely match her dress… your work, wonder woman.

  • Debi:

    KAZZ–you rock! I am super impressed with your dress! I absolutely LOVE the print (isn’t it great when you have the perfect fabric in your stash?) and I love that you were able to recreate the dress sans pattern! And the bangles and necklace is just the icing on the coolness cake! I LOVE it!!!

  • ally:

    too funny S.L.A.C.K.S always conjures up pictures of 70s mums in there polyester burnt umber sssssssssslacks.
    no pattern? u freak…. I love the silhouette on this dress, one I may give a go to once i have my sewing space sorted again…..and you know I am a HUGE fan of bold graphic prints..esp flowers… and bangles? never too many GURlll…… rock it
    AND the fact that u can sit and read while your darling goes off and looks after herself adn you can READS? priceless… Happy Bday E

  • ally:

    and Joanne Newsom was a perfect choice for a soundtrack to this lil number ;)

  • Meg:

    I am going to put you in my pocket and carry you around Chicago, you fashionista you! LOVE this dress. And your jewelry???? DIVINE.

  • YAY, it’s totally darling babes! You’ve done SO well finding those pattern shapes, and at first glance I really thought it was the same pattern. A-Mazing! xoxo

  • That is an awesomely colorfull dress. I love the 60′s vibe. The green beads look lovely, and I can’t believe you painted them yourself. What a great idea!

  • Kazz:

    Oh thank you ‘rosesred’ I love the 60′s vibe too or is it 70′s ? who know’s he he thanks for commenting.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Veronica Darling, I adore that dress of yours, thanks for the inspiration.xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Oh Meg you are too cute, okay lets do it! I’ll pack light. he he.

  • Kazz:

    @ally girl you wear bold graphics the best. I thought of you when I found this fabric. Joanna Newsom was the perfect background music. Really love this album xoxo

  • Kazz:

    Thanks heaps Keiren xx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv, they had a ball xoxo

  • Kazz:

    I’m chuffed you like this Debi, thanks heaps for taking the time to comment, WonderWomen.

  • This dress is great. And I love the necklace too!!

  • I loove that you chose the alternate neckline- totally different take on it- love, love!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks prttynpnk

  • Kazz:

    So do I Natalie, thanks for popping over and commenting.

  • Debbie:

    Another fab dress – and how clever are you – drafting it yourself!! This will fit in really well for this weeks challenge over at S.W.’s theme as well – two challenges in one dress???

  • Kazz:

    That’s exactly what I thought too Debbie, but I have an idea I’m working on for this weeks challenge, cant wait to show you all.

  • kazz, i want to comment EVERYWHERE on all the fabulousness but you would think i’m NUTS! i just spent my morning coffee alternatively oohing, aahing, and shaking my fist in jealousy at your newests. those silk dresses! that explosively colorful rooibos (WHY didn’t i buy this pattern, i got the oolong) in the best palette EVER! YOUR AMAZING PUNK KIDS!!!!!

    okay. i’m okay now. i must go sew something, you have completely inspired me.

  • Kazz:

    ha ha you are awesome Oona, a laugh a minute. That’s a wonderful comment you just left me *skips off happily with a big smile spread across her face*

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