This week there was a UK Sew Weekly meet up /swap meet so the theme is Rule Britannia, red white & blue, all of the crafty ladies dressed in their handmade creations and I assumed they talked about rolled hems, vintage patterns, and certain fabrics, I would of been in my element as long as there was good coffee.

Frantically sifting through my fabric stash throwing piles of fabric over my shoulders to find what I needed I decided to just hop in the car and go to Spotlight and drift around until something caught my eye. I’m not liking that I’m time poor lately it’s forcing me to just whip quick things up where as for this challenge I would of loved to of made a cape coat and a 70′s flare pant but time prevails.

For this dress— although winter is just around the corner this dress is really a summer frock but that’s okay I can throw on a pair of tights and a coat and all will be fine and dandy. I didn’t use a pattern for this dress as it’s basically two pieces of fabric sewn up the sides with some straps to hold her up. I grabbed my fabric marker and marked 2cm increments down the fabric for me to follow stretching the millenery elastic as I went, this process became sooooo tedious I cracked open a bottle of red turned up Dinosaur Jnr to eleven and proceeded along in my own merry way, half baked I finished the dress,  fell into bed and woke up with a cracking headache but was very pleased with the out come. Rule, Britannia!!

That felt pom pom thingy I made from Mena’s tutorial over at Grosgrain’s Free Pattern Month. You should check it out it’s freeeeeee!!!

I really have no idea why these pictures are all leaning to the right…hiccup! I probably thought the camera was sitting straight. Just lean with me.

Shoe clips

I think I can get away with wearing this through winter. Yay!!

Did you see my post on dissecting a very expensive top and me giving you the pattern to try yourself?


Happy Sewing!!


8 Responses to “Rule, Britannia!!”

  • Keiren:

    It is a joy to behold your style!

    What a marvellous gift you have, thank you for being brave and sharing


  • Kazz:

    Thank you Keiren I really appreciate you popping in and commenting xx

  • Debi:

    AWESOME! I love this so much! And I love how all the pictures are leaning (I feel myself leaning as I am writing this…hehehehe). Nice to see the pom-pom made up from Mena’s tutorial…such a cute accessory!

  • Love all the red, white, and blue accessories to go with such a great dress. It fits you like a dream!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Molly it is a little cold to be wearing it at the moment but I will definitely wear it in summer. Thanks for commenting Molly. Happy sewing.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Debi… ha ha I’m glad I could entertain you with my leaning piccys. I think i’ll make some more felt pom poms they were lots of fun and very quick.

  • love it. and i ADORE the way you accessorize!

  • Quarkee:

    Ah, the half cut (you not the dress!) approach, i like it!! Great dress. Great blog.

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