I must admit when I read that this weeks Sew Weekly challenge was to make something from a pair of pillowcases my first impression was ‘how naff’, but then looking at all of the other clever contributor outcomes I thought okay ‘it is possible’.

There was no way I was going to chop up my Orla Kiely’s and my linen closet needs a serious update, besides if I’m going to spend my valuable time sewing dresses out of pillowcases I was going to look for something I would wear again and again.

…enter Target and the fabulous discount table.


Yep I found this fantastic set of pillowcases in the bargain bin at Target woo hoo. The tree print appears on the front of the cases and the crisp squares on the back. I love the silhouette don’t you? I proceeded to remove the fronts from the backs flipping and joining the tree print to resemble a reflection. Joining the backs together adding a pleat in the centre to remove the bulk and placing matt black buttons so the back didn’t look too boring. I cut into the cases to add a bit of body to the over all squareness then added thick elastic along the join in the middle which happened to be the perfect spot for my waist. The shoulders hung like a sack with no shape what so ever so I folded pleats into them; much better. I had just enough material left to place side pockets in. I’m telling you I’m very pleased with this whole pillowcase thingy I’m certainly on the lookout for more pillowcases to make dresses from.

So in order to see if this was a do-able outfit we headed off on a big bike ride …





Oh yes she’s a keeper but I’m putting my cape back on because my god it’s chilly. Brrrr.


finer details

Oh! and lets not forget the finer details like a label he he.

Happy Sewing.


16 Responses to “Pillow Talk”

  • Debi:

    OMG!!! Kazz you are so FABULOUS! I love this sooo much! It’s really neat that you found this amazing design and I like how you mirror it on top and bottom! Great idea!

  • Debbie:

    WOW!! I love your dress – the way you have mirrored the tree design is what makes this dress so special – you are SO clever! And you make it sound so easy!!

  • Rhonda:

    wow! putting aside the pillowcase dress for a second, love your bike, LOVE your boots, love the cape, and yes love the dress too. you always put it all together so well, but this has got to be the best outfit i’ve seen on you. when i read the sew weekly theme i wondered how it could be possible, but everyone has managed to put them together so incredibly brilliantly. this has got to be my fave tho :) PS where DID you get those boots from and do they sell online??? i’m in NZ and struggling to find a pair that i like this winter. Cheers, Rhonda

  • Kazz:

    Aw thank you Rhonda you’ve made my day, and I agree everybody has done such a fab job on their pillowcases. My boots are at least 20 years old that’s how long I’ve had them for they are all leather and smell like a mouldy bathroom ha ha nothing a good airing can’t kill though. I’m sure Ebay may have a pair lurking around… happy hunting.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Debbie, I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Debi, I cant wait to see what you come up with for next weeks challenge. :P

  • Amy:

    yep i gotta say i think this is my fave too, especially the way you put it together. The mirror image is killer.
    ps. continuing on with out gears discussion, ( or lack of) i think you’ve made the right choice. Your bike is too fabulous to worry about gears :-D

  • Trish Blair:

    Clever! Love the trees, love the cape and the bike too, another great job!

  • ally:

    yes mirroring rocked it. great pics too. as always x

  • Kat:

    Amazing dress, Kazz! Love it!! That tree print is fab – such an awesome idea to put them around that way like reflections. :-)

    (I also am very jealous of your boots. And your cape. And your polka-dotted bike. Eek!)

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally xx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Trish I appreciate you popping over and commenting.

  • Kazz:

    Oh it is!! thanks Amy ha ha those hipsters and their fixes have no idea what they’re missing out on :P

  • Absolutely inspired use of the tree design – you have out done yourself again. I also checked out the other entries and I think you blitzed it once again!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Karen, I’m having a ball with these challenges and using my blog to document it is just the icing on the cake thanks for your support xx

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