I really don’t like summer, I did manage to go to the beach this summer which brought back childhood/teen memories of heatstroke and a constant blistered bottom lip, Oh god the pain! I remember holding a cold wet flannel to my lip to help soothe the agonizing burning feeling but upon removal it ripped the sunburnt skin from my lip sending me into a frenzied African dance around the lounge room which resulted in a constant lizard like tongue action where my tongue would dart out at different intervals and wet my bottom lip for a quick soothing fix; that was a long time ago, I don’t do that lizard thing anymore I’m all grown up now and have other annoying habits I’m learning to control. Jezz I’m getting a little off track here, anyhoo! I’m anticipating winter and have made a healthy start on my winter wardrobe which is kind of a part two to my  Girl Crush post. I’ve made this jacket (and skirt) you see, I’m quite pleased with it actually,  I’d love to share it with you. I’ve looked to the design gods for inspiration and think Lee Lin Chin would find it somewhat amusing to see that her style certainly had a helping hand in the process.

I’m not going to waffle on too much about the process cause I don’t want to bore you so I’ll just re-cap quickly. The pattern above is Vogue, the only really good patterns you want to spend your dosh on. This is my fav fitted jacket pattern, I’ve used pieces from this pattern to draw out the jackets silhouette the trick is to exaggerate! I’ve cut the right hand side of the jacket as pictured and have cut the left side a lot longer and wider giving me lots of material to drap and pleat which is what I see when I look at my favourite designers clothes— I love an unusual cut. The sleeves are only joined at the shoulder and armpit leaving a gap back and front for an undergarment, eg tailored shirt etc to peek through. I’ve added a flap at the top of the sleeves which has a draw string to pull the fabric flap up like a roman blind then guiding the drawstrings under my arms. The back has an elastic pocket which spans the bottom half of the jacket. it needed something on the back, the front of the jacket is a lot more interesting to look at. It cost only $10.95 I know bargain hey! the girl at Spotlight only charged me for 1 metre and not three, silly gen Y girl, she was like, dreaming of boys or somefink. So yay lucky me.

On my next ‘Sew You’ I’m going to talk to you about my ingrown toenail story it’s worse than my blistered sunburnt lip story, I just need to think up some sort of a segway  hmm *deep thoughts*

What designer would you look to for a DIY and could you beat my blistered sunburnt lip segway?



5 Responses to “Goodbye Summer, Sew Me A New Jacket.”

  • ally:

    ah HUH!!! I knew when you werent wasting time tweeting all over the weekend like some of us *holds head in shame*
    .. i thought ” I bet Kazz is making some FabUlOUs creation” and look Ta Da! love it…
    such a clever girl… I really like the sleaves at the shoulders… you said you only attached at top and bottom. I like how it looks kinda gathered? how did you do that? Did you also cut the top of sleeve wider?
    does my question make sense
    thanx for heads up on vogue pattern.. get me one of those ;)
    I use to always have a bright red sunburnt nose in the summer..kinda Rudolph like.. than it would peel, only added to the teenage angst..

  • ally:

    just re-read the whole roman blind top of sleeve thing..i think i may have glazed over when it started to sound tricky..heehee u really inspire me … and as for DIY designer? i look at the really crazy clever tailored work of someone like Karl Lagerfeild.. aiming for the stars baby… though I have cut our some shorts to wear over tights a la L.A.M.B which is prob more my skill level ;)

  • Kazz:

    Thanks sweetie for your lovely comments.
    The sleeve? I copied the top half of the sleeve on the fold then made a channel and inserted a pull string which in-turn gives that gathered look. Hope that makes sense too haha

    We would of looked a treat at 13 :p

    Can’t wait to see your LAMB inspired shorts.

  • Hello Kazz!
    Love love love the jacket!
    I can so see Lee Lin in that!
    Would it be alright with you if I re-post your photos on the Chinny blog? Please?

  • Kazz:

    he he hello girls of course you can, I’d love that, your blog is fantastic :) xx

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