Hold your horses!! the Brits are picking out their best black and white fancy hats this week to celebrate the Royal Ascot; something admittedly I know little about, is that kinda sad? Is it also sad that I have never bothered to see My Fair Lady? Audrey Hepburn apparently steps out in this epic black and white number created by Cecil Beaton. Maybe I have seen it and it never made an impression on me. Early signs of dementia perhaps?? I am, however very familiar with The Melbourne Cup so with my knowledge of that I have put together a photo flurry of myself and my hubby attending the Royal Ascot for this weeks Sew Weekly challenge, we had a ball and guess what? we managed to pick the trifecta!!!

The Bet Royal Ascot Dress

First off we were running a tad late so we grabbed the form guide (aka the instructions to Butterick Pattern B4389 of which my dress was made). We picked our horses and placed our bets, my stretch satin dress was a winner amongst the punters on the track, they thought it was Chanel, what a compliment hey!! my toes were starting to hurt in my heels, I was simply too busy sewing this dress to find the time to get a pedicure but that’s another story for another time.

Go Go Royal Ascot Dress

Before we knew it the horses were at the gates, the crowd was growing anxious and bang!! just like that they were off and as they turned the final bend we found ourselves screaming ‘go you good thing’ I lost my voice with all the excitement and my hubby couldn’t believe how fabulous my dress looked. Without even knowing it we backed not just one winner but three. Dinner is on us!!

Pop Royal Ascot Dress

To celebrate our winnings and my fabulous sewing skills we popped the cork on the most expensive bottle of bubbly which tasted just like the $10 one I drink on weekends, funny that!! The cork flew past me and landed in a ladies big ol fancy hat without her knowing, oops.



While I waited for hubby to return with more bubbly I was handed a bunch of balloons that matched my fabulously sewn dress —embellished with black piping a row of evenly spaced matte black buttons and a faux collar, by this time I was rather light on my feet as you can imagine and I felt like I could literally take off, no longer did my toes hurt either. *ching ching*



I was enjoying the festivities but hubby said the bubbly was going to my head he knew this because my right eye started to close, when pirate eye sets in it’s best we head off home. *hiccup*

Ballooned Royal Ascot Dress

…not before a quick cuddle though.

Partied out Royal Ascot Dress

What a fantastic day we’ve had, we’ve never had so much fun. My dress was perfect for the day and hubby said he wants to take me on a trip around the world with the winnings!!! Oh my, I may not be here next week readers.

Au revoir.

Happy Sewing.


16 Responses to “A Right Royal Ascot We Made of Ourselves.”

  • Oh my god, so funny! You’re so good at getting just the right photo and your dress is super cute!

  • oh are you kidding me.

    having not nearly accomplished my ascot dress, i knew i would be insanely jealous if i clicked on your blog, but i did it anyway. you are. A RIOT. “he knew this because my right eye started to close, when pirate eye sets in it’s best we head off home. ”

    i can’t stand the two of you.

  • Wow what a wonderful tale! I enjoyed every bit of it and of course your photos set the mood perfectly! I will miss you as you two fly off around the world…how glorious! Indeed!

  • These are the reasons why you SUCK! (in no particular order)

    1. You didn’t wear those outfits to Sabrina’s party yesterday
    2. You didn’t even bring those amazing balloons!
    3. You make the most gorgeous outfits (and you have the time to make them haha)
    4. You always looks so glamourous in these photoshoots
    5. You have a better shoe collection than me
    6. And you’re a riot!

    P.S And just so you know, Steve is a better ham than you!

    Kazz, I just love it… keep up the great work YAY! xoxox

  • Rhonda:

    love the whole b&w thing, and you two look fab as usual. love your hubby’s shoes too… i remember having a pair just like them a long time ago… steel cap? why ever did i get rid of them, i wonder, when they look so dam good! it goes without saying, but i will say it anyway .. your dress looks gorg! i know nothing about the whole ascot/my fair lady thing either, so i guess i am sad too ;-)

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Molly.

    Oona you crazy minx thanks for popping in, you always make me laugh, hope to see your ascot dress soon.

    Karen I love the reasons why I suck ha ha it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and my shoe collection has grown to epic proportions you can never have too many I say. xx

    Thanks Rhonda glad to hear I’m not the only one, thanks for popping in and commenting x

  • haha Kazz, I love the reasons why you suck too – that’s what makes you so awesome :-D I do have to say, Steve REALLY is a good actor – those facial expressions are priceless – he has missed his calling!

  • Kazz:

    Ha Ha heee I know Karen he cracks me up, he is such a natural he enjoyed it a little too much I think , ahhhh so glad we can laugh at ourselves.

  • Kat:

    Dam girl, you’re a crack-up! As always, an amazing creation, a totally gorgeous photo shoot, and a hilarious story! Thanks for the eye-candy outfit (and shoes!) and the smiles. :-)

  • Debi:

    OMG! BEST PHOTOS EVER! Love it!!!! Well if you travel around the world on the winnings…won’t you pop up to Edinburgh and give us a visit!! :) LOVE the dress and hubby’s hat!

  • ally:

    hahahahhahahahhah thanx for the laugh you incredible swanky stylish people xxx

  • Ha ha ha Pirate Eye…See ya’s when you get back from your trip!!!



    We all should give up now, you’ve won the internetz today my friend!


  • Kazz:

    Aw thank you Kat, Ally, Pete and Veronica Darling oxoxoxoxoxo

  • Meg:

    I absolutely adore your photo shoot! I am dazzled by your sheer brilliance :)

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