THE BEST THING EVERI have to introduce you to this little piece of amaze, this is Gingerlee’s Syrian French toast with honey yoghurt labna, orange blossom syrup and pistachio kernels, sandwiched between crusty and buttery French bread. It is the most amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner. Period.
Week In Pictures | 6.11.12Over the weekend I stopped into Tessuti Fabrics  snapping a picture of that iconic sign before making my way upstairs.
Week In Pictures | 6.11.12

and there they were the dreamy wall of black and white fabrics that I so desperately wanted to buy, I wanted them all, perfect for this weeks Sew Weekly- Black & White challenge, I slowly ran my hand over them whispering ‘come home with me‘… I nestled my cheek up against that one there ^ just to the left of the bottom centre roll the zig zaggy one; together we danced happily around the store twisting, turning, swaying we were one, we both knew our love affair wouldn’t last I eventually returned the bolt left the store and never looked back. Unfortunately I can’t stop thinking about it. *sigh*Week In Pictures | Kazzthespazz.comLast week I got to see Swedish hardcore punk band Refused their 1998 album Shape of Punk to Come is up there high on my list of all time favourites; I feel privileged to of seen them play the show sold out in 4minutes and boy they did not disappoint.
Week In Pictures | Kazzthespazz.com
Week In Pictures | Kazzthespazz.com

Dennis was in fine form, killer dance moves and he works that microphone like a first place Yoyo champion. I spent the remainder of my working week listening to Refused and International Noise Conspiracy. So, so good.

Minimarket Ikat Wedges

Whoops!!  you know when you’re doing Ebay christmas shopping and you accidentally get sidetracked? Well these are the result of that. These are Swedish brand Minimarket Ikat Wedges (sold-out) they retail for $395 I paid $40. I liked that I got sidetracked and I especially liked that no one else was bidding. I’m back on track now thank you and my new shoes and I are doing great.

Minimarket Ikat WedgesI’m dreaming up outfits to sew around them, they’re shit hot and fit like a dream.
Minimarket Ikat Wedges K i l l e r  W e d g e s  A t  A  K i l l e r  P r i c e.

S T O K E D.

Have a fabulous weekend readers.



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