We have rules in our household and these rules if broken result in a form of torture you really don’t want to read about here.

The rules are:

1.No Ugg Boots

2.No Scrunchies

3.No Trackie Dacks (tracksuits).

It’s as simple as that. I have educated my family and told them they are never to be brought into the home, we all pinkie promised and life has moved on.

I woke the other night in a pool of sweat totally annoyed with myself that I had dreamt I was wearing a freakin scrunchie in my hair I ordered my hubby to slap me to make sure it was only a dream PHEWWWWWWW. What was my subconscious telling me? Kazzzz yooou neeeeeed a neeeeeew skirrrrrrt. Of course I do, tutt, what was I thinking. So I took my nightmare and put it to good use and came up with ‘the scrunchie skirt’ baaaaaaah. I was really channelling Vivienne however once I made the skirt it reminded me of a scrunchie, damn it. I went a hunting & gathering  and found myself some tartan and off I went. One hour later this was the result……………………..


and this is how simple the process was………….

skirtthen I discovered this cool function on my Nikon and experimented whilst listening to The Drones and thinking Robbie Williams really ought to get back on those drugs that song is god awful.

Let me entertain you…….

scrunchie-layoutjpgI call this look ……. Clown Sheek, jot that one down in your note book Galliano.

If I wear this skirt in the house and nobody mentions it looks like a scrunchie it’s safe to say it’s good to go.



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