For a while now I have been totally obsessed with the work of Hedi Slimane this shy like french lad who is a menswear designer and a raw-ist when it comes to photography among other things just does it for me his collections for Dior Homme are the reason Rock n Roll looks so god damn fine today.

Hedi possess a true mod aesthetic mixed with 1980′s punk/ska, teaming up tight fitting dinner jackets with thin suspenders, checkered shirts, pork pie hats, and lean tailored black pants or skinny jeans. You really only need to look at the coolest British bands of today to see what I’m talkin bout.  Well, not just the British, I just have a big soft spot for them.

The whole look is not at all new it has just been refined in such a sexy, youthful, fresh way that, well, makes me go all ga ga over his images of boys draped in black, tight jeans, brogues and  A-symmetric haircuts .

Thanks to Slimane’s muse Pete Doherty of who he once photographed elegantly wasted and then turned that silhouette into a spring 06 collection for Dior Homme.  So,  Yay for Pete and his dirty drug habit!!! Karl Lagerfeld shed 90 pounds to squeeze his godfather like arse into Hedi’s clothes and hasn’t looked back. 

His photography is largely black and white and captures intimacy at it’s rawest from the youth of today to the rockers of tomorrow. ahhhh not a smile in sight.

anyway I’m in love and what a great way to keep our boys trim and taught so we can encourage them to dress Hedi Slimane-ish.


Have a look at what I’m banging on about

This this and this are my favourite shoots


Music by These New Puritans

I love this shot

I love this shot



So who’s rockin your world at the moment?



6 Responses to “Through the lens of Hedi Slimane.”

  • Missybell:

    Are you sure you’re appying for the right kind of jobs, Kazz? I think you should become a fashion journalist. You’re writing technique is just “banana’s”! You are a talented lil lady. As for Hedi, he definately “shuts it down”. Don’t think I could get Bri into his gear though, not unless he does a Karl Lagerfeld first. xxx

  • Kazz:

    aw thankyou sweetie love you, yeah of course we can get Bri into his gear and he too can ‘shut it down’ hehe

  • ally:

    missybell right… luv ur writing style.. As for Hedi (im sorry but why call ur son hedi?.. u’d have to end up going rok n roll or being beat up with a name like that)
    As u say it isnt a new look… but he has modernised the silhouette… With only boys to dress (upart from moi) i am really starting to enjoy mens fashion.. all 3 of my lil ones are proving to be good barbie dolls…though Ace is starting to refuse certains clothes, which i respect…
    Like u i luv luv fashion.. I luv the creativity ..I luv expressing ,myself through my clothes… and i think the 2 of us have similar influences but which we adapt in our own eclectic wayzzz

    The mod punk/ska influence heidi draws on also draws on my heart strings as it transports me back to a time in the 80s when music and tight black jeans where all u had to worry about….

    but hang on who am i kidding?… i was an insecure messed up teen in the 80s :P ….

    Perhaps i can now enjoy the look from a position of maturity and strong sense of self…
    do u KWIM? fashion is emotion and I am luving the emotion Hedi brings..

    whos rocking my world?? hmmmm honestly been watching proj runway repeats i missed first time round.. rachel zoe (who is our age btw and personally i think she looks older then us) and fashion channel… I am liking bling.. sparkles..and sequins.. wide leg pants and talored tops ..tight black jeans and a tshirt…. long bedhead hair.. pearls, bangles and big fat rings…and i need more shoes xxxx

  • ally:

    ANd BTW… his photography is spectacular…

  • Kazz:

    Thanks for your comment sweetie xoxo …..Yes Hedi is a strange name haha, I loved Rachel Zoe thought it was great, you’re right I think she does look older must be the lack of vitamins or food, you only ever see her with a starbucks. ahhhhh the fashion channel and Project Runway!!!! well I might have to buy the next season Lil E loves it as well. Will you be blogging about your pants you will be making? Hope sew :)

  • ally:

    i have written half a blog on ageing :P gotta finish that one first….. might get w wiggle on i now ;)

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