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I’m still kicking myself over the fact that I wrote scollop instead of scallop on my previous lingerie post. Check out the scollops on those knickers ha! Oh dear! a n y w a y s…this is my gorgeous daughter and lucky for me she also enjoys a splash of colour. As I mentioned the other week she too has Fashion Sewing Fantasies. When I can, I buy her Teen Vogue Magazine she love, loves the fashion editorials, she cuts out all her favourites and pastes them into her fashion scrapbook. She’s had her eye on this picture of Willow Smith and that jumpsuit for some time now and she really wanted to have a go at making her own version with me as the hovering sewing instructor.

Kazzthespazz.com | Whip My Hair Jumpsuit

She’d look the business on the cover of i-D Magazine.

My daughter has exceptional thrifting skills and with those in tow she pounced on this bright coloured fabric and decided she wanted her Willow Jumpsuit made from it. I’m fairly confident the fabric belonged to those tracksuits of the 1980′s. We only had 1.5m of it so we had to design something with a second color so we could get the baggy low crotch thing happening. I self drafted this from her measurements and she got to sewing all the pieces together. We added little funky elements to jazz things up a little: exposed zip, black inserts to the sides of the legs- which point outward, thick piping that runs down the back of those pointy inserts, eyelet tape, wide elastic attached the back of the ankles to taper and fabric covered elastic to cinch in her waist at the back.

Kazzthespazz.com | Whip My Hair Jumpsuit

She absolutely loves it! and I’m so damn proud of her for sticking with it and finishing it! She’s a very patient sewer and we all know that’s a must- she catches on very quickly, at the age of 14 she’s a god damn natural guys, her understanding of pattern pieces and what goes where has improved with each item she sews I mean, how many of us were confused at which way pant pattern pieces sat when we first started to sew? She wants to sew all of her own clothes, I don’t know where she gets that idea from!!

kazzthespazz.com | Whip my Hair Jumpsuit


So of course a little Gif had to be arranged to finish things off in the style of Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair- Video.

Happy Sewing.


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