What I would wear on vacation? that’s this weeks challenge. Well, it would have to be comfortable, preferably an all-you-can eat kinda outfit; the main purpose for going on vacation is to kick-back and forget about time all together, to take in the surroundings, holding a menu of endless food and drink to indulge from. I’d have lots of books to get lost in and there would be no restrictions and that includes clothes. A Day to Night look would be ideal. This weeks dress had started out as a kaftan, I pinned this beauty deciding that this would be my direction for this week, it evolved from there… | Black & White

Here’s a quick drawing I slapped together—for a better understanding of the lines. The two circles you see on my upper arms were an after thought; after trying on the original dress it looked so, blah! It needed something, the armholes turned out to be a good idea it turns out that I can wear the dress a couple of different ways: arms out, arms in, one arm in the other out. So many options. I like options, I’m an options kinda girl. | Black & White

Draping this dress over the dress-form really helped with the construction and coming up with different ideas for how i’d like it to sit. I placed bias binding around the neckline and armholes. Wearing it to the floor did nothing for my body. I purchased a couple of metres of drawstring and placed it under the arm seam down through to the hem so when it’s tightened it pulls up and drapes fabulously. | Black & White

I made an attempt to gather in the fabric just under my bust with a piece of elastic; unfortunately you can’t see it. I also placed a hook and eye onto the elastic to pull up the fabric from the centre to add a bit more definition to the drape. Did I photograph it? No! it slipped my mind. Either way I’m happy with this printed chiffon dress. Black and white! I love black and white and I’m on a drape trip at the moment. I purchased this fab book for some construction ideas so I’m hoping to dive into it very soon. | Black & White | Black & White

In Le Stash I had some thick navy blue velour from my witchy-wearing days; lets call it vintage velour. I cut across the grain in three inch thick strips, this makes the fabric curl under like a tube, love how it does that, I then braided the pieces sewing off the tapered end with a sturdy stitch. I named the scarf The Anaconda—as you do, she’s over 3 metres long incredibly warm and complements the dress and other elements of my handmade wardrobe perfectly.

I’ll name this one ‘View From The Afternoon’- Arctic Monkeys. I loved their first album.
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4 Responses to “The View From The Afternoon Dress”

  • Karen:

    Looks great, Kazz. I imagine it’s really comfortable to wear, which is what I’m all about these days (much to Chris’ despair haha)

  • ally:

    thats my sort of dress these day… ‘the all you can eat’ style.. Love how you add draw strings to your various creations, such a cool idea…

  • Kazz:

    Glad you like the all-you-can-eat dress LOL! I like how she drapes with the drawstring.

  • ally:

    hahaha .. about to sit down and make myself a drapy all you can eat tonight, things on this weekend and totally exploding out of my wardrobe.. but yes drawstrings add just enough interest to the drap..

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