It has been as hectic as a Screaming Jay Hawkins song around here of late and I think I may just be back on track. Phew! This post is a tad late, sometimes life just gets in the way, you’re having such a good time that before you know it the week has flown by and you’re back to the beginning again.

 So lets just imagine for a minute you and I meet up for coffee and cake in this quaint  little cafe in town where they play The Dirty Three on heavy rotation, the walls are filled with books and obscure paintings we choose to sit on the bouncy vintage cinema chairs underneath the hanging porcelain tea cups next to the sun filled window, you order a flat white and I order a soy latte— you look absolutely fabulous by the way —admiring your shoes of course,  you swing a compliment back my way that is filled with surprise ‘Kazz you’re wearing colour COLOUR! how did this happen? you look great!’ we have a girly giggle, sip slowly on our perfectly made coffee’s and I proceed to tell you how this all come about…


Sew Weekly’s challenge this week is to put together a palette of colours that you can sew around, in my case a Spring Palette, once I started researching I fell in love with this website then it all just kinda made sense it really is the perfect way to pre-plan your wardrobe from season to season. I think I’ll use this method in the future.

MoodBoardHere is my Mood Board selected from some of my favourite Pinterest pins. Pinning gets somewhat addictive don’t you think?

yummy shoes

Now let me first tell you about these fabulous wedges that my hubby brought home for me, I know right isn’t he the most amazing man EVER!!?? He first noticed I fell in love with them when he turned around mid conversation to find my face and hands squished tight up against the glass of the shop window like a bug on a windscreen, he carefully peeled my face and hands slowly from the glass and sat me down with a glass of water and a brown paper bag instructing me to just; breathe. This colour becomes the basis of my Spring Palette which makes sense really why buy shoes that don’t suit any other part of your wardrobe? So let the sewing begin…

Fabric Palette

This is my fabric palette of choice it’s half store bought and half thrifted they are all cottons, some with a slight stretch some not. They’re lovely and Spring-like don’t you think?


I spent my Friday night cutting out these two patterns; b to the b o r i n g so I indulged in the Savage Love podcast to help entertain the process, fun. I decided to use the pants from 2315 and the blouse and skirt from 2154 both extremely easy patterns which made for a day of quick sewing amongst cleaning and kiddie party drop off’s on the Saturday. So here are the results from my efforts, please excuse my hair I am unsure whether to let it grow or chop it off, I always get to this length and get all agitated with it.

 Sewing my spring palette

Sewing my spring palette
Sewing my spring palette
Sewing my spring palette
Sewing my spring palette

Sewing my spring palette

I feel a tad conservative, I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the colour and the silhouette I’ve decided on, I don’t know, it’s a new way of doing things for me, Spring has sprung and so has my wardrobe, Lucky me.

Next weeks challenge is ‘Pink’ so I’ll be sewing with my Spring Palette in mind so I can continue to wear these fabulous shoes. Did I mentioned I scuffed them? (they’re suede) I was prancing around the house in them, somewhat reminiscent of Maria from The Sound of Music, I fell back onto my bed and flung my feet up in the air to admire them, like you do. SCUFFADUCK I immediately collapsed into a yoga pose to calm myself down.

So what about you? how do you decide what you are going to wear from season to season?

Happy sewing.


25 Responses to “The Spring has Sprung Ensemble”

  • Kat:

    Love love love! Kazz, lady, you always do the challenges so proud. :-)

    I can totally see why you’ve planned your palette around those shoes – they are fab-u-lous! And they frame your tatts so nicely. Clearly, they were always meant to be yours.

  • Esz:

    THE SHOES!! OMG!!! LOVE them woooow. They are perfect for summer aren’t they :-D
    There’s some great bright shoes in the shops at the moment – I’ve been eyeing off a gnarly orange pair at Zomp. I can’t really wear orange though – so maybe the electric blue ones???

    *imagine getting both pairs and then wearing one from each colour!!!!*
    That’s pretty mental isn’t it? ;-P

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Kat, I love the shoes too, I cant stop staring at them.

  • Kazz:

    Oh Esz they’re perfecto, Get both Esz and sew your way around them :P

  • Love the Pussy Bow! What a great pattern, will have to see if I have one in the stash and the yellow floral is great on you. Lovely Moodboard too – addicted to Pininterst – what a great too. No sewing for me this weekend, just mending and cleaning out the room (guests on next weekend) might be a late entry if i get lots done tonight.

  • I love the blue trousers, with the yellow mustard shirt the best! But WOW, how many garments can you make in a week?! Go Kazz!


  • sylvi pell:

    Loved it ALL Kazza I’ve been sitting doing a reply on this, I sent it. it went. but. not on this page so hopefully when I look it’s on FB.. Loved reading all about yr weekly sew your so entertaining how you write it. I love it… Love’in the colours. Love’in the hair. & shoes look great… keep on sew’in darlin & keeping us entertained I look forward to it.. Love you ALL MUCHLY.. Big hugs to ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • This is so awesome, of course start with your shoe (lovely, lovely)! You had a blast of a fine weekend, what a sewing storm, the result is yummy good…oh and your palette, complete happiness! Yes that Pinterest, a good addiction!

  • Wow..Awesome. This is really inspiring.

  • Jill:

    I, too, adore all these looks! I don’t think you look one bit conservative, because you have such a keen eye for styling. It’s kind of a modern retro look with a little rocker thrown in there-exactly what I try (but hardly succeed :) at as well.
    Taking style tips from you now, thank you very much.

    Oh, and those shoes, ahhhhh. Too.die.for.

  • ally:

    hahahahaha… i think you are getting funnier!! Still got the visual of you being scrapped off the window.. and I am with Veronica.. u are a sewing demon. My spring collection is starting off based around shoes too (is there a better way?).. no where near such a gorgeous colour as your babies though, so it frees up the colour palette for clothing somewhat. I was as actually perusing a lil sewing tutorial called ‘the back for seconds dress” ;) today..visualising darling visualising, its where it all begins. I am still in the pre season ‘i hate my friggen wardrobe stage’ but i have some fabric selected to get going real soon will let u know when i finish (wont be in a weekend can tell you that right now) and pintrest?? yep another time zapper, like i *need* one.. any way Love Love xx

  • misse.bell:

    You’ve whipped up a total spring wardrope for yourself there! I love those new shoes, sweetie!! Hey, I can see a hint of your newest ink too! Loves it!!!!!

  • missEbell:

    I love those shoes sweetie! You really know how to work an outfit round a fab accessory. Got your entire spring wardrope done now! Clever girl. I can see a hint of your latest ink too….looks fantastic!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Trish, I love the pussy bow too. Have fun on the weekend with your guests, hopefully see your lovely creations next week.

  • Kazz:

    I like that one too Veronica Darling, it’s amazing how much you can get done when the kids are at parties and hubbies watching the footy. xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv I shall continue because you want me too he he. xxoo

  • Kazz:

    A sewing storm indeed Cathe, they don’t come along too often so I took advantage thanks for popping in.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Jill that is very sweet of you to say so :P

  • Kazz:

    Ally OMG I want to see it!! Visualise:: Cut:: Sew:: Wear:: Photo:: Send to Kazz receive awesome compliment :: repeat … you go girl xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo hello thank you MissEbell I’m not finished yet, these outfits would be great for work. Working on some lovely dresses to spruce up my weekends. xxoo

  • Crystal:

    Wow, wow, wow – beautiful pieces that all go so well with each other and your amazing shoes! I can’t believe how much sewing you got done. I like the touch of conservatism on you, but don’t worry, the rest of your look/accessories are so modern it makes a nice balance. I am glad to see those pants made up – I have the pattern and am now tempted, and I jotted down the pattern number to the blouse to pick up at the next pattern sale. This is an example of why it is such a good idea to make multiples from the same pattern – you can get so much done!

  • Crystal:

    Wow – so many pretty pieces to mix and match. This is a good example why it is a great idea to make multiples from the same pattern – you can get so much sewing done! I need to get the pattern for the blouse at the next simplicity sale. I love the touch of conservatism on you. But not to worry, the rest of your look and accessories are so modern that I think it creates a nice balance.

  • Crystal:

    Sorry about the repeat comments…computer did something funny and I thought I had to retype. Oh, well. Now you know twice that I love the looks you created here.

  • I know I’m late but wanted to drop by and say how much I love the palette you chose. And those shoes are absolutely divine (what a smart guy is Steve). You should wear more colour, it really suits you. Well done, again! xx

  • Hey I have just found your blog. Your sewing is amazing. So are those shoes!!! You say you fell in love with them (who wouldn’t??) but where did you get them???? I looovvvee them! I think your rectangle dress is amazing too and may have to make one for someone – not me as that style doesn’t suit me!
    Very nice blog and great photos.

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