The rocky ground dress

I’m rather proud of this garment, she was built for the Embellish Challenge over at Sew Weekly, you can read about the construction over there as a featured spotlight for this week; I’m seriously overwhelmed with all of the wonderful, positive comments posted. I’d like to keep this post light on the old text and just let the pictures do the talking. Oh! and did you see my Boots of Awesome DIY post?. | Embellished | Embellished | Embellished | Embellished

kazzthespazz_embellished5 | Embellished

thanks for looking.

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8 Responses to “The Rocky Ground Dress”

  • sylvi pell:

    Woweeee Kazza strikes again… your just so dam creative Kazza…… Love it.. really suits you.. I do look forward to seeing ALL your creations darlin… So proud of you… remember years ago.. you used to hate me looking at your sewing.. Well.. tables have changed :) it’s now me that would hide mine away from you .. you’ve well over took me darlin.. enjoy yr wkend all of you.. Love you ALL xxxxxxxx

  • Karen Scott:

    So creative, Kazz! You’ve an amazing job on this outfit and you look superb. Keep ‘em coming :-)

  • Ally:

    Great embellishment. U really are rocking the African/ethnic Vibe. Next perhaps neck rings?

  • Bri:

    Wow your dress is amazing, what gorgeous embellishments, I don’t think I can say enough!

  • This is absolutely amazing! Well done!

  • A very creative, unique dress. I love it!!

  • I always look forward to your creations on the Sew Weekly, but this has to be my absolute favorite. It’s absolutely magical, straight out of the fantasy land that I want to go inhabit!

    You’re an inspiration :)

  • Kazz:

    Isn’t it a gem Otter? I have it hanging so I can admire it daily when I’m not wearing it, is that strange?? haha

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