Kazzthespazz |The Rise to the Sun Ensemble

Ooh I have named this handmade outfit after one of Alabama Shakes songs, have you heard the album yet? Please say you like it. I’ve been going on and on about it so this is the last you’ll hear about it here, obsessive huh? This weeks theme over at Sew weekly was based around nature [spotlight position too].

Kazzthespazz |The Rise to the Sun Ensemble

My outfit for this week kinda went pear shaped I was so unhappy with the jacket I was making, I got all the way to inserting the sleeves took a step back, and declared it hideous. The construction was working out fine I took it slow being satin and all but that’s where the problem lay, it was satin, and it shone like a beacon; I swear the fabric looked different when I purchased it, anyway it just wasn’t working out so onto step 2 getting the pants finished, Vogue 8738 the same pattern I used for the On-Trend challenge and to start thinking about replacing the top half. Back to Spotlight I go. Not all hope was lost.

Kazzthespazz | >The Rise To The Sun Ensemble

I purchased some more of this low-sheen animal print satin and whipped up a kimono, I love the proportions of this outfit, the drape and the tapering around the ankles. I was going for something like this.

Kazzthespazz |The Rise to the Sun Ensemble

I also had big plans to take you to my favourite sanctuary but Hubby (Mr Snaparazzi) was called out to work so these photos were shot in my overgrown fernery running down the side of our house. Just me and my tripod smiling at!? god knows what. Ha! the things you do huh?. I love how it turned out, love the print and as I said the proportions.

Kazzthespazz | >The Rise To The Sun Ensemble

So what are you working on at the moment? Do you post it to Instagram too? What’s your username? Mines Kazzthespazz shall we follow one another? I think that would be super fun. Happy Sewing and I hope to have your gorgeous face here next week. In the meantime take a wee look at this super lovely little Sydney band-Ginger and the Ghost, I think I’ve contributed big time to the view count on YouTube. LOVE this song and video.

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9 Responses to “The Rise to the Sun Ensemble.”

  • Tara:

    Love your wardrobe stylings, as usual :) … but, man, I LOVE this Ginger & the Ghost song and video! I love the textures they’re using and just the whole style of the vid. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  • sylvi pell:

    Love it Kazza…. you sorted it out as only YOU could.. I reallyyyy love it… REALLY… I went material shopping last week in Spotlight… tried to take you in head for help.. I find it so hard to pick fabric… hopefully it all works out well when I make a start.. Micky’s buying me a new 4 thread Overlocker as I broke the loop on mine :( had it for ages so Micky said time for a new one instead of getting it repaired… anyway.. I will keep you posted… Love Edie’s blog too.. I got in such a pickle trying to post on it… not sure if it went on there or not… :( Happy Sewing to you BOTH.. Enjoy Yr WKend all of you.. Loads of love xxxxxx

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Tara. Isnt the clip great? Yes, yes, the textures the colours the styling, the song, LOVE!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv, hope it all goes well, I’m sure it will especially with a new serger, lucky gal! I’ll have to sort out a new commenting system for her blog sorry you found it hard to comment. Blogger is a pain in the arse I think. Thanks so much for your awesome support, have a great weekend. xxoo

  • Well, you might not have been feeling it early on in the creation, but it turned out AWESOME!! Love the black and white animal vibe happening here, and the jungle-y photo shoot is uber-awesome! I LOVE it!

  • Since I am using a ‘vintage’ phone I am yet to join Instagram. Not sue if I am able to stalk, ummm, look at your photos.

  • Meg:

    LOVE the black and white prints! You look like a complete and total rock star – and I love that this wonderful setting was right next to your house! it works perfectly :) Fabulous work, my friend!

  • Ally:

    Oh she just looks super comfy. Loving the relaxed vibe in so many of your creations lately… Does that mean we are due for a architectural asymmetrical number soon? *strokes chin while pondering. Xx

  • Kazz:

    Who know’s Ally, I do love those numbers too, I’ve been looking at a lot of Ann Demeulemeester because she’s all about ‘the architectural’. This is super comfy, perfect for lounging but when do I ever do that! :)

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