Ah the month of May has been a tremendously impressive month full of discovery, cooking, eating, listening, watching and celebrating. Life is all about having fun and lets not waste another minute pondering or wondering or sitting inside our houses watching TV all day. To stay home all weekend then to go to work on a Monday without getting out into Melbourne’s—four seasons in one day kinda weather is just a damn shame I say!

Here is yet another list of stuffs I’ve been loving. Who else loves lists? I love lists. Write a list tell me how much you love writing them then blog or tweet it, I love a list YEP lissssstttttssss I love.

1. Slow Cooking has been a godsend for us of late, throwing in a leg of lamb perched on seasoned jacket potatoes early morning and by the time we arrive home from work the house smells like my Nans Sunday afternoon roast  jaunts to Blakehurst  (sorry vegetarians I bet this makes you want to barf into your tofu). This Sally Wise Slow Cooking Book is fab she’s not at all asking you to go out and buy all these different herbs spices and sauces she keeps it basic but not bland basic yummy basic. Slow cooking is the best winter cooking routine for us and there are no complaints either.

2. My little family have gotten into a routine where every weekend we go out and find a new cafe to tantalize our taste buds in and there is certainly no shortage of choice in Melbourne’s cafe culture —Australia’s food capital among other things. I love to have a window seat so I can people watch and Fitzroy’s Django Django is one of my favourites they do the best all day breakfasts.

3. Mui Mui I’m smitten with this seasons prints I love the birds the naked lady prints everything it’s a gorgeous collection, out of my budget of course but hey we can all dream, maybe Spotlights design team could whip up their own take on these prints so us diy-ers can get to work.

4. I’m not really up with movies I find it to be a time waster unless I have a special interest in the topic or if Meryl Streeps in it. I loved Julie and Julia I particularly loved that both women chose to set themselves challenges and surfaced as winners in the end I love that stuff as much as I loved seeing Jessica Watson sail into Sydney Harbour in her beaming pink vessel, yep I had a proud lump of pride for Jessica in my throat and said to my kiddies “see anything is possible” I love a  challenge tied up in a positive message. You Can Do It!

5. I haven’t drank coffee for two years simple because I’m lactose intolerant and I don’t do coffee without milk and who drinks coffee with soy ewww. I had read on Gemma’s blog about this little coffee house on 359 Little Bourke Street Brother Baba Budan and thought ,the next time I’m in Melbourne City shopping I’ll break the drought and try the specialist coffee, I wasn’t disappointed what a superb drip, yep milk and all, I had a lactose attack not long after but it was so worth it.

6. Sex and the City 2 Yep! I loved all six seasons and the movie that followed was everything us SATC fans wanted, I loved this show simple because of the friendships the fashion and the topics. This time around will be extra special as my bestie will be spending the weekend in Melbourne town with me celebrating her birthday YAY!!!…Movies, dinner, drinks, hotel, shopping. A stylish weekend SATC style. You betcha!!

7. The Inbetweeners, my new favourite English comedy nobody does comedy better than the English. The Inbetweeners is based on four teen angsty boys and their journey through six form they’re neither nerdy or popular they’re are somewhere inbetween. A dead funny depiction of boys and their thought processes Jay is my personal favourite he has the best one liners very crass and disgusting you can’t help but to laugh.

8. Siouxsie Sioux a legend in my eyes. Bertie Blackmans rendition of peekaboo is fantastic. When I grow up I want to be just like Siouxsie Sioux but you’ll never catch me in a Pam Hogg star trek leotard. Just putting it out there.

9. I love eccentric older ladies and Iris Apfel is no exception. Here’s a great article on the rare bird of fashion, the 88 year old geriatric starlet so to speak. Doing your own things is a good thing to do if you have a thing to do—Iris Apfel.

10. The Melbourne Book- A History of now. I love everything about Melbourne the culture the architecture the cafe culture the food the shopping, the hidden laneways the graffiti sprawled walls the friendly people it’s in no way pretentious and every person I have met is sincerely passionate about their hometown and for the first time in my life I feel like I’m part of a huge family that is Melbourne. I’m proud to call her home.

11. On the turntable at the moment is LCD Soundsystem’s This is Happening. I’m loving this album hard. Dance, punk at it’s best it’s freakin good. I’ve also been listening to the Foals newbie Total Life Forever I loved Antidotes so naturally I was curious to hear their follow up and thank you its a winner. I purchased my first Rolling Stones album the other day Exile on Main Street I love the 60′s nostalgia attached to this album I wished I was Anita Pallenberg in Keiths huge mansion in France but without all the drug drama, but hey it was the 60′s it was rock’n’roll.

12. I love Tegan and Sara, So Jealous = so good and every album since has been amazing for my ears so I felt it my duty to buy a ticket and make a quick trip into the city to the gorgeous Forum to see the girls do their thang. AMAZING!! laid back show nothing fancy the crowd was mainly large groups of ladylovingladies gazing into one another’s eyes, too cute! when ‘ back in your heart’ was played the two LLL’s in front of me launched into a full-on pash with bits of saliva stringing from their lips as they slowly separated! yeah that’s an exaggeration but it wasn’t far off it. Harvey Milk would of been proud, I was proud to be in the company of every ladylovinglady because we all had something in common, Tegan& Sara! The girls didn’t disappoint the show was magic.

13. My soulmate and I have been married for 17years which is really a feat in itself, the majority of our childrens friends folks have split and our love/ friendship still remains as strong as it was 20 odd years ago it’s outlasted everything, I really cant tell you why, it’s just been that way for so long, he is the only person on this planet who really know’s me, the good and the bad bits. Love you babe. Happy Anniversary.

This time last year.


4 Responses to “The month of May”

  • ally:

    LOVE your lists sweets… keep them coming ;) such fun

    MuiMui.. makes u wanna cry it is such a fabulous line.

    Must say I do realise that I am probably one of the only X gen women who isnt into SITC… I have tried, oh honee I have tried..so many of my girly friends love it… and it seems to be on eternal repeat on foxtel, (that and Seinfeld)… but have a FABuLOUs time watching the movie and having some girly time fun fun … for me I will just stick with Pats and Eddie as my TV fashion divas ;)

    I bought the “Rare Bird of Fashion’ book off amazon 30% off even… DeVINE… have you seen it/own it?? think sophisticated Juice…

    we love the old crock pot around here too…. just dont do spag bog.. taste like boiled mince meat :/

    AND u 2 lovebirds..CONGRATS …luvs YAs

    And when I come down there I will drag you out to some swanky cafe for a Soy Latte, perhaps even in that leotard?? … xxxxx

  • Kazz:

    I know SATC isn’t for everybody, I remember my mum absolutely loving Dallas and Dynasty and I couldn’t understand all the palaver about that show

    I’m with you on ABFAB I have every episode on video haha the funniest show eeeeever I could watch them over and over and over and never get bored.

    I haven’t yet bought her book it’s a little pricey but it’s on the wishlist.
    I’ve done spag bowl it was a little too sloppy for my liking but tasted great.

    It’s a deal, can I wear a trench? hehe

    thanks Ally for your comments always. xxxxx

  • ally:

    Did u realize that when i criticed (is that a word?) ‘Rare Bird Of Fashion’ was sophisticated Juice… i actually meant *Fruits*. duh.. i think i may have been on a lil too much juice lately … Sooo is ur mum enjoying the shoulder pad revival? or perhaps like my MIL, she never left it…

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