This week has been a real treat —sewing wise, I was asked to be a main contributor over at Sew weekly. Guess what the theme is? Record Covers! I know right how rad is that. Anyone who know’s me personally knows that I am very passionate about music a bit of an evangelist really, I have calmed down though only because people just don’t seem to share the same excitement or don’t bother listening to new music altogether.

I had so much choice flicking through this fantastic book and my own personal collection, I quickly realised how many record covers are from the waist up and half naked, arrr. I dwindled my choice down to The Cramps- Smell of Female, quickly knocking that on the head, who-am-I -kidding(!?) Just the name alone may of put people off and me in a red sequins body suit would of put a virus on your computer. I contemplated Bjorks Post album where she is dressed as an envelope, meh! not very exciting. I ended up settling on ‘The Likes’ debut album Release Me.  I love the styling in this video. The dresses, hair, makeup, that whole 60′s feel. The albums not bad either, lots of hip swinging girly fun. You can view my post on Mena’s Sew Weekly blog here.. I also answered a couple of questions here. While you’re there check out the other contributors, they are so clever, it was such a fun challenge.

The like montage

The Like-Release me (Viking Remix)

So this is the cover I chose and if you read my Sew Weekly post you can find out more on the Glastonbury gig we did. He he.

The Like Dress2

The Like-Release me_me

I think I fit in quite well hey?!

Just having fun over at Sew Weekly

My hubby was horrified that I used the kids drum kit and not his and asked where the snare drum was?…perfectionist!

Just having fun over at Sew WeeklyYou should see the rust on these strings, my god I haven’t thrown that strap over my head in years. I belted out Red Chilli Peppers-Higher Ground then packed her back in her case. Goodnight.

What record cover would you choose?


5 Responses to “The Like | Release Me Dress”

  • ally:

    love the dress! ….. and i want that album cover with you on it…pissed myself

  • Debi:

    Had to comment over here as well! LOVED the dress! Such a fantastic inspiration and the photos are stellar! You rock!!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally, ha ha It was funny doing it.
    Thank you Debi, and thank you for picking me to fill in for you, I really enjoyed myself.

  • Well DOne Kaz…

    I still boil my strings…hmmm the smell of boiling vinegar and strings…

  • sylvi pell:

    Brilliant Kazza… well done darlin… your just so Talented & deserve this sooo much.. Very Happy & Proud for you darlin.. Much Love & Hugs from us both.. xxxxxxxxxx

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