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Above are the staple elements that made up my F.Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ outfit  which is the flavour of this weeks Sew Weekly challenge. I was looking at dresses from the 1920′s and the silhouette seemed relatively simple somewhat boxy with a drop waist so I thought why spend money on a pattern,  I went with the boxy and to be honest—as I’ve found out me and boxy don’t go together too well, hell I’m already slightly boxy why put another box inside another right? that aside I was really pleased with how the dress turned out and felt really confident when I slipped into it until I spied photos arr I looked like I gained 10 pounds and you know those knickers that you pull up to your eye balls to help suck in the mum’s bumps? Spanks! I think in this case they added to the problem a bit like squeezing a slightly deflated balloon in the middle and watching where the left overs sit, I mean really it either pushes your bits up or down it never holds it all in. Do you like the fabric? I do, it’s a not too stretchy lace and I chose this because of the faux fur stole I made a year ago, I think the styling meshed together rather well and screamed 1920′s. I’d like it better if it didn’t glue it’s self to my mums bumps. Ah well you win some you lose some.

Handmade 1920's dress

I cut the bottom into scollops using a good ol fashion saucer from my cupboard —rad dressmaking tool! I then sewed the pieces in on the bias hoping for it to hang nicely, I expected it to hang better but there really wasn’t enough weight in the fabric to do so—obviously. I chose to roll hem everything for a lovely finish. The red braid that appears on the V-neck and the bottom I’ve had in my stash for years and finally found a place for it. I love it when that happens I don’t feel like such a hoarder then.

Off to meet the utterly fabulous and very talented Veronica Darling for The Great Gatsby meet-up.
Cocktail loveliness

We met up at the very fabulous Madame Brussels in town. The venue was gorgeous, very quirky, the interior and the staff who were dressed in tennis outfits. We loooooved it and the Melbourne weather was pleasant enough for us to reveal our shoulders. You wait till you see Veronica Darlings sleeves on her magnificent gown. OMG.

I sat on this cocktail for two hours and licked the sides of the glass when I finished. Do you do that too?

view Madame Brussels
Cocktail loveliness

hightea society madame brusselsSource



See, will you look at her gown! she made it from a bed cover using three different patterns and it is as gorgeous in real life as she is. She’s a clever gal this one.


Here we are being snapped up by the paparazzi. Kazz over here! Veronica are you ready for your close up? Oh we were the talk of the town darling.


I loved meeting Veronica Darling and hopefully one day we can meet up again and talk more on fabric and patterns and notions and stuffs. Veronica’s post is up on Sew Weekly where you can view and read all about her wonderful gown.

We’re off to the Melbourne Tattoo Expo this weekend to visit our long time and super  talented friend Ash , I might just have to come back with a newbie. Yay!!

Happy Sewing lovelies.


14 Responses to “The Larger than Life Great Gatsby Dress.”

  • treesinnz:

    I think you look amazing – like a punk rock version of the great gadsby! Looks like a great venue too – I love Melbourne, I’m visiting next week and can’t wait. One day I will live there!!

  • ally:

    I loved the book and I particularly love you faux fur stole…. ahhh the joys of spanx you summed it up well.. and i Love Veronics gorgeous gown, what a great colour… the two of you look specTACular together.. the talk of the town indeedy .. say hi to Ash for me xx

  • Aimee:

    Love the whole outfit. I think it came out elegant and modern. You got to meet Veronica Darling! How cool! I love her dresses too. The both of you are so inspiring with your style and sewing skill.

  • Meg:

    Darling, your outfit is positively amazing. Love the sheer dress and all of your fabulous accessories!!! You look stunning in red, by the way!!

  • Esz:

    Major love for both your outfits! I dont think you look bad in it at all!!
    I must dig up that post of yours (if there is one) on the fur capelet cos I want one myself now! They can’t be hard to make right?

  • Kazz:

    Thanks heaps Esz, I don’t have a post on the fur capelet, it was a guess and cut ha ha. No they’re not hard at all maybe cut the shape into some scrap fabric first to see how she fits, this type of faux fur is expensive. Goodluck

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Meg, I love red. I’m looking forward to the Spring palette challenge so I can mix it up a bit. Thank you for popping in xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Aimee. I sure did she’s a total babe thanks for popping in and saying so :)

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally, I love the stole/capelet too. You could so make one… Ash says hi xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Aw thank you Teresa, that’s a lovely comment. Melbourne is what I call the inside city, she’s not much to look at when you’re flying in, and it’s not until you are wandering through the laneways and drinking coffee in the fabulous cafe’s here that you experience the magic. You’ll love it.

  • OMG you just bowl me over with your awesomeness! The whole styling thing you do is just magnificent. Just when I think “oh wow, now that’s the winner”, you pull another even better one out of your hat. By the way, that photo of you sipping your cocktail is so glamourous, it looks like it is straight out of a magazine!

  • sylvi pell:

    I’m all back to front today Kazza.. looked at the latter one 1st.. silly me. Love the red dress etc. looks like you had fun with Veronica love her dress too.. I hope the early post came up that I wrote I seem to of lost it :( silly me. I really enjoyed reading both Blogs you do it so Good Darling :) Have a great week all of you. Love you ALL very muchly. big hugs xxxxx <3

  • missEbell:

    Looks like you had a great Great Gatsby day! You look stunning, as usual. Another “‘one of a kind” creation. I love the red! And what was that cocktail called? I could try a few of those thanks.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv love love ooxx

    I cant remember the name of the cocktail it was yummy too expensive though. thanks for popping in sweetie xxoo

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