I joined the abstract expressionist movement and hung out with Jackson Pollock aka Jack the Dripper for the afternoon, after having a few beverages he finally paid me a compliment on my unique painting technique and said my work looked remarkably like his, pffft is he suggesting I stole his idea?  jezz what a complete pollock.

If you are new around these parts let me fill you in… I get down and dirty on my Janome (no pun intended) and do these crazy challenges over at Sew Weekly not because I have a lot of time on my hands—that I certainly do not , I’m basically bursting with ideas and need to put them somewhere and sitting in front of the box is not an option for me, this is way more fun. You know what’s not fun? the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers song it’s kinda crappola.

That’s my crappola face up there. Anyway, I made this little playsuit from white broadcloth, but before I decided it was photo-worthy I did a bit of research on crotches— oh hush now I’m trying to be serious here… did you know you can sew a frowning crotch, a smiling crotch, a tight horizontal crotch and god know’s whatever else crotch? none of which you want to sew, the perfect crotch is definitely all in the cut, I’m perfectly happy with this perfectly cut crotch and I didn’t use a pattern either. So the moral to this story is get to know your crotch.

Back to Pollock. After Mr Pollock got over the insane idea that I had stolen his painting technique he did however suggest that I pop around to his house and show him my unique painting technique. So that I did,  you can view some of his work here he’s done okay don’t you think? he still has a long way to go though, practice makes perfect. Have a go at this.

Well that’s it for me this week, we are kid free so hubby and I are out on the town tonight eating gorgeous food, drinking fabulous wine and seeing some live music, he’s just come home from winning the 2011 Ringwood Golf Club Match Play Championship woohoo!!! so we have some celebrating to do. I’m anticipating a perfect night and hopefully tomorrow’s  Sew Weekly’s Melbs Great Gatsby meet up goes ahead and that will make for a perfect weekend. Hoorah! Happy Days

Happy Sewing you gorgeous thing you.



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  • sylvi pell:

    Great Kazza as ALWAYS again…….. I’m still on a high from Stevie winning his golf Club Champ… he deserves it sooo much… were so proud of him.. hope your enjoying yr nite out darlins….. we’ve just got home from going to the Club for Drinky’s & Meal,.. who should be there but Bri & Co.. had lovely couple of hours with them all .. then had our meal… all ready for nice relaxo now … Zzzzzz ‘s .. :) enjoy yr wkend All…….. talk soon… big hugs ALL round xxxxx <3 <3

  • Such an AWESOME playsuit! Did you dye it then splatter with paint?

  • ” So the moral to this story is get to know your crotch.”

    i freaking love you.

    you rocked it as always. and that SITE is AWESOME. i yelped when paint started coming out of my mouse!

  • Thanks for this post! Living in happiness and corrected crotches, I will submit to! Have a fantastic weekend! Oh love your Jackson Romp!

  • Love it, love the suit, love the idea, love the writing, love your imagination, love it all!

  • This is fab, as are you! I love reading your colorful (no pun intended) posts and seeing the amazingly creative things you make. I am like you and can’t sit in front of the box! There is too much to do in life and far too little time! Keep being awesome!

  • Meg:

    ROCK. STAR! Your sense of fun and adventure carries through in your clothes and writing – and never fails to brighten my day :)

  • Kazz:

    Oh Meg that is such a lovely comment thank you thank you thank you.

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