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This week we are sewing to the beat of our cities. Mine being Melbourne; and this fabric came to mind, it’s so literal it’s not funny but I’m sure you won’t mind either way. I picked this fabric up from ikea sometime ago and it’s been hanging out with all the other fabrics patiently waiting it’s turn.


Here are some lovely shots I’ve taken over time of Melbourne’s Yarra River, this one was shot on my iphone at dusk sometime ago, Melbourne’s Yarra River really does look gorgeous at night with all the city lights reflecting off her surface. We often take strolls along the Promenade stopping for a bite to eat. Along the way you’ll find various kinds of free entertainment as well as the Crown Casino. You cross over the Yarra on the footbridge further along and wander up back towards Flinders Station. It really is a romantic walk, I particularly like it best in Winter.

the bolte bridge_small

Here we are on the Yarra further along just past the Bolte Bridge, Port Melbourne looking back at this gorgeous city on a most excellent day. Melbourne is what I call an ‘inside city’ on landing she’s not as spectacular as Sydney with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House but boy is she a hive of entertainment within the hidden laneways. The art, the food, the cafes and the shopping are up there with the best in the world. We moved here from Sydney three years ago. I love LOVE love my Melbourne.


So onto the jacket and skirt; I felt it was best I draw a diagram to explain the construction of this outfit. First off, I was channeling Vivienne Westwood for this challenge as you can imagine I’m a huge fan. The skirt, especially being plaid and all and the jacket?! I really wanted to add an element of surprise too, I wanted it to look and sit a little different and I think I may of achieved that. You know the feeling when you slip your arms into the sleeves and pop the jacket up onto your shoulders, button up and adjust yourself wander on over to your mirror size yourself up and down and let out a yessssss!!?? that’s kinda what happened when I put this on. | City

I’m not sure the photos do much justice to the cut of this jacket. Where the exaggerated pattern piece folds over I have hidden buttons travelling diagonally along the fold so it sits neat and flat, I have placed a loop on the end attaching a strap long enough for it to travel around my waist twice and another loop on my right side of my waist with a strap attached to tie up. The jacket is fully lined in black broderie anglaise left over from the ‘Otherside Of The Game Jacket‘. I particularly love the pleats that have been stitched into place halfway along allowing the remainder of the pleats to fan out. I  played around with the exaggerated pattern piece and found a second way to wear the jacket; placing another carrier on my right shoulder for the strap to travel through which gives the jacket a cowl drape across the front. It’s quite versatile. I just wished I’d taken the time to photograph her better. When you have a little lad busting for a wee and the other one reminding you how hungry she is your time is limited. | City

The skirt is of course a square—you know how I love my squares!? Once the buttons and darts were in place I stepped into it and began pinning pleats into odd positions kind of moulding the skirt to my shape along the way. It really was a visual exercise in front of the mirror with a stack of pins in between my teeth. I wonder if Vivienne works like this! | City

I think this works, I think the jacket works in proportion to the skirt, what do you think? | City

Wouldn’t it be nice if you looked up and saw yourself walking past yourself then you could really be a true judge of your efforts, does that sound weird?Pointing out the obvious, the jacket can be teamed with jeans and the skirt can be teamed with other jackets or even a t-shirt, I like that about separates. I like versatility, I guess that’s why we packed up our little family and moved to Melbourne, she’s simply bursting with variety.

Hot in the City- Billy Idol? I’ll go with that.

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