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Do you like this neck piece? I love it! it’s my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment. I’m going to make one and you can too. | handmade neck piece

I’m sure you can fashion a pattern from paper to get the shape you require, just be sure to add allowance and to cut along the grain. A good sturdy cotton will suffice and the heaviest of interfacing will work a treat. | handmade neck piece

You will need a stack of buttons, you can buy a 250g bag of mixed buttons from Spotlight for $8.99. You will need your Top 10 Albums of 2011, 2010 and 2009 that’s how long it will take to make this quirky fun neck piece and more. | handmade neck piece

Sift through your buttons matching up pairs, start from the centre and arrange a pattern mirroring the buttons like you see above, I would use the bigger buttons in the middle and work my way out to the smaller more daintier ones. | handmade neck piece

Now that you have a little design happening pick up the other piece of fabric and start sewing on your buttons using your layout on your other piece as a guide. | handmade neck piece

 The good thing about Boxing Day is that the kidlets are all wrapped up in their new presents, playing video games, Lego and reading GaGa books that they really don’t mind if you slip away and get lost amongst buttons and music. | handmade neck piece

So the idea here is to layer the buttons so you can’t see the fabric, it’s relatively jam packed in there. | handmade neck piece

Now we need to sew the tabs of elastic with rings to the front piece. | handmade neck piece

Next we need to sew the back to the front turning right sides together, machine around leaving a large enough gap to pull it right way around. Grab your needle and thread and hand stitch the opening close, there may still be fabric showing so hand sew your way around pushing the seam inward flush to the edge of the buttons. | handmade neck piece

You can buy beads to trim the edges with but I thought it would be cheaper and easier to nip down to my favourite op-shop and thrift me some 50c wooden kelly green beads. Score! | handmade neck piece

Attach a ribbon through the rings to tie around your neck. She is rather heavy as you can imagine. I’m really stoked with the outcome and the time spent sewing all of these buttons was well worth the effort. | handmade neck piece

So what do you think?  I think it’s unique and loads of fun and totally me. It’s not too often I get to spend so much time on one thing. I keep looking at it stroking the buttons imagining all the outfits I could team her up with, I’m a little bit excited I am.

So my lovely readers this is my last post for 2011 I did want to do a 2011 round-up post of all the lovely garments I’ve made this year but I’ve ran out of time. Feel free to view my Sewing Adventures folder on Flickr  that will give you a full re-cap in pictures. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog, I’ve enjoyed every creative moment of this very hectic year, I thrive on it. I have absolutely loved sewing along to the Sew Weekly themes and have relished in the wonderful compliments over at Burdastyle and your comments here, thank you for your support. What a wonderful creative year I’ve had. 2012?! Bring it on.

Do what you love, Love what you do.

Happy Sewing.


4 Responses to “The Hardest Button to Button”

  • ally:

    gorgeous! she is lots of fun, love that u have added a twist on you african obsession and created such a unique piece. … as for all that hand sewing? I salute you

  • Hola, fron Spain!
    Is the first time i coment, i like african fabric too but i did’nt know how work with them, you’ve given
    me good ideas. Sew you again!

  • melissa:

    Cool, did you macke the hat too?

  • Lula:

    I just found your website via the Sew Weekly…you’re The Stuff!! I’m so inspired by your vivaciousness and free spirit. :) Bookmarking you!

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