Yes it’s St Patrick’s Day hence the overload of green in todays post. This ones named after my favourite beer drinking anthem the Dropkick Murphy’s-Good Rats. This top I made from the Japanese Pattern Magic 3 Stretch book, the only one I have that isn’t in English arrr. I’ve wanted to tackle something from any of these books for ages but till now could never find the time. So I put on my serious face which required a sneak peak of the tip of my tongue, you know the look. Just looking at the diagram in the book forced me to sigh a swear word. So, I first made a mini version of the pattern from paper, labelling the AB& C’s (thank god they were in English) fiddling around with the pieces to try and get my head around what goes where. The top didn’t photograph to well, if only you could handle it and see how it’s constructed then you could appreciate the complexity of it. You’ll just have to trust me.


…and so to make things even more difficult for myself—a challenge to say the least, I chose to work with this two way mesh stretch fabric; I don’t often sew with stretch fabrics, like jersey etc I don’t like how they cling but do like how they drape. After working out the mini paper pattern pieces I cut out the pattern to my size, changed my needle to stretch and started sewing. I wondered what the random channels were on the pattern but then it dawned on me, they were my entry into this top, I sewed this closed first go, then I had that light bulb moment, OHHHH! gotcha! it really was a puzzle but looking at it now! easy peasy. If you have the book page 93. In the end I was glad I used this light weight stretch fabric anything else may of proven to be too bulky. I like that this turned out, that I actually challenged myself, it may not look all that crash hot in the photos, I’m just happy it turned out… BTW do you like this catwalk I found in the bush?


Before I made this top I made these pants, this is why I made the top because I wasn’t happy with the pants and the top was my back-up plan. What I was after was a man style pant, you know? the ones that sit on the hip, have a low sitting crotch, c a s u a l  chic if I may!!  Me: They’re okay!  I stuffed up the waist band where the button closure is, I had to join a piece for the buttons to sit, talk about dodgy, with a belt?? who can tell. Anyway they’re cut to what I envisioned, a little big perhaps but sadly I had come to the conclusion that what I thought I may be able to pull off have been handed over to my hubby, his butt looks way hotter in them than mine, he wears wacky golf attire every Saturday for his golf comps, he loves the pants! my time was not wasted. So this Saturday he’ll be in green on the green aiming for a birdie, lets hope it’s not the one flying over head.



it’s time to grab a drink and sing…..One, two, one-two-three-four!
Come on all you good rats
we’ll send you all to heaven you’ll find the pearly gates in the froth and the foam
’cause in these vats you’ve made quite a creation
a potion that turned the Guinness to gold!

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7 Responses to “The Good Rats Ensemble.”

  • I love the green and black together.

  • Karen:

    OK, true, so the pants did not work but I’m sure they looked fab on Steve. Even so, I loved the colour and the styling for the pic. The top, well I’m impressed on so many levels… a japanese pattern, two-way stretch and you actually bothered to changed your needle (I’m so lazy). I don’t mind knits but I never get the edging/trims right and yours looks so professional. Erghhh. Wish I could make a kit top that didn’t look home-made. Anyway, you look great, the colour is gorgeous and it’s a beautiful St Patrick’s day… what more could you ask for?

  • ally:

    Love this colour on you. Glad to see u tackling one of those tricky Japanese patterns you must be pleased with oneself.. And you are looking mighty fine I must add, the vegetarian lifestyle is working for you X

  • Love the green pants. Love ‘em. The top is cute, and may’ve been more effort but I love ‘em pants.

  • The Pattern Magic top looks great- A Japanese friend said its called The Kangaroo. It actually doesn’t look so flattering in the book but you have made it look really cool. Kudos.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Don, I wish I had more time to sit and do more from these books, I’ve loved everything you’ve tackled too, hopefully I can get around to doing more soon. Thanks for popping in.

  • PJ:

    Hi Kazz just sent you a message about this top , can you please email me privately , thanks , cheers, PJ

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