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I was talking to the peeps over at Sew Weekly about the use of the term Maxi when it comes to clothing, Maxi dress— as I said over there sounds like a feminine hygiene product. I don’t like the term at all. I chose this long-dress form as my ‘Make This Look’ for this weeks challenge, you can read my little post here I hope it’s a little more entertaining to read than last weeks post, yikes. So now that you’ve read the rundown on how this dress was built is there really a need for me to repeat myself here on technique and construction? Let me know if you don’t read SW and I’ll give a constructive rundown here too. | Made this look

It was my birthday last week, I flipped over to the big 41, hip hip hooray. I’m really loving my 40′s. Steve asked what I wanted to do to celebrate, lets grab a coffee and wander around the Royal Botanical Gardens that would make the most perfect day. The gardens are alive and so gorgeous this time of the year. My dress was perfect for the day. Here, we stopped into the Shrine of Remembrance; I love these majestic looking doors, standing in front of them gave the dress a real ethnic vibe. | Made this look

…and doesn’t this look like I’m on holiday somewhere on the other side of the world?  Ah, I love Melbourne. | Made this look

Here is a close-up of the little golden studs I placed into the dress, they were from the scrap booking section in Spotlight, I’m yet to see if they’ll rust and spoil the fabric, and if they turn silver!? well I’ll be okay with that too. It’s all trial and error really. | Made this look

This is my favourite photo, the pattern on the fabric looks like bamboo leaves so this is the perfect backdrop for this dress, a lush bamboo forest or in my head a beautiful tropical island well stocked with yummy pina colada’s. | Made this look

and this is me in full squinting mode so you can see the dress in full sunlight which by the way is named after a Fleetwood Mac song but you probably already guessed that right?. I haven’t worn a long dress like this in years, I’m loving it and the pattern was super easy to follow and of course she has pockets, what’s a dress without pockets? Did you happen to see my African inspired neckpiece I made from a thrifted skirt? I’m really excited to show you what next weeks challenge is, I’m in front for once, these holidays have been super productive and I’m loving every moment spending quality time with my kiddies. Not long now till life gets some-what hectic again. Kudos to Steve (The Hublette) for holding the camera straight. You are my tripod xx

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