This weeks Sew Weekly challenge is all about fashionable TV characters that we once admired or admire now and we are to sew our best interpretation of that character. Fu-un.


When I was a teenager I had a mad fashion crush on Denise Huxtable of ‘The Cosby Show’ I would watch the show religiously and sketch down her outfits and try and copy her hair. I remember hunting down a similar type of grey geometric patterned fabric that matched one of her over-sized shirts and I made a super long tank dress and draped a bunch of white plastic pearls around my neck that hung down to my knees, I thought I was the business, this was about the time I discovered fashion or had a ‘fashion epiphany’ you could say,  this was about the time I bought a sewing machine and never looked back.

Denise Huxtable was incredibly fashion-forward, wearing lots of over-sized clothes with bold graphics, blazers and odd ball accessories, she stood out, and no one on TV dressed like her she was for me, the ultimate 80′s outfit. I thought she was pretty rad and when she and Lenny Kravitz married ???!!! well, I wanted this picture blown up and stuck above my bed for me to stare at till I fell asleep.

lenny &lisa


Here is my best interpretation of Denise Huxtable. I made this top last year and still love it. I’ll call this top ‘The Denise Huxtable’. I didn’t use a pattern I kinda just made it up, making some adjustments along the way adding the black panels at the front to break up the pattern and wanted the neck to be somewhat different so I installed a scarf type element to it which appears on the back as well. I get a lot of comments on it and it’s extremely comfy and goes great with black skinny jeans and doubles as a hang glider too. Up up and away.The Denise Huxtable3

The Denise Huxtable1

The Denise Huxtable2

Who was your TV fashion hero?


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