This week it was the art challenge over at Sew Weekly (a little spotlight feature) Last year I made a Jackson Pollock Playsuit  this year as a total cop-out, admittedly not choosing an artist but cunningly choosing a ‘method’ as an excuse to make this head to toe printed suit, you see I really wanted one after seeing this whole printspiration thing going on over the internets and in fashion magazines that I download a hell of a lot cheaper via Zinio to read on the ipad. That Lisa Ho printed piece of awesomeness just below this text I spied on a mannequin in a store window whilst shopping for, what else but fabric! I ran awkwardly toward the window and pressed my left cheek on the glass talking in tongues, I ran my fingers all over the glass annoying the fancy lady behind the counter, hubby pulled me away and settled me down splashing my face with water which is a big no no when you wear foundation, he has since been educated.


Spotlight loves me, I fund someones wage especially this week at $14 a metre. This fabric was perfect for my Lisa Ho rip off, it was a case of  I   M U S T   H A V E   T H A T   F A B R I C . I couldn’t pass on it, and everything else paled in comparison, I had a vision…Please enter your pin then press okay. | Art Challenge

After inserting the apple green lining and doing a little hand sewing it was time to take this baby on the road, a test run, so we headed into town to take my little Obi-Wan Kenobi to the art gallery to see the Star Wars exhibition then we stopped off to take some pictures just behind the Melbourne Art Museum. By the time we got here my pants had stretched a little from sitting down in the car so I’ll be taking them in a little more for a better fit to the booty. The jacket fits just like The Otherside of the Game Jacket because it’s the same pattern, my favourite go-to for jackets but I’ll name this one after a Bad Seeds song. Cause he is…GOD! | Art Challenge

I was telling the bestest sewing community in the land of sewing communities about the lining in this jacket —not offering a photo because of my paranoia of image overload, my best lining in a jacket I’ve accomplished thus far (cropped photo two scrolls down). The whole thing about sewing the same pattern over and over is a good thing, I’m currently teaching my daughter how to sew and so far she has made the same dress three times, I think it’s important for her to understand the pattern pieces and what goes where, her third attempt was perfect, (very proud mum…) so the more I make this jacket the better they’re getting, lining included. | Art Challenge | Art Challenge

I’m just going to take a quick sharp left turn here…Did I tell you I went to see Erykah Badu play? I teared up, I couldn’t help it, an emotional performance, I’ve waited far too long to see her play. Have I teared up before at a show?  Yes! I get all overwhelmed, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Sydney’s Luna Park and Bjork at the Sydney Opera House. Anyway, after each Badu song she finished with this stance, I’ve been entering and exiting rooms in the same manner ever since. LOL. | Art Challenge

Just holding up the wall.

cross stitch

Fabulous print don’t you think? Cross stitch prinspiration indeedy.


I just want to do a little shout-out to these amazingly supportive ladies of the sewing blog-es-sphere, Oona for the mention on her epic fabricporn post, MegtheGrand for just being Grand, Catherine Daze for the blog award, Janene for the blog award and Kat for the amazing (silk she sent me this week, thank you, thank you, thank you). thanks ladies, you are all kinds of wonderful.

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11 Responses to “The Deanna Suit”

  • kazz: you’re one ginormous piece of awesome. i fully read this post, again, because, see first statement.

  • sylvi pell:

    Well you’ve done it again Kazza.. Great Sewing , Great write up. I look forward to looking a reading about yr creations… Great that our Gorgeous Li’l Miss Edie is enjoying her sewing.. she’ll have to have her own Blog soon… keep up the great work .. Luv you ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • misse.bell:

    Another utter success my dear! I’d love to have a custom made suit of my own (hint hint) And you are getting funnier every day!! “Just holding up the wall” heeheehee. You never fail, do you. x x

  • Inspirational! Love the print. The pixelation gives it an edge.

  • karen scott:

    Wow, great look and just as wonderful location shots again. And what a lining – that’s so impressive. You look fabulous xx

  • ally:

    agreeing with Catherine and the pixelation….. and in the words of an overrated stylist SHUT THE FRONT DOOR …. I need one with herbs all over it for work

    (BTW that is the best advice… sewing the same piece more then once u said that to me too x

  • Aw thanks Kazz. Every time I visit you’ve gone to the next level! This is so impressive. Mary Katrantzou eat your heart out. I love absolutely everything about it!

  • I love this suit! The print is really great and that lining looks absolutely delicious! Well done!

  • Meg:

    LOVE your sassy face and your amazing poses!! This suit is positively DIVINE!

  • Gina:

    Hey Kazz-

    I wanted to share this work with you. It is truly amazing and I would wear all of it!

    click on the first pic to start the slideshow.


  • Kazz:

    Thanks everyone glad you all like the suit. Thanks for popping in and commenting xxooxx

    Gina that Walter Van Beirendonck link is the business, LOVE iT too pieces, thank you.

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