Hello you, if you are new around these parts let me fill you in on what I get up to on a weekly basis! you see, there’s this pretty rad website called Sew Weekly ran by the wonderful Mena Trott. Every week she puts up a sewing challenge and a bunch of us from all over the globe  join together and sew our interpretation of the challenge; we sew, we photograph, we document, we write, we comment, we laugh, we are an awesome bunch of positive ladies doing what we love. SEWING! This weeks challenge has been tagged ‘Childhood’ sew something you wore as a child.

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

mini me

That’s me in my army camo overalls with a big cheesy grin smeared across my face, the biggest cheeks this side of Australia. To my left, my younger sister and older brother .

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

Here I stand in my 2012 overalls, army camo? a no no, unless I was doing a round of paintball. Do I like these? I’m really unsure at this stage. I am a big type nerd. I love typography and this is what drew me to this fabric. It all comes down to my mood as to whether I’ll wear these again. Given the nature of this challenge and the lack of childhood photos I have in my possession I shall run with it and just smile on reflection. If it wasn’t these babies it was an all-in-one baby romper with snaps around my butt or a hideous helping of white satin and itchy synthetic lace.  If I ever wear them again it would be with my leather jacket and tights, always adding a little slice of rock n roll to the equation.

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

A relatively easy make these, a pair of shorts with bib and braces attached to the top-self drafted. I inserted a side zip and carriers for a belt to travel through to pull my waist in, otherwise it looks like I’m wearing a sack. I think there is quite possibly an art to wearing overalls, I’m slowly learning as I go. I found a number of different shapes and sizes on Pinterest that got me all excited about making these ones. | Childhood challenge

The pockets are external, pocket pieces stitched on top of the fronts of the shorts. I’m glad I did this because the word Manhatthatan spread across my crotch and it looked weird to spell the least.

Mum and daughter

This here is my gorgeous daughter, she has the ‘sewing itch’ she made that t-shirt and skirt, we talk constantly about clothes, fashion, and sewing. She comes fabric shopping with me, she strokes fabric just like her mumma does. She has impeccable taste. She’s in good hands.

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

This is the only view of the back we managed to capture, If you up the brightness on your computer you might be able to make out the the back detail. hehe

So down to naming this challenge; it was a toss up between Dexy’s Midnight Runners-Come or Eileen or Bananarama’s-Cruel Summer because of their fun use of overalls from the 80′s. It has to be ‘Come on Eileen’… Poor old Johnny Ray.

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