MadMen Season 5 is making it’s return to TV .YES!!! we’re all waiting in anticipation to see what happens and more importantly what will Joan, Betty and Peggy be wearing? So for the season return this week we’re sewing MadMen style. Sew Weekly have also made a season return to all things glamorous and photo shoot fresh with the pioneers of sewing awesomeness from 2011 Debi, Adey, Sarah and Veronica Darling.

joan holloway Mad Men

For this challenge I decided on Joans Op-Art, Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian inspired dress from Season 1, episode ‘Long Weekend’ all because it would suit my hair and that it possess that Mary Quant mod feel about it, something I ‘d wear again as opposed to a fifties frou frou dress. Fun Fact: did you know that I ate close to a loaf of spelt bread this week to try and get the shape of Joans booty? Instead it sat on my stomach, where all the bad food sits which in a way is good because it’s visible to me and I can work on, well, not eating bread. Back to the dress…

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

This dress I made from broadcloth it was a total pain in the arse, I spent way too much time on it; I like to divide my time, this dress took over my precious reading time, I was not happy so finding a place to photograph this outfit was out of the question too. It was the shapes on the sides of this dress that got me shouting dirty swear words; I tackled the dress differently to the one Joans wearing. I cut out large white squares for the blue and red squares to sit on sewing these into place, then I positioned the squares on the not-yet-joined side pieces cutting away the excess at the waist line. The excess pieces were flipped then sewn to the back side pieces. It wasn’t until I had sewn up the sides that I realised that the lines were out so I spent the majority of my night fiddle arseing about unpicking and resewing so the colours would line up. I knew if I’d left it, I would never wear it. So with all the effing and jeffin going on the below pic is the best I could muster.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

I am only a little bit pleased with the end result now that I’ve had time to sit and reflect on the squares!! admittedly the stitching could be better but considering my time constraints this will have to do….

joans dress

Look at Joans! it looks like they had trouble lining the squares up too. I’m glad I made mine with the layering of the squares. Joans looks like it would of been a nightmare of a job to master.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

I decided to place a zip in the back because I knew the front would gape along the placket, so yes the front is fake fake fake and no no no I didn’t sew fake button holes that would be crazy crazy crazy. Joans buttons stop half way down, I thought it was easier to go all the way. Since viewing these photos I have released the tension around that top button and tacked down the top of the placket that you see sitting up, it looked somewhat unprofessional in my eyes. She looks wearable now.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

These shoes I call ‘photo only shoes’ they’re impossible to walk in. Terribly D A N G E R O U S and will probably remain in its crooked little box till MadMen Season 6. I wonder if the show will venture into the 80′s. Ha! Don Draper as a New Romantic dandy can you imagine? Betty looking Like A Virgin? It’s always interesting to see how these things pan out, a bit like this dress.| MadMen Challenge

This dress I’ve name after Lenny Kravitz’s song Always on the Run from his delightfully tasty album Mama Said, he was mesmerising to say the least in concert last Saturday. What a show! I was blown away, didn’t expect anything less to be honest…So yes! The Always on the Run Dress, that’s what I’ll name her, that was exactly how I felt last week rushing about like a Mad Women.

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  • Very nice. I also like what you’ve done with the MadMen graphic up there. I think the panels in Joan’s dress may actually be knitted like that (i.e not pieced together with sewing). Its pretty common in high-end knitwear and I’ve seen something like that at either Tessuti’s or The Fabric Shop. It was hideously expensive and sold by the panel..

  • You’ve got more patience than me, that’s for sure! Sorry it didn’t entirely work out but you got some fun pictures, and I love your shoes. And I second the comment about the Mad Men logo – brilliant!

  • Sometimes I obsess on things that nobody notices and I’m sure the little imperfections of your squares won’t be seen by anyone but you. And then who cares, when the end result is soooo lovely? It’s a gorgeous dress, great job!

  • Holy.Mother.Of.Cheese.

    This dress is totally awesome! I very nearly caressed the screen in over excitement.

    If you’re up for it you should submit this dress for my Mad Men Challenge; readers would go nuts for this one!

    Kazz you are too cool for school.

  • I feel your pain lining up those panels and hats off to your patience for getting it right. Its so totally you… well everything you make is… but this one particularly me thinks. Sit you on a Vespa and sail you down Carnaby Street… you’d go down a storm! Sew Weekly has some very special MadMen exhibits by some very special ladies and yours is no exception x

  • Kazz:

    Oh they were a total pain in the butt, Ah well, live and learn. Thanks Janene.

  • Kazz:

    LOL you’re a riot Julia. I might just do that. I’m not happy with these photos so I’ll retake one for your bloggy. Thanks lovely lady.

  • Kazz:

    Me too Paunnet, it’s compulsive. I just gave-in in the end. Thanks for popping in lovely.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks for your on-going support Catherine. I’m really pleased with my next challenge, hopefully will make-up for this sad effort.

  • Betty Stitchup:

    This dress is amazing – it was worth the pain! And perfect accessorising too!

  • I think your dress turned out beautifully, very Joan-y :)

  • I found your dress through Julia Bobbin’s blog and WOW it’s amazing!! Like, ridiculously amazing. I was wondering if anyone would attempt to make this dress, and I have to say your version is spot on. Well done! :)

  • You nailed it! I am SO stinking impressed! I have loved this Joanie dress most of all when she wore it. This has been such a fun dress challenge, hasn’t it?

  • Bri:

    Well I think all your troubles were worth it because I love your dress, I think it turned out beautiful! Your “photo” only shoes rock too!

  • It’s a fantastic dress, great choice! Although it’s a Joan dress, you could view it also as a subversion of the roundel and the colours would go down well with the mods. You’ll get mobbed if you wear it out!

    Top marks for the photos too.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Marianna, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I made it, totally mod. Glad you can see that too. thanks for popping in and commenting.

  • Kazz:

    It sure has, everybody did such a smashing job. Glad you like the dress Lynne.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Cherise

  • Kazz:

    Thank you so much Rochelle, glad you like it.

  • ally:

    oooOooo love that bit of colour blocking on the sides, very flattering.. looks fantastic honey, and even though u can see the tiny faults, no one else will while u strut past with a bit of ‘tude.

  • Petra:

    I’ve just seen this, coming over from Julia Bobbin, as she’s hosting a Mad Men Challenge 2 and linked to the first one. Your dress makes my heart sing – it’s incredible! Hope that nearly one year on, the pain of constructing this fothermucker has faded!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks so much Petra, I almost forgot about that dress, she’s tucked away in the wardrobe somewhere.

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