When The Queen’s say….. ‘With the  entire blogosphere about to go into ‘harness’ meltdown I thought excellent I’m going to do a DIY.  So here goes

For around $15 you can gather up these few essentials.

  • The rings I got from an old handbag floating around the house. Spotlight sell them in the Birch section. But be prepared to que up the service is terrible.
  • 1 fastner kit.
  • High density elastic approx 2metres.
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker
  • and some background music I chose Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Turn on the stereo fire up your background music and sketch out your idea,

Take the appropriate  measurements, if you have a dressmakers dummy that’s even better if not keep trying it on pinning everything into place as you go. Don’t forget to give the elastic some stretch as you go you don’t want it baggy.

Now it’s time to sew everything into place, leave the front this is where the fastner kit comes into play. Overlock all the ends and just work at sewing one area at a time, I mark where the ends of the elastic overlaps so once I pull the pin I know where to place it once it’s under the sewing foot.

you’ll have to turn the music up here, you’ll be hammering away and you don’t want to miss that awesome chorus.

Just follow the instructions on the packet. It’s easy peasy. You’re almost finished

due to all the soy I’ve been drinking my nails are going great guns *coughs*

so she should look something like this………….

…………..and fit like this.

You’re so clever, I’m on the lookout for red elastic now and if I can find kelly green I’ll be even happier.

Ah the possibilities are endless.

I hope you haven’t turned the music down! you need to go through your wardrobe and try your new harness on with some T’s, dresses and other DIY items you’ve made. If your game you may even want to wear it like Madonna haha

excuse my bad photography.

  • Thrifted red and white dress
  • Hubby’s white shirt
  • DIY mini
  • DIY black layered top thingy
  • Lee supa tubes
  • Demonia heels
  • Due for another haircut

Have fun.



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