She had a party to attend; she had a particular baffling problem, a question raised for consideration or perhaps a solution. ‘What should I wear?’ I suggested ‘Lets do something special’ Ok! what do you have in mind?

Lets go fabric shopping…

I explain to her the delight of making a garment that you know nobody else will have. She understands this and that’s all I need from her—Yeah they will stare and with mouths wide open—this is what she witnessed as she marched on over to her friends; confidently, ignoring their expressions splashing beautiful compliments all over her girlfriends knowing their will be none for her and she is perfectly ok with that because she is confident in her own skin. She knows who she is and what makes her happy. She exudes self-confidence and I’m so proud she has grown into this beautiful young women.



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  • ally:

    this blog makes me want to cry for so many reasons… … I would have loved a mumma like you (no offense mum) You are rightly proud of your creative gorgy daughter… mwah to you all.. And that dress is the bomb

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