One of my favourite quotes “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” Coco Chanel.

Lets just say I have been beating on a wall for sometime and small steps I have been taking to change a few things that inhibit my well-being, one being— and there are plenty believe me—is to find the courage to put on a swimming costume and sit on a beach, Yes! you may laugh but I find the whole experience quite formidable. I have a list of inhibitions that have seemed to of gotten the better of me so I’m taking small steps to over come them one at a time. Below I have managed to kill two birds with one stone; I’m sitting on a beach in my favourite and very forgivable 50′s vintage swimming costume and the other being that I have posted the pictures for the world to see—I’m imagining, pre-tending, hallucinating if we are to be honest and quite frank that somebody other than my girlfriends are reading this, therefore my therapeutic lesson in ‘coming out of my inhibited shell’ has been seen by thousands *coughs* —which in theory— I’ve really put myself out there! and yes I know nobody cares and yes my friends; this is what I must keep reminding myself, NOBODY CARES nobody’s watching, my problem is…is that I watch!

One down and plenty more to go.

I’m feeling incredibly vulnerable at the moment and pressing that publish button is like walking into your favourite pub naked, I just have to remember the punters are there to see the band and not me…click.



2 Responses to “Steady as she goes…”

  • ally:

    prrrrr verrrry sexy… xxx funny i was going to do a blog on the same thing but never got around to it.. my cozzie even has a ‘gut sucker’ in it ;)

    … but now after a summers wear looking a tad worn… but i still may do it to stand united amongst the sista hood of self watches..

    but really it is kinda bizzare the whole beach thing, we are all basically walking around saying “Hi this is what i look like in my undies” :P

  • Kazz:

    There’s your comment! it got lost in all my spam, thanks sweetie, I wasn’t going for sexy I really don’t see myself in that way at all haha it’s just me testing my courage.
    Please do it, it’s kinda liberating like running on a beach in a bikini *coughs* without anything jiggling ;P

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