We have just had the best weekend, my favourite thing in the whole wide world is to just hang with my gorgeous family doing loads of fun stuff, getting out and about and just enjoying ourselves.  I first had to submit my Sew Weekly challenge which you can view here and here are my previous challenges. Once that was done and dusted, off we went.

First stop…

rs bowling

Ready? Here we go! …combo

steve shotsBond…James Bond.


We are set to Rock ‘n’ Roll baby.

This boy was on fire.

edie bowls

and this gorgeous babe was too busy posing for photos.

Steve beats me by 1 point so this means he has to shout lunch.

steve beer

Steve loves a brew before a feast as you can see.


I just stare at him like there’s nothing on his top lip, I just wanted to see how long it would last but then my lamb shanks arrived and I lost concentration.


I seriously struggled to eat this pub meal it was just too much so I ate the most expensive part, the shanks.


We all felt extremely bloated after lunch and decided to walk it off by climbing the eight crazy arse levels of retail extravaganza. I found the Gormon store in Melbourne Central and stroked oooo’d and ahhh’ed  over every piece from their current collection. So awesomely gorgeous …anywho this place is banana’s.

Next stop! (next day) was a cruise down the Yarra and the weather was just perfect but before that we grabbed a bite to eat and sat in Federation Square watching and laughing at the free comedy being handed out. We then made our way to the National Gallery of Victoria to have a quick peek at the Manstyle Exhibit.
comedy festival
edie and i walking


manstyle layout

Some rather smashing pieces in this small exhibit of both modern and historical mens clothing. They had a short documentary film playing as you browsed and my heart skipped a beat when Dave Graney appeared dressed from head to toe in leather. Feelin kinda sporty WOOOO!!! Sorry, I’m kinda obsessed.


I’ll just throw these two piccy’s in here while we wait for the River Boat to arrive.


Jazz has a thing for bowtie,s he is such a dapper young man.

the yarra



and off we go down the Yarra.

the bolte bridge_small

I’m impressed with this photo I snapped, it looks smashing enlarged. This is the Bolte Bridge, see those two concrete pylons? they don’t even touch the bridge they are just arty structural concrete pylons standing there purely for decorative reasons, imagine them not being there??!! well it would look kinda shit. Hoorah for large useless concrete thingys.

Next stop (next day) We took a road trip out to beautiful Daylesford for a picnic. This quaint little town is full of historical buildings but has this very modern feel about it and for a small town there sure was a lot of people sitting outside in cafes etc enjoying the wonderful weather and why the hell not.

Picnic at hanging rock

We pulled over on the way and had to get this photo. Ha ha I love it.


Next time we visit I’ll definitely think about enjoying one of their wonderful day spa treatments.


Daylesford Antique shop

I love architecture, especially historical you can just imagine all of the things that went on behind these walls.


Cucumber sandwiches anyone? or perhaps chips and twiggy’s…  Meh!!??


We are the Last Shadow Puppets.

the walk

Long walks hand in hand awwwww, he’s really keeping me up right because of my poor choice in shoes.

rock skimming

Choosing the correct rock for skimming is key.

lake daylesford

J U S T  B E A U T I F U L…. like out of a Jane Austen novel.

How was your long weekend?


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