As parents we are incredibly proud of both of our gorgeous children and their individual achievements, they have both worked incredibly hard towards their individual goals and have just blitzed it; school can be hard socially and academically so for both of them to bring home reports that show that they have come forward in leaps and bounds have made us dead chuffed as parents. For us schooling and education is really important, learning to deal with different social characters prepares our children for life lessons on how to deal with the insecure people like bullies etc.  Academically I feel the art of writing and even hand writing is quickly becoming a lost art, simple things like sending a text, writing an email, comment or status updates with the correct spelling/grammar is drifting off into oblivion. Personally I cringe at abbreviated text and it’s not hard to learn the difference between where, were, we’re, their, there, they’re, your, you’re… you know what I mean? Schooling is important; if you can write a cover letter and resumé with correct spelling and grammar you’re one step in front of the kid who writes ‘thanx 4 ur  T cul8tr’  I wish I had paid more attention in English and literature I’ve grown to love it and I’m drifting into my 40′s, and still learning, it’s never too late. I’m forcing this onto my children YES! forcing. It’s damn important.

Last night we ventured down to my daughters school to watch her celebrate her graduation from primary school. What an absolute treat to see her in her school environment with her teachers and best friends, she has become so independent and has grown into a wonderfully caring, talented, creative individual with special mentions made throughout the night about her individual dress sense and creative flair. She won the award for ‘Performing Arts Excellence’ they handed her a trophy and a stream of cheers erupted from the stand behind us as a tear rolled down my proud-as-punch cheek. Five minutes later she won another trophy for ‘public speaking’ a speech she wrote on being an individual and staying true to yourself!  we were told several times that night we should be very proud of our daughter! my god are we ever! Well done babes you’ve been blessed with many talents just take your pick. x

Lil E Graduates

The Dress.

Lil E fell in love with this dress

Look at my grad dress!!!

Proud brother and sister

The proud and very handsome brother
Proud mum & clever daughter

The devastatingly tearfully proud mother.

Lil E and her proud teacher

The very proud and awesomely fabulous teacher.

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever.

Award time

…and the award goes to!

Trophy girl

achievements in hand

quick everyone pretend to be normal

The very proud family.
Dysfunctional in a good way

and us when nobody is looking.

Congratulations Lil E xx


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  • Sylvi Pell:

    Well what can I say amidst my tears… this is absolutely Fantastic.. Edie you look Absoltuely Gorgeous darlin.. A Huge Congratultions babes. were so Very Happy & Proud of you. I can imagine just how you & Stevie both felt Kaz & still feeling.. as Proud as.. & so you should.. Edie .we { nan & grandad } wish you a Wonderful future in your senior school. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it & continue to grow into a Beautiful young lady. we both Love you Very much darlin. looking forward to seeing you ALL next week.. Big Hugs to you ALL… xxxxxxx

  • Misse.bell:

    WOW!!! Thats all I can say. No…..really…..Its all I can say!! I’m choked up too much! Just read this out to Keibha & Bro & my voice kept cracking! x x x x

  • Congrats to Edie & Jazpa for such a triumphant year! They are a credit to themselves and to their family and make everyone so proud. What a lovely way to wrap up 2010. All the best to Edie with the next stage of her life at high school. I know she will shine!

    Kaz… a gal after my own heart! Couldn’t agree more about the lost art of English and the lazy approach to grammar and spelling these days :-( and don’t get me started on those appalling abbreviations. Only last night I was asking Chris what contribution he would be making to Sabrina’s English education. I fully intend to instill in Sabrina a love and respect of language and literature. Kudos for your dedication, Kaz!

  • ally:

    Gorgeous post. Uniqueness is the one gift we all have, and bless Edie for not only figuring it out but embrassing it. And at such a critical age… Cant wait to see how her life unfolds. You guys have done yourself proud xxx

  • ally:

    hahaha …. as for my bloody grammar, well spelling actually. … that would be ‘embracing’

  • Kazz:

    Thank you all very very much for taking the time to read and comment I really appreciate it, sometimes you just need to shout out to the world about your love and admiration for someone and in this case my own flesh and blood! She’s an absolute gem. xx

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