We are refashioning this week, something I have been longing to do, there is so many different labels for this… up-cycling, reworking, restyling, up-styling, repurposing I guess they all come under the same banner so we will choose refashioning today. I have chosen my hubby’s unused shirts and a cotton voile skirt that has never seen the light of day. The larger shirt I’ve placed exposed darts on the outside, front and back, I removed the sleeves and reworked the shoulders leaving a pleat that overlaps at the top, I then placed the sleeves back on backwards so they buttoned up on the inside of my arms it’s easier that way.


Refashioned 1

The pocket needed to go so I quickly unpicked her then put her back on crocked like you do. My favourite part is definitely the collar, I’ve removed it from the smaller shirt and added it as you see below. I rather likey like that. I then proceeded to remove the buttoned up area from the smaller shirt (is there a name for this?) annnnywhooch I’ve gathered the voile skirt and attached this to that button up thingy and it just drapes wonderfully.


I’m really trying to add some colour into my wardrobe I really struggle with it, and I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mix this animal print with polka dots with the new pants I’ve made today!! just maybe baby this is the beauty of not being great with colour, I like that they clash, so I may just stay on this path of having ‘no idea’ about colour, it could just work for me. Do you think if I added a splash of tartan I’d be going too far?

refashioned 3


You know what? I really am enjoying not following any rules and just being myself, when I say rules I clearly mean I have always dressed to suit some sort of genre I have been heavily musically involved with, you name it I’ve been there, I’ve done New Romantic, Goth, Glam, Grunge, Boho, Retro 50′s pinup, Rock Chic and I’m pretty sure I have a tattoo to represent all of them, way to put a stamp on my ever evolving self. So with my fashion evolution I have come to a stage in my 40 years of living on this beautiful but unstable planet where I’m happy just putting an outfit together that doesn’t have a label associated with it and best represents me as an individual. Hey!! look at me being all grown up n stuff!!! no need to worry about being pigeon holed or me thinking I’m dressing differently when really all along I was walking amongst the same same but never knew it. Never with regrets, life’s too short for that. Maybe, I’ve found myself….as Neil from the Young Ones says  ‘H E A V Y’

refashioned 2

So in a nutshell refashioning is one of the best ways to come up with something truly unique on a budget and is seriously eco friendly, re-using what we already have makes perfect sense. I seriously LOVED this challenge and definitely will be refashioning in the future.

Happy Sewing


17 Responses to “Refashioned”

  • Trish Blair:

    Wow, very avant garde! Love the pants with the shoes.

  • Ah, love you thinking here! It really is perfect!

  • WOW Kazz! You are totally winning at refashioning! It’s fun hey!?!


  • ally:

    Honey You are really starting to TRIP ME OUT about how BRILLLLLianT your designs/Blog pages are getting… this sew weekly thing is really fertilizing that innate designing talent of yours. I think it is wonderful that you are shedding any genre and enjoying being YOU.. its all a journey sweetie… And the mix prints ROCK.. u might want to check our the latest series of PR the designer MONDO… He does amazing things mixing prints and colours… and YEp i would defiantly think a bit pf plaid could work in there… perhaps A bag?

  • ally:

    the truth is though babe… no matter what u wear there has always been that sparkle of YOU to give it the twist … xx (and glam yes, but I think Ho may have been a better word for us all back then;)

  • sylvi pell:

    Great write up Kazza.. as ALWAYS.. lovin the shirt we saw it off but it looks even better on. Keep up the Fabulous work darlin… Very Proud of you. you have SOOO Much Talent.. Much love from us Both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Utterly brilliant! Love it! Gorgeous styling – you’re totally rocking that whole look. :-) I’m especially impressed with that double collar – looks fabulous.

    By the way, have you ever heard of NZ label Nom*D? Your outfit is totally reminding me of some of their stylings.

  • Oh! And did you make that turban? Can you pls share how you made it/tied it up? I’m DYING to make one! TURBAN JEALOUSY!

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Trish I LOVED that you called it avant garde. I’m a big fan of avant garde.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Cathe.

  • Kazz:

    I really enjoyed this challenge, now I’m dreaming of chopping and changing op shop finds, I’m excited xoxoxo

  • Kazz:

    Thank you sweetie, I guess when you really love something it shows. I get seriously excited about each challenge from designing, sewing, photo’s and the graphic design side of things as well as writing the post to pressing publish. I’m so tempted to get Foxtel just for PR. I’m seriously missing out aren’t I? Plaid it is :P

  • Kazz:

    That’s good to know. HO HO HO ha ha heeee that is so true.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv, your support is just lovely, thank you. xx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Kat, I love the double collar too. I have heard of Nom*D but further investigation is needed… I’m out here. :)

  • Kazz:

    I picked up this massive piece of fabric 170cm x170cm looks like voile, they called it a scarf it’s so universal it ends up on my head when I’m having a bad hair day, I just tie it tight around my head then twist and tuck as Im going. Loving the turban too.

  • Wow, really imaginative re-fashioning and great mix of colours and patterns! And what’s also impressive is how the sum of these 3 items is so super-stylish considering you would not be seen dead in any of them on their own. You’ve done another great job, Kazz, but I wouldn’t expect anything less :-D P.S Are you talking about the placket ie the buttoned-up area?

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