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So my love of Vivienne Westwoods 1980 collections continue. This weeks handmade overalls are influenced from Vivienne’s 1983 collection Punkature. Borrowing idea’s from this Dickensian/Ragamuffin/ Rastafarian look whilst  sticking with the muted tones and textures of her Nostalgia of Mud/Buffalo collection. It takes a bit of thought and effort to sew up your own cohesive look based on images, research and music video’s alone and given the overall look, altogether it does look like hardly any effort has been applied and this is exactly what I’m going for.

Vivienne Westwood- Punkature 1983

So without having to explain myself anymore than I need to the above images are my inspiration for this look. I love this— Dickensian/ Ragamuffin look so I got to drafting up my own version. I splurged on 2m of brown linen, boy do I love this stuff and dug through my stash of leather scraps to fashion up the braces. A snap fastener kit was also purchased. I drafted up the pants adding big deep pockets extending the front rise and back rise into a slight elevated point for the leather brace to sit. I trimmed the top edges with  brown broadcloth and then fashioned a strip of fabric- turned over on both sides then topstitched down for the rope to travel through which is then pulled through a machine sewn button hole. The insides are all neatly finished on the overlocker.

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing

You can imagine how easy the leather brace was to make, the hardest part is hammering in the fastener snap kit and even that didn’t break a sweat. The brace is the same on the back as it is on the front. Easy! My net top was also handmade and dyed grey, the fabric was yellow and thrifted and I have enough to make myself the Kitchen Sink Cardigan (centre image^).

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing

So yes, admittedly this is not for the faint hearted, and I don’t even expect my lovely readers to begin to understand where I’m coming from it’s just the pure joy of sewing up something I know I’ll never be able to afford! I’m just sewing through  my fashion fantasies. A see and sew kinda a thing if you will. Happy to share those fantasies here.

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing


I wore this out last night to see White Night- the projection of images onto our iconic buildings here in Melbourne which was mind blowing to say the least. I had some lovely compliments from like minded folk and a guy who took some serious effort to scream from his car window ‘hey weirdo’…why thank you bogan boy.

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing


A second pair had to be made, how yummy is this cotton silk? I waited a longtime for this fabric to go on sale, saving up vouchers and hitting Spotlight when it went on sale so I didn’t have to pay the full price of $25  metre. I love the patterns and the colours so light and floaty.

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing


These were made in a similar manner as the linen overalls, I just needed to change my tension on the overlocker to get a nice looking stitch. They’re so damn comfy, great for lounging about in this heat, the colours lend itself more to a winter  palette wouldn’t you agree? I’m cool with that.

Kazzthespazz.com | Ragamuffin sewing

So there you have it, this particular look is looking somewhat cohesive, I might just have to expand on it. I did see some really big wooden buttons on Etsy the other day…hmmm.

In other sewing news have you dropped your sewing pin on The Map yet? Vicki over at Another Sewing Scientist has brewed up the best idea ever, a Google Map for all us sewing types to pin our location to, you know, for potential sewing meet-ups and what not, how cool is that? Go make your mark you never know there could be a potential friendship just around the corner from you.

I wont be here next week, super busy but I will be sewing throughout the week, probably mock bras in varies sizes.

Have yourself a lovely week.

Happy sewing.


25 Responses to “Ragamuffin Sewing Part 2”

  • Sally:

    I love that you absolutely OWN your style, it is really inspirational and even though my personal aesthetic is different, there is much pleasure in reading about techniques and looks you have researched.

    In short: please keep sewing/posting! I love reading your blog.

  • Chrissy:

    Dear Kazz, I just wanted to say that I adore your blog and have spent my weekend waiting and checking in to see what you will create next! I love the silk one the most. Thank you so much for sharing… And tell your daughter she is pretty fabulous too!

  • This is just mind-blowing- to saee your vision and realize it- I love it!

  • Thanks for spreading the Map the Sewintists love!
    and I have to say re: that bogan boy: the people that used to call me weirdo for wearing my cheap-ass homemade versions of this in the ’80s are now slowly rotting away in their sweat-stained track suits, left out of the cool side of the cosmos that contains creative folks like you!

  • You are a genius. Pure genius. I’m starting to hold out hopes you will start creating entire collections – home sewer to fashion superstar!

  • AMAZING…. like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    I spend most of my days dreaming of what I’ll make next and you’re taking those fantasies to the EXTREME! (I’m guessing some of these overall styles are breastfeeding friendly too? MAYBE I SHOULD TRY)

    Also, did you make a tutorial on how to make your bangles/necklaces? I can’t remember? I’m going to make some huge macrame pieces (hopefully) for our front verandah, and I’m thinking what a joy they’d be made from fabric pieces as well, like your accessories?

  • Kazz:

    Sally thank you, you’ve made my day. I agree with you, I too love reading blogs where the blogger owns it, those blogs to me are much more entertaining. Thanks for commenting I really appreciate your feedback.

  • Kazz:

    Chrissy that’s so lovely, you know I usually post earlier but was running late and thought no one will notice, hehe. I’m so chuffed to read that you kept checking in. I tell my daughter she’s pretty fabulous everyday, probably a bit of an overkill poor thing :) I shall let her know, she’ll like that. xx

  • Kazz:

    prttynpnk, thank you. I love a unique garment, and who better to emulate than Dame Viv, she is certainly the Queen of unique. I’d love to have a go at sewing one of her fitted plaid jackets ‘see and sew’ style.

  • Kazz:

    You’re most welcome Vicki, now I know what you think about as you hover over those test tubes and bunsen burners, clever lady.

  • Kazz:

    Meg now that would be a dream come true! I was thinking maybe it’s time to start making clothes to sell. Possibly in set styles, African inspired, lingerie, ragamuffin etc Sew, blog, sell…I’m thinking this could be my next move. Thank you for the lovely and very encouraging compliments.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Veronica, these would be great for breast feeding and they’re so comfy too. You should totally have a go!

    I think I wrote about the accessories here they’re very easy, quick and versatile, and your macrame idea sounds brilliant, perfect for scrap fabric :)

  • Chrissy:

    If youre selling pants I am a customer!!!!

  • Michelle:

    Seriously…you’re so talented and have such a unique and fantastic STYLE. I wish I had the sort of razzle-dazzle that inspired a random “hey weirdo” every now and again! ;)

  • Gosh, that’s a dramatic rehabilitation of the 80s. Very impressive. Bogan boy obviously has no sense of history. I wonder what *he* was wearing :-).

    I just went to the bookshelf and pulled out “she has a mannish style” by Yuko Takada which has an 80s bent to it. When I first looked at Takada’s knee length “Sarrouel trousers” with matching blazer in striped linen, my eyeballs nearly melted, and I had a very nasty 80s flashback. If anyone could do something with that idea, you could. Pity you don’t live in Brisbane, it would be easy to flick it your way for a looksie.

  • Amy:

    So inspiring! I love your commitment to sewing a cohesive vision like this–a whole story, not just little ideas. I often get grand inspirations but only get to the micro details, not the whole. An artiste, you are! Great proportions on these, too–I love the lengths and volume and where everything “hits”.

    The White Nights sounds fantastic… I have friends who do image projections on buildings in Switzerland and it’s just so beautiful–interacting with environments and cityscapes like that. We’re big Christo fans in this house ;).

  • Lil:

    Wow, fantastic. You’ve nailed the look and the fun spirit of the time, it’s so Ms Westwod. I have that same book, it’s one of my favourites and I saw the VW collection at the National Gallery a few years ago. I only had a day in Canberra but had to go back through the exhibition, once was just not enough. So much detail and a level of creativity that made my head spin. It is true that the memory of things that inspire you never fades.

    This world has way too many bogan boys and is in desperate need of more creative spazz’s like the divine Vivienne and Kazz, so keep it coming!

  • Kazz:

    Lil: Thanks you so much, I too went through that very same exhibition twice, how can you not? there was just so much to soak up. I wish I could do it again. I did manage to get some photo’s they were a little on the dark side due to the ‘no flash photography’ rule. You must of been like me ‘in heaven’ I loved every on show, a brilliant exhibition. So glad I went.

    Thank you for the lovely and encouraging comment.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Amy, I do like to exaggerate proportions and reading that my proportions ‘hit’ is great to hear. I think proportion is key to designing anything.

    White Night was brilliant, your friends are artists :) Christo is a magician, I can stare at that stuff for days.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Adele. Those trousers and blazer sound great. I just had a look at the tiny thumbnails of the book on Amazon, pity we don’t live closer. The 80′s can be very nasty, there is a small snippet of it that I really enjoy and draw from and why not? Fashion now is ‘anything goes’ don’t you think? Thanks for commenting.

  • ally:

    honey i dont comment so much as i can’t think of many more ways to say u are fab u lous… perhaps i need a thesaurus. Ms VW would be proud. love love

  • Kazz:

    Ally: I know, seriously you really don’t need to comment and I’m really not here to have everyone tell me I’m this or that it’s not about that for me, it’s just the pure love of creating that brings me here xxoo thank you always sweetie.

  • DBChen:

    Very Bananarama

  • Kazz:

    Totally DBChen! Love early Bananarama :)

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