Here is a quick snap shot of our lovely Sunday afternoon spent wondering Lygon St. I do have to ask myself is it bad that I’m loving food so much?  HELL NO!! I will eat that creamy pasta and will suffer the circumstances when I disrobe and whine to my husband about it later that night!

Off we trot to Lygon St

Lil E and Lil J love the variety of food we have introduced them to... pffffft!

The very busy Lygon St | image, Google.

After being hassled by what seemed to be ‘The Mafia’ to come join their award winning restaurant we settled on a more low key but very gorgeous Italian Ristorante ‘Key on the Wall’. Gorgeous atmosphere, and the food!!! AMAZING!

It's very important I think to start off with an appetizer wouldn't you agree!!

Would you look at that! Barramundi Canadian dish!! my goodness a total orgasmic experience indeed.

What a pleasant and very tasteful experience we all had. I would recommend ‘Key on a Wall’ to anyone whose looking for a delicious feast in a cosy atmosphere on a crisp winter Sunday afternoon. Bliss!

It’s always nice to take a walk after a gorgeous meal. The beautiful trees caught my eye the black and yellow along with the fallen amber leaves make such a lovely contrast.

Our well behaved cultured kids! I love my family.

What a delicious Sunday afternoon…. ah where to next week?

Happy feasting!


3 Responses to “One Lovely Crisp Sunday Afternoon.”

  • ally:

    Love your vest Kaz and ur family is looking pretty dapper too ;) … and u know what else I love?… the word ‘crispy’ it is one of my favourite words… that and scrumptious ..

  • ally:

    or ‘crisp’ but u know what i mean :P (heres the delete on these comments??) .. crunch.. thats another great word..

  • ally:

    BTW – glad u r loving eating ur way around ur new home … and does Jaz man eat any of it???

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