I am on a total African vibe at the moment, I just love all the tribal fabric prints in Spotlight at the moment, so I have made another pair of harem pants from Burda 7677, this weeks Sew Weekly challenge was to revisit a pattern so whilst I’m on this vibe I may as well embrace it and go full steam ahead into making my Summer wardrobe. This tribal fabric was on sale this week so I grabbed myself 2 metres along with some other fabric to wrap my hair in and make, perhaps a dress of some sort.


I decided I needed a new waistcoat too so I stayed up sewing these pants and my waistcoat last night while I caught up on some of my favourite podcasts. The waistcoat is made from a $5 velveteen bundle. Score! I have got to say that the best part about revisiting a pattern you’ve previously sewn would have to be knowing you don’t have to cut the paper pattern out again, I really don’t like that process, this is why I always look for pre-cut second hand patterns. So in saying that, I really do need to spend a day cutting out the paper patterns that need cutting, this will of course make the sewing process quicker and not so tedious.


I love buttons, do you love buttons? the buttons on the waistcoat I found in Spotlight which are wooden, perfect for this African vibe I’m riding at the moment.


When I get on these vibes I tend to get a little intense to say the least, it must be a Capricorn thing, I’ve admittedly been sending my little family crazy with the constant rotation of music; Erykah Badu, Angelique Kidjo, Ebony Bones, Raphael Saadiq and then comes the research; Etsy, seeking out cheap tribal fabric, visiting African textile Flickr sets, African fashion blogs and designers, devouring old issues of National Geographic, tuning into turban wrapping tutorials on YouTube and enjoying the special privileges at my fav local Op Shop…thank you ladies AND have you seen this months Vogue Australia’s African Issue? eeek!


So, next week it’s ‘Stash Busting’ with repurposed fabrics: sheets, table cloths, curtains etc, I’d like to carry this vibe on through so, lets see how I go.

Till then… Happy Sewing.


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