My week in pictures


It has been a momentous week for us here, in particular for my daughter who has been dancing her toosh off— which seems to be non stop for the last two weeks. I cried with parental joy and utter proudness when I spotted her among the older dancers keeping up with the well paced choreography. I’m so damn proud of my girl for sticking to her dance classes, rehearsing tirelessly and most of all enjoying herself. Yep she is a gem! Well done babes!


Have you ever told your son that his favourite teddy bear needed to go into the washing machine for a clean? Barney Bear was my husbands Teddy when he was a wee boy and has somehow stayed in the family ever since. My little man has held him every night since birth and above all and everything that lays squandered about on his bedroom floor Barney Bear remains the King of all the toys housed in what I call the black hole. Delicate wash cycle for Barney Bear.

Look at Daria’s beautiful face? doesn’t she look relaxed, composed and diva like? well, she’s not! she’s a total nut bag! she climbs walls, walks the kitchen bench, patronises Iggy (the manly persian of the house), opens doors, climbs curtains to my horror and claws furniture. She is what I call A Cat on Crack!


Lemons anyone? we have a tree full of them and we play baseball with the not so fresh ones! Lots of lemony goodness shall be coming from our kitchen and trust me it wont be me cooking with them, if I had my way I’d eat out every night!  just like that tasty dumpling dish up there yum yum…I am yet to discover the joys of cooking, believe me when I say I’ve tried, If I had my way i’d use my oven as storage and everyone would have to fend for themselves. It’s not the case though! I’ll have you know that everybody is well fed and as healthy as one can be.

The cheesecake was not to be touched by anyone living within these four walls, rules were put in place by the newly bearded man of the house whose beard has gone through the Billy Joel stage and has now hit the G.I. Jo stage, hoping to achieve a dirty Warren Ellis look sometime soonish. hey hey!!


Have you flicked through the pages of Frankie’s Spaces book? my god it’s gorgeous! they have such a knack for photographing all the things that they know we want to gawk at? have you seen The Selby’s ‘In Your Place’ book yet? no neither have I but I do want to because I’m nosey and have been known to walk the streets in the evening to see if I can sneak a peek into peoples living rooms. Do you like my flowers? they brighten up my living room and make me feel all happy and stuff.

I picked up Zola Jesus’ Stridulum II and haven’t stopped listening to her, shes very Siouxsie Sioux sounding so naturally I’ve fallen in lurve. No Age, ‘Everything in Between’ is full of distortion and punk rock riffage, I’m loving it, perfect for getting housework done while wearing your oldest band t-shirt with your hair sitting in black dye waiting for the roots to disappear.

Last weekend my hubby and I popped down town and poked our heads around the Vali Myers exhibition at the Outre Gallery. This is my next read. What a women and beautiful artist, I can’t wait to discover more about her interesting life.

I went chocolate shopping, I didn’t go overboard I swear! This chocolate shop is too close to my house. It’s very tempting when you’re in the mood for chocolate! very tempting.

Finally… I thrift therefore I am. I found some fabulous clothes this weekend. I really love it when that happens.

How was your week?


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  • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

  • Sylvi Pell:

    As always Kaz Fabulous.. I simply love it ALL… Awww even Barney got a Great writeup.. love in the Beard Stevi.. Luv yu ALL… keep the Fab Blog up Kaz.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ally:

    HA…what a great idea…. hmmm i may snap u back and do ‘a week’ or something from around here.. look out ;)
    /// Selbys book? FAN- tastico .. grabbed off Amazon on sale a lil while back, u want be disappointed u peaky sneaky gal….. funny i was flicking through frankies ‘spaces’ today and balked at the price, (or more truthfully hubbies face when i again spend THAT MUCH on a mag teehee)
    hmmmm I am still after the allusive Lula suppose to be out now around here … ….. hugs and kisses to the Pells all 4 of u krazee Kidzz and a high fiva for edie the dancing gal

    ps ur flowers r gorgeous x

  • Cam:

    Hey Kaz,
    Great job on the blog!
    I’m glad the dance went well, Steve got me up to speed Saturday morning during a lovely round of golf. I didn’t recognise him with the beard!!!I was a little embarrassed when I worked out it was him!
    Cao 4 now.

  • Kazz:

    ha ha that’s cool Cam, he thought it was funny! thanks for your condolences regarding the dance recital! had to laugh.
    Thanks for commenting on here too, hope all is going well with you and your little family.

  • Kazz:

    I know it’s a little steep Ally but I look at it as a book and not a mag, a bit like Lula ( any day now…any day)
    Thank you always for popping in and writing beautiful things, and yep my flowers are gorgeous hehe x

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Sylv, your comments are always welcome here yay!! Barney’s not doing too well at the moment he seems to of caught a cold after the wash and he’s a little dizzy. Medicine for him tonight!


  • Kazz:

    Zenia, Did you have SPAM for lunch?

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