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You know that saying quality over quantity and how we want to make that a priority with our sewing this year? Do you think that if you sew a quantity of the same thing that the quality can get better? Can it work like that? I believe it can. This week I got to sewing that full-band bra that I was writing about last week. Élan Pattern #625 I just knew that we were going to be bossom buddies from here on out. The pattern is fantastic, I’m just so pleased with what came off my sewing machine this week, I have been busting to show you- bad boob references and all. The set above was made from this thrifted top and some left-overs of stretch satin. I thought the fabric would make a lovely set and I can’t find anything remotely interesting in Spotlight with stretch that took my fancy. I threw it in the washing machine then got to sewing. I made a muslin first and found the area’s I needed to adjust were the joining seams between the upper and lower cups; I had the shear off the middle section a couple of mm and then made this adjustment to my paper traced pattern, next was the back band; I have a broad back so I needed to add 1.5cm to each piece, this is done in the centre of the pattern piece and not on the end where the hook and eye goes. I couldn’t find powernet/mesh anywhere apart from online so I settled for a soft stretch tulle, and lined the cups and band with it. Perfect. The fit is spot-on I wish i could show you, I’m just not that game you’ll just have to trust me. The knickers have been cut from my purchased Ohh LuLu pattern. I have re-drafted these for a better fit for me adding another inch to the top and back waist line. I placed a length of hat elastic halfway down the back to form a pretty gather. The crotch is lined in black jersey too. I found a packet of bows to complement the set. I’m super stoked.

Kazzthespazz.com | Blue handmade lingerie set

My next set was made with stretch plush velvet found on sale and soft stretch tulle along with a scrap of stretch satin for the knickers and upper cups. I wanted to make the band on the bra a little higher almost like a bra-lette. All my sets have boning on the sides and underwires, I like the extra support. I did the same gather on these knickers with the hat elastic. You can’t really see but I have sewn the trim onto of the stretch velvet then cut away the fabric from the inside revealing skin. Very ohh lala. Here’s a pic of the knickers and bra a little closer-up  and the insides of the bra. That jar of mixed buttons sure has come in handy, adding those little details really make the pieces extra special I think.

Kazzthespazz.com | Tropical Nights Lingerie Set


I know, I’m on a roll here and I’m also on holidays, so when the kiddies have had enough of me I can retire to my thread den and get lost in my little sewing world, I love that world. I love this set. Lincraft had a 50%Off all fabric sale so I slid on in to look around, I’m never impressed with their fabric range and they’re pricey but what I did discover was their broad range of elastics and bra supplies. My Spotlight sells bra-casing in a packet, half a metre for $5, Lincraft 99c a metre. So it’s a matter of shopping around for me. I found this gorgeous printed woven satin and thought it would look great in a set. So I got to making another bra with the higher band and two pairs of knickers. The modified Ohh LuLu’s and a self drafted high-waisted pair which took 3 prototypes to perfect.

Kazzthespazz.com | Tropical Nights Lingerie Set


Don’t be freaked out at the size of these babies they look smashing on, very classy. I love how the print of the fabric blends into black at the crotch and makes it look continuous, the small things amuse me. I had some vintage self covered buttons hanging around so I covered them in a magenta satin to add a nice touch. The jersey is lovely and soft and so so comfortable. I think If I were to make this in spandex it could pass as a swimsuit. So, I call this a very successful week of sewing. The quality? not too shabby if I say so myself.

Happy sewing.

On an unrelated subject, I’ve been experiencing some issues with my blogs bandwidth, I’m trying to rectify this with my host and I’m learning a great deal of stuff too, like, how people can steal your content and images and use your bandwidth without you even knowing which then, you have to pay for or that this could just be a popular blog and I should maybe consider renting out my side bar to advertisers. Either way it’s causing me grief, I want to make sure it’s not being stolen first and foremost. Thanks in advance for understanding. See you next week.

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  • Ooh la la is right! I’d love to know how to make a bra. Your sets are adorable!

  • Lara:

    Wow, these lingerie sets are gorgeous! You are inspiring me – I should pull my finger out and give bras a go! I’ve made undies before, but never bras. I really enjoy your blog – you create such a diverse range of things, and I adore the way that you use colour (being a big fan of colour and print myself). Thanks for sharing your creations.

  • These are all stunning. Makes me want to give bra-making a try!

  • I´m in awe of you! All of the sets are fantastic! I´m going to give the bra making a go, not sure mine will look half as pretty as any of yours. You are an inspiration

  • Love all the new pretty makes! I’m still gathering supplies, but the idea of re-using that mesh top reminded me of this bag of stretchy clothes a friend gave to me a while back! I may be in business now. ((thanks!!))

    And re tech stuffs, how can you tell if your bandwidth is being used by others? And, what can be done about it?

  • Loving these sets, of course quality can be improved by quantity in this sort of instance. Love that teal set and the high waisted knickers based on the Ohh Lulu patterns.

    Good luck with working around the bandwidth issues….you need to give this stuff thought because I suspect your followership is going to rocket in 2013….you’re a star!

  • Ooh btw – love the blog new banner/masthead and your ‘coat of arms’…..you ever considering having that as a tattoo?

  • These are such cool underclothes, your print selections are so vibrant.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you kbenco, there is really no stopping me now hehe, I’ll be considering saving my fabric scraps for lingerie sets.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Tempest, I felt the blog needed a little makeover. Glad you like it. Tattoo? nah I have a wicked sewing tattoo on my left arm :P

  • Kazz:

    They’re so incredibly comfortable Tempest. Thank you for the blog love.

  • Kazz:

    Oh definitely look through that bag of clothes Adri, the ideas are endless.

    Regarding the tech stuff. People can link to your pictures and that uses your bandwidth also called hotlinking, I’ve hopefully stopped this via the backend of my blog, so when people click over they now get this image and that image alone received 1400 clicks in 1 day. Somethings going on, it’s a slow process doing it by yourself but a massive learning curve too.

  • Kazz:

    Merche! Do it! Seriously! sewing the bra is simple once you have found your fit and have drawn up your master pattern. Depending on the fabrics you use there may be slight changes nothing too drastic though. Good luck.

  • Kazz:

    Mrs Beckinsale, if you do start you will be hooked, just warning you :)

  • Kazz:

    Thank you so much Lara, pull that finger out it really isn’t that hard, imagine the colours and different prints you could muster? Pretty lingerie underneath those pretty dresses.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Barbara, Check out Cloth Habits Bra Sewalong.

  • THAT HOT PINK/BLACK FLORAL SET. I WANT I WANT. Can you hear my wolf whistle from where you are??

  • HOLY FREAKING WOW. These are all so awesome and SO you. I just love the idea of your crazy pattern magic happening at every level of dressing for you! As soon as I move and get my sewing room in order this. is. happening.

  • Amy:

    Ack! I can’t believe I missed these. Really amazing and so your style. I responded to your question but you’ve got the right instincts… the main thing is that the cradle needs to be totally non-stretch just to keep it from subtly spreading (I don’t know how else to say that!) so if you’re interfacing the satin it’s all good. How you go about the cups is just preference or support needs. It’s so true the more you make these the better the quality gets. I’ve hacked my Pin-up pattern to pieces and back again. I’m also making the Elan for my friend and I’m going to do a longline… I can’t wait to show her this!

  • Kazz:

    I CAN LAUREN, T H A N K Y O U ! I think it’s my favourite, I think, I like the mauve one too and the blue…damn.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Heather, I’m really enjoying the process especially choosing fabrics and changing the pattern a tad. Good luck with the move, so sorry to read about the burglary. Assholes. Can’t wait to see what you do, it’s all very exciting my knicker draw has never looked so expensive :P

  • Kazz:

    Thanks for popping in Amy, I totally get the stable cradle and will be implementing that from now on. Thank you so much. Longline? that’s what it’s called! *slaps forehead* thank you.

  • WOW, Kazz these are all so totally awesome and beautiful. I can see I really need to get more creative with my lingerie too, you are such an inspiration!
    I noticed there were some probs with your blog when I couldn’t access it recently… and what a bummer that someone is stealing your content.
    I remember when I first started blogging, reading something about stealing other people’s bandwidth, and was relieved that I was uploading pictures in the “right” way and not the “wrong” way.. not that I would even know how to do that!!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Carolyn, I’m really pleased you like these I’m having lots of fun in the process. Yes, the bandwidth issue has had me pulling my hair out. My host has been very helpful guiding me through a couple of processes regarding security and what-not, fingers crossed things work-out.

  • katie:

    Can you tell where those hotlinkers are coming from? is there a reverse images search to do, on your image to show where the clicks are coming from? I do hope you get it sorted!

  • Alex:

    Kazz, you are one talented lady – watch out Agent Provocateur! Your blog design looks great BTW. Good luck with the bandwidth issue – I hate techy issues like that. Hopefully its just that your blog is getting super popular and no one is stealing content.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Alex. So far things are going good with the bandwidth issue—fingers crossed.

  • Kazz:

    Hi Katie I’m really not too sure, I looked into that too, the problem is there are so many images here that pin-pointing would take forever. I resurrected all the Hotlinkers to an image on my Flickr from the backend of the blog and it’s had over 3500 clicks, crazy! My stats are telling me that things have calmed down so somethings working.

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